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Nervousness: the reasons will be kept by


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal, for children

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

Nervousness of the reason will keep to get rid will cope to fight to leave to avoid not to allow rescues is born causes harm advantage influence of a consequence a state sincere emergence promotes to eradicate medicine treats to use to direct gives property love agitation

of C If it has no person nothing concerns - heart.

in the Lion`s share of disorders of the person is premature, wrong, unreasonable.

dz Nervousness - is emotion.

to Mother of nervousness - surprise.

dz Nervousness - a state of mind.

dz Nervousness - feeling of concern.

dz Nervousness - a trouble presentiment.

z Nervousness is born because of surprise and importance of events and the phenomena.

z Nervousness is caused by fear and is followed of

z Nervousness - is excited by a possibility of the forthcoming danger.

and Nervousness of the person burns.

in Activity, caused by nervousness - promotes aging of the person.

p Nervousness does life short.

and Nervousness confuses thoughts and crumples words.

p Nervousness - a direct road to addictions.

and the Worrying person - is not beautiful.

and the Worrying person - seems more silly.

d Nervousness breaks communication of reason with language and hands.

also can Do much harm to the person even pleasant nervousness.

to the Enemy of nervousness - wellbeing, friends - need and wealth. pv it is better for

to have only necessary - staying in tranquility, than superfluous - in nervousness.

p the Reasons of our disorders - in ourselves.

pz Punishment for violation of the law and bad acts keeps the person in continuous nervousness.

p punishes the Law - for detected crimes, nervousness - for not opened.

z to Nervousness weakness and instability of mentality.

pz Nervousness is frequent from ignorance.

z Novel - concerns.

d to Nervousness is promoted by weak character.

pz Nervousness - weakness of spirit.

zd the Girlfriend of nervousness - lie.

pd Nervousness is inherent in people not reserved.

p Nervousness sya envy.

z the nervousness Reason often happens helplessness.

and Nervousness is more often than lonely visits.

and Nervousness is inherent in losers.

and to Mastering nervousness - is necessary studies.

zp the Analysis, judgment of the events, studying of the nature of nervousness - fight against it.

zp is difficult with nervousness - without having defined what caused it.

and For disorders is possible training, since the easiest situations.

p will Important learn, disorders are not afraid.

pz the Best m for nervousness is knowledge and will.

zpvd Many the vital disturbing moments prevents knowledge of psychology.

d Nervousness of self-control is afraid.

pd For excessive disorders care.

pz If is an opportunity not to show nervousness it is necessary to load itself with a physical activity.

zd Nervousness is extinguished by steadiness.

and Nervousness reduces - a healthy sleep.

zd Nervousness by stability of mentality.

but Not the best way of disposal of nervousness - leaving in.

zp Is a little effective to ask the person not to worry - better to distract it and to try to create quieter situation.

zpd Reduces amount of the disturbing moments attentiveness.

z the Enemy of disorders - a preimage.

zpd For many disorders - foresight.

and If to understand that nervousness is natural and is not dangerous - it can become expected and pleasant.

pz What - to them will better share with nervousness than to hide and the more so to banish from itself, thereby only driving in it into memory.

zd For nervousness is possible something interesting to distract.

and to the Busy person - is no time to worry.

z only distracts Employment from nervousness - but does not exempt from a problem.

and Disturbing thoughts can be replaced.

and worries that Less - who lives in one afternoon.

p For nervousness follows only useful activity.

and to Sil of nervousness is possible on useful activity, active recreation … for

z Strength given by nervousness that not trained horse - can carry away from danger, and can cripple.

but not able to hide nervousness - belongs to mockers.

p gives our nervousness to confidence to our enemies.

zd Enemies of nervousness - wisdom and self-control.

p Nervousness should place at service, but not to be - his slave.

zd Nervousness to vigilance.

zd Nervousness - increases attentiveness.

zd does Nervousness the person to more vigilant.

zd does Nervousness the person to more diligent.

zd the Worrying person behaves more carefully and deliberately.

zd Nervousness can save life if, for example, gradually prepares the person for the approaching misfortune.

z Discontent with life is caused by nervousness - and can promote

to human height.

zd intensifies Nervousness of the person.

zd can prevent Nervousness about danger.

and Nervousness of the person belittles.

zd mentality destroys Nervousness, the tranquility - strengthens.

p Nervousness - the bad adviser.

pd humiliates Nervousness of the person and depreciates.

d to Nervousness help inability to operate the emotions.

p Nervousness - the child of fieriness.

z At the Person depending on a state, are made fluctuations between tranquility and nervousness. At all these fluctuations are various and are in different ranges.

zd Nervousness - obscures reason.

zd Nervousness is inherent in sensitive people.

pd Nervousness takes away ability to make the correct decisions from the person.

zd pushes Nervousness on rash acts.

dz Nervousness from loss of control over emotions.

dz At nervousness of the word are empty.

z the Silly person often worries without the reason - he is not able to estimate danger of a situation.

pv you Should not worry from - for what inevitably will occur.

z Nervousness - from submission to fear.

p Nervousness deprives the person of freedom.

and Nervousness disconnects reason.

z the Person is inclined to nervousness.

z Nervousness is not capable to accept councils of reason.

z Nervousness, disconnecting reason - transfers actions of the person to submission of instincts.

z is capable both to accelerate Nervousness, and to slow down thoughts and actions of the person.

p Nervousness - mind.

d Nervousness often comes to an end with shame.

from Nervousness, unlike steadiness - does not happen false.

from the Worrying person - is sincere.

and Nervousness - ruins heart.

zd has Nervousness to collect. to

and Nervousness fatigue.

zd to Nervousness are promoted by a stress, overfatigue, a sleep debt.

d Nervousness provoke problems.

z to Nervousness is promoted by passion.

d Nervousness strengthen unusual, urgent, important issues. zd Nervousness excessive enthusiasm can strengthen


z the Worrying person is unpleasant.

p Cannot calm another - if itself it is excited.

and Life is disturbing.

z Disorders about themselves and others - muffle each other.

and Is people who specially look for nervousness.

and Without disorders life is defective.

z forces to Worry on trifles of people often uncertainty.

z One nervousness invigorates and makes active, - weighs others and frightens.

z Nervousness - recovers.

p it is necessary not only to fight Against nervousness, but also with advantage to use its force.

zd Proving to be nervousness of people often disarms.

d Nervousness - deprives of a dream.

z Nervousness can strengthen thinking - but it obscures it.

and A lot of things in life of nervousness does not cause which that is disturbing only at first - but is things which concern the person always.

zd Nervousness is capable both to connect forces - and to release additional energy from a reserve, inaccessible at a usual state.

of prod. Nervousness - a normal constant state of the person in love.

and When darling not nearby - the lover worries.

and concerns the Lover safety of darling.

d Love nervousness is caused by fear of loss of darling.

d Love nervousness can be born from - for suspicions of change or its opportunity.

and Love nervousness is caused by possible refusal in reciprocity.

d nervousness - strengthens feelings.

d Love nervousness - keeps love.

and Love nervousness - the person strains, excites mentality.

and From - for fatigue at long and strong love nervousness between lovers can come a rupture of the relations and even to pass love.

z Nervousness, preventing to fall asleep in due time - displace the person to later falling asleep.

and For nervousness is lost weight.

and to Worry always is to what.

pd Excessive nervousness - ruins health.

and Nervousness closes eyes and ears.

zpd Nervousness - a concentration hindrance.

and Nervousness - the enemy of a potentiality.

zd Nervousness only then is desirable - when from it more advantage, than harm from - for nervous breakdown and commission of undesirable actions.

z will Difficult be born to nervousness - because of indifference

z Nervousness leads to destruction of one thoughts by others, confuses desires, mixes feelings.

and Nervousness wears out heart.

p For nervousness as disturbing frustration, positive - to use.

and Nervousness is inherent even in animals.

d Lack of nervousness is provided with tranquility.

zpd Nervousness courage hindrance.

zpd Nervousness suppresses self-control.

p pushes Nervousness on rash actions.

d Nervousness prevents to weigh words.

z will paralyze Nervousness with fear of the person, connects his abilities.

z Nervousness - obligatory attribute of love.

and the Correct people calm - the love to them passes.

z Money cause harmful continuous not natural nervousness in all people, at their absence - because without them it is possible not to survive, in the presence - from - for fear to lose them.

and Together with dream is born also nervousness.

p Excessive nervousness is equal, as well as indifference - the problem is doubled.

z Nervousness can be caused by uncertainty.

z Nervousness is on friendly terms with a presentiment.

z Nervousness - is not on friendly terms with risk.

z Nervousness - lives future. zpv Than more people, his relatives, people around and even heroes seen by it at cinema endured

dangerous events - subjects emergence of nervousness is more probable.

zd Nervousness can cause fear of repetition of already happened unpleasant events.

zd Disorders - are ashamed.

zd Nervousness - try to hide.

z Nervousness - is selective and chaotic.

and the Person can worry from - for a trifle - and is not anxious from at all - for the approaching serious danger.

zd Nervousness - can be caused by a nervous tension.

zd Nervousness is not allowed by steady mentality.

zd The is more danger - the nervousness is more disturbing.

zd Nervousness and fear - are close.

and Nervousness unlike fear can be positive.

zpd Nervousness - leads to diseases.

and the Superstitious person - is more disturbing.

and Nervousness interrupts a sleep.

pv Cost nothing the pleasures bringing nervousness.

yu If lovers worry - means, the love is live.

yu the Person worries - when cannot solve a problem mind. there is no

yu sense to worry if something precisely happens or it will not be and if it is unknown whether will occur.

yu Nervousness - is infectious.

yu the Cigarette before killing the person - removes disorders.

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