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How the Russian flower market is arranged? There are enough

In spite of the fact that the volume of retails of flowers during crisis dropped almost by 20%, the flower market in Russia still profitable and places on it for all. Not for nothing on the Internet there are a lot of requests approximately of such contents: “I will buy flower business in Moscow“.

At first will not prevent to give a little history and the facts.

90 - e years opened doors to Russia for import not only import equipment, clothes, food, but also flowers too. On streets of the Russian cities flower booths and tents began to grow by leaps and bounds. And it is not surprising, demand for flowers will be always. People still marry, born, go to school, die.

Growth of flower business in Russia, up to crisis, made annually up to 20%. However crisis almost on a third cooled a heat of buyers of flowers. Already nearly three years the flower market do not grow, remaining at the level of 2009 when its annual volume made 3 billion dollars.

Annually into our country by trucks, cargo ferries and by planes import up to 30 tons of cut flowers. Foreign producers control, thus, about 90% of flower business in Russia. In deliveries of flower production Holland, Ecuador and Colombia are in the lead. They are followed by Kenya, Israel, Thailand, Ethiopia and some other countries.

Only 10-12% of the market fall to the share of domestic flower growers. It is unlikely our greenhouse facilities will be able sometime to satisfy completely demand for flowers within the country. Also put here not only in small outputs. Russia will never be able to keep up with the richest range of flowers from the same Holland. This country delivers us over one thousand names of various plants, including roses with high powerful stalks and large buds which at us do not grow up.

We will show, for example, what there is a rose price of its ways from Holland to Moscow of:

average wholesale price apiece - 50 rub;

customs duties and transportation - 50 rub;

a price markup of wholesalers - 15 rub;

a price markup of retail sellers - 50-100 rub

Thus, one Dutch rose in a flower booth will cost the Muscovite from 165 to 215 rubles. Expensively, however. Therefore now sellers of flowers began to give preference to the African rose which at wholesale price is almost twice cheaper than the Dutch.

In Europe flower business is mainly in male hands. We have all differently. If the wholesale flower market is controlled generally by men, then retail of flowers in Moscow is given to women - businessmen. They go to wholesalers behind fresh production, select it, load and unload. In Moscow flower business - business hard. For example, on the eve of March 8 it is required to get in the queue to the wholesaler after flowers at 3 o`clock in the morning, and then to stand at a counter still almost days.

But in a pursuit of profit to our women nothing is terrible. The most grain for florists are the periods on January 28-31, on February 14, on May 9, on March 1-12 and on September 1. According to the mistress of one of the Moscow flower salons, in usual day at them is on sale flowers for 50-60 thousand rubles, and 8 - guo Mart the revenue increases more than by 10 times. Not incidentally for opening of flower business in Moscow holidays are considered as the most favorable period.

We will show interested in what approximately the monthly maintenance of a flower booth in Moscow and what from it can have the income will manage:

tenancy of 15-20 m ² - 40 - 50 thousand rubles;

purchase of goods - 100 thousand rubles;

a salary to sellers - florists - 30 thousand rubles;

the equipment - 5-10 thousand rubles;

transportation costs - 30 thousand rubles;

possible profit - 50 thousand rubles

are not considered additional expenses during the checking of firefighters, sanepidemstantion, tax, power engineering specialists and representatives of other controlling departments, apart from “roof“ Here.

Here it is also necessary ours business - to vumensha to turn, entice to itself buyers any cunnings. For example “the speaking rose“ when apply an inscription at the request of the client on a petal. Also tinned flowers when in their stalks glyceric solution is pumped up enjoy popularity. At the skilled hostess of a booth not one flower will not be gone - broken stack in small baskets or do an ikebana.

The cost of flowers constantly grows in Moscow. As wholesalers speak, there is it from - for rises in price of customs payments and transport services. The average price of the bouquet issued by a holiday makes 2-3 tyyach rubles now.

In general the Russian flower business is open for all comers to participate in it.