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How to exchange the old apartment for new?

to Whom would not be desirable to move from the old apartment to new? It can still be made by an exchange. Such way allows to improve the living conditions without any considerable financial expenses. How it is possible to carry out an exchange of apartments presently what options are?

Really, apartments in houses which were built to 70 - x years of the last century, are deprived of many advantages of modern housing. Ceilings they low, kitchens small, practically have no utility rooms. Besides - an old electrical wiring which power sometimes has not enough for connection of modern household appliances and communication are worn-out. Therefore it is no wonder that our citizens seek to exchange the old housing on new, deprived of the listed shortcomings, and with the minimum time and financial expenditure.

Options of an exchange of the old apartment on new happen a little. At first sight, the most convenient is of trade in . Its essence is that one real estate goes to offset another, usually with surcharge. The truth is the restrictions here - country houses, dachas and the land plots so do not exchange.

Besides, the company selling the apartment in a new building will redeem your old at very cut price (underestimate up to 20 - 25%). It will need to expose your apartment on the market and to try to sell quicker it, and the serious concession in cost for this purpose is required.

Also rules of an exchange of real estate provide that in the apartment going under repayment nobody has to be registered, and documents on it have to be ideal, together with property right history.

That it was more clear, we will give option of an exchange of old housing on new in the way trade in on the example of Moscow.

Let`s say you have a two-room apartment in Raynis Boulevard, at metro station Skhodnenskaya, in the nine-floor building on the third floor, of 45 sq.m. We exchange it on new three-room of 80 sq.m in panel 17 - the floor house in the residential district Kurkino.

Market price of the old apartment makes 6 million rubles. A discount from it - 25%. Respectively, to offset there are 4,5 million rubles. The cost of “a kurkinsky three“ - 6,7 million rubles. Thus, the transaction of an exchange of real estate with surcharge on the trade in system will cost 2,2 million rubles.

It is obvious that such way of an exchange will suit not everyone. In - the first, expensively. In - the second, after repayment of the apartment owners should live and be somewhere registered until entrance in new. Therefore it is better for them to use the second option of an exchange .

In this case construction company - it the seller of apartments in a new building, itself is engaged in sale of the old apartment, and at the price close to market. Not the owner, but the representative of this company will estimate However, it. The new apartment is reserved for the term necessary for sale old. But here again there is a problem of housing and registration. However, if the apartment in a new building is completely ready, then the participant of an exchange right after its acquisition can together with a family move to it. He will receive money for the old apartment after its sale.

We will make calculation of the second way of an exchange of real estate on the example of the same apartment at the subway Skhodnenskaya. Let`s say the realtor of the company estimated it at 5,7 million rubles. We remind that the apartment in a new building of Kurkino costs 6,7 million rubles. Additional expenses of the participant of an exchange: to the realtor - 4% of a total cost (5,7 million) i.e. 228 thousand rubles; rent of the apartment for sale old or the ends of final finishing new - 40 thousand x 4 months = 160 thousand rubles. Total, surcharge together with additional expenses will make 1 million 388 thousand rubles.

In comparison with trade in it is more favorable option of an exchange of the old apartment.

Still it is possible to try to take the credit in bank on the security of the former apartment for the purpose of acquisition of new. Keep in mind that the bank will not give you more than 80% of the price of your real estate and will demand confirmation of target use of the credit. I.e. the bank should provide the contract of the transaction and the payment document on payment. In this case in an extract from the old apartment, and also its sale to repay the obtained loan, it will be possible to be engaged after purchase of new housing.

Expenses at such way of an exchange will consist of expense for receiving the credit (about 2% of its size) and fee of the realtor.

This option of an exchange has also several other way when on the credit a subject of pledge is the apartment in a new building . However, here it is already necessary to play by rules of a mortgage. At the same time begin to sell the old apartment after registration in property new and registration of the participant of an exchange and members of his family there.

Well and at last, on new most often resort to an exchange of the old apartment by simultaneous sale and purchase real estate. The new housing by all means has to be with the issued property right though the price of the apartment which is not issued by such right, significantly cheaper. In the market of real estate of rather new housing in which nobody lived as such apartments were acquired with the investment purposes.

We will give calculation and for this option, using old basic data. In this case the cost of the new three-room apartment in the residential district Kurkino with the issued property right will be 6,9 million. rubles, and the old apartment - 6 million rubles (the price was quoted by the owner). Then surcharge, without an expense on services of the realtor, will make 900 thousand rubles.

Real estate, what of these options of an exchange, to choose, solve to you.