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Whether will be successful yo - a mobile?

Came true a miracle. In Russia there was an enthusiast of domestic automotive industry which, except ideas, has still unlimited quantity of money and wishes to spend them for creation of the Russian car. Whether Puzyrev`s monasteries, Yakovleva and the Mill do not allow to sleep to mister Prokhorov, whether there are a wish to do specific charity work, whether he is really a fanatic of autobusiness, but the fact is available: the first Russian hybrid minicar is created. Already and the premiere of prototypes took place, and production models have to begin to come off the conveyor in 2012.

And all anything. Judging by the description, of course. The car has to run, using gasoline or gas and if both that, and another ended, it can use supercondensers and run about two kilometers (it is considered that will reach gas station). They say that in production models there will be even about two safety cushions and cruise - control. And the road gleam which in photos looks almost absent actually exists - 200 mm for the three-door car and 170 mm for five-door and a van (the truth, it is unknown that will remain from this gleam in the loaded car, considering its general small weight and whether there will be a car “sit down on a suspension bracket“ on each roughness of the road). Well and a color at this hybrid - directly elite “Volga“ 60 - x: in two colors.

And so on - a celebration of high technologies. Science on service of the Russian automotive industry. The “national“ car which any Russian receiving though some salary and needing not luxury, and a vehicle will be able to buy. And so on, and so forth. Well, it also is fine. But here name!

Creators “yo - a mobile“ refused from causing quite certain alcoholic associations “777“, neglected also the article of the Constitution of the Russian Federation (the Art. 27), they did not suit “Az“ (the second “I“) and many other names offered at the held competition. Well, it also is clear, to call this miracle of the Russian automotive industry “Chariot“ - absolutely not comme il faut. And thoughts arise corresponding at once: it is thought for some reason more of carts, than of automotive industry. Other offered names have shortcomings too. It was as a result chosen super - democratic “¸“ (quite so, a small letter, header for the new car whether regretted, whether did not wish).

Lyrical digression. Once the captain Vrungel sang the prophetical song: “Ship will sail the way you name it!“. It had a Victory yacht, the two first small letters on start of a regatta fell off - and incalculable troubles began to fall on the captain and his team at once. In the animated film it, of course, is interesting, and here in life?

Advertizing mistakes, ridiculous slogans and ridiculous names - not a rarity in our world. And it is valid: the name “boats“ has very significant effect on its “swimming“ and furthermore selling characteristics.

For example, the Pepsiko company failed in China only from - for a slogan: “Recover together with generation of Pepsi!“. It was translated into Chinese so: “Pepsi will return your ancestors from a next world!“.

Ford Pinto with a crash failed in Brazil - sales were absolutely zero. It is all about the name which on the Brazilian slang meant “small genitals“. Any Brazilian man did not wish to take the wheel of the car which would create similar advertizing it to male abilities. It is interesting that when the Ford company only attached on Pinto other plates (Corcel - “stallion“), cars began to snatch away as hot pies.

The company of Chevrolet was struck with lack of sales of Chevy Nova in Mexico. Also were surprised until learned that “no - va“ is translated from Spanish: “does not go“.

The list of similar mistakes can be continued very long. Many stepped on a rake. And here the turn “yo - a mobile“, seemingly, came.

Considering features of Russian, and also love of the average Russian to all oligarchs in a crowd, even super - it is very difficult to intellectual to keep not to add to a “democratic“ small letter “¸“ one more. They also did not keep, and “yo - a mobile“ already nicknamed in the people … khm … generally, not absolutely pechatno nicknamed.

It is characteristic that negative associations some more are connected with it. Like such: “¸ - the mobile“ is a car which yo … will break on the road (squeeze independently proper word). Or: the name of the car means “at … shche“ (several letters, including notorious “¸“ are passed). And so on. Russian is big and mighty. Especially that, its unprintable dialect.

And creators “yo - a mobile“ are really very democratic: they chose that name which vividly responds an associative chain of images in soul of any Russian, regardless of the social status, education, a sex, age (babies we do not take into consideration), marital status etc. Both the academician, and the plumber, looking on “yo - a mobile“, cannot refrain from addition of one more small letter in the name. Well, you understand, same Russian. Told “¸“ - say and! You represent how it is tempting to brag to friends, acquaintances and colleagues: “And I here bought the machine. This most, “yo …“.

So at the moment gnaw vague doubts about future popularity “yo - a mobile“. The enthusiasm can cause such name unless at a car - vandals who with pleasure will correct democratic “¸“, having added to it with the help nailing or screw-drivers one more - two - three (how many it will be required) small letters.

Interestingly and whether the spoiled paint and varnish covering “yo - a mobile“ will be considered as insured event? And whether mister Prokhorov has a network of auto repair shops with painting shops? Perhaps a rate on earning from restoration of a paint and varnish covering?