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Why men degrade?

“Men degenerate as a look! Women will take everything in hand soon! Matriarchy approaches!“ What do you think of similar statements? For some reason they cause negative emotions in me. It is somehow unnatural.

Observing once again as three pyanenky men come back in the evening from garage, I asked questions: “Knowing what their after a garage sit-round gathering will “saw“ wives, all of them go home why? Then, having survived the storm, again go to garage. Everything repeats again and again. Life goes, men become an inveterate drunkard, families fall. Why it occurs?“ I found

the interesting article of Torsunov Oleg “Secret of the man`s and female nature“ based on ancient Vedic knowledge In the Internet. And further, considering the lifted problem, I will dare to cite this article.

So, alleged causes of degradation of men.

1. Loss of the purpose

“The man bears the purpose in a family.“ , he devotes it himself, to it he moves. The man surely has to have a business, so by the nature is put! If he initially does not know, than will be engaged, then first of all it is necessary to serve the family and in the second turn - to surrounding people. “At the same time he has to try to the full extent. Gradually, through activity the understanding will come to the benefit another at it, than he has to be engaged“ . The man`s life, his self-affirmation occur outdoors, and to the house he already bears result of the achievements, material and moral. Being engaged in homework (the house - the territory of the wife), he feels as the woman, and occupations outdoors help it to approve with themselves courage.

Therefore work, a gym, billiards, soccer, fishing, garage - all this a field of activity of the man. It will go contrary to everything there, the woman likes it or not! Of course, the man can transfer the occupation home to be near the wife. But then he will sit the whole day near the computer or on phone, disturbing all house. Or will bring home the racing motorcycle or the bicycle, a motor boat or a hang-glider and will collect - to sort them in the middle of the house in the pleasure. Whether it will be pleasant to you, lovely ladies, solve!

Than more man realizes himself through work and a hobby, especially he will be happy with himself and will not want to go on the way of degradation in any way.

2. Loss of respect

If the man does not aim

in life, it loses respect for itself(himself). And further on a chain: “The man loses respect for himself - the wife loses respect for the husband - people around lose respect for the man“. Links of this chain can be rearranged in any order, depending on life situations.

For example, the man already has a business, he is engaged in it at full capacity, but gives attention to the wife and children a little. The wife gradually loses to it trust, and then and respect. And further again on a chain. “A duty of the man is the understanding of the nature of the woman (periodic hysterics, concern, complaints to fatigue, caustic words to the man). The man in such cases always has to remain quiet and be able to calm the wife“. to Listen, pay attention, to present a gift, to beat a nail, to take out garbage - and the world is restored!

And if the wife of it has not enough if she, having kept silent, again for the, and all to her not so! “How many to suffer, to go to friends better, they will understand“, - the man solves. It is even worse if he begins to discuss the wife on the party. “The man respecting the wife does not put the relation with friends above, than the relations with the wife. The priority in relationship needs to be given to close people“ . Otherwise again there will be a loss of trust and respect.

It is better to solve family problems in the family. “The husband is obliged to explain to the wife everyday truth how many it will be required though every day same“. whether

Everything men follow these rules?

But, imposing requirements to men, we will remember, as for women in a family there are rules. “The woman has to have a soft speech in relation to the husband, then at him courage and nobility grows. The woman should not humiliate the dignity of the husband alone, in the presence of other people“.

If the wife does not respect the husband - people around will not respect him too.

The circle became isolated, mutual mutual respect is necessary. The spouses respecting each other peacefully solve problems and claims, causing at the same time respect of people around.

“Sorting out the relations with each other, we always only worsen them. It is necessary to be engaged not in a showdown, and himself. Changing itself, we automatically change the partner to the best“. Unwillingness to be improved and develop in itself spirituality causes one more reason of degradation, it...

3. Loss of morality

“If in a family the husband is engaged in spirituality, then it gives to the family very powerful protection from all directions. Unfortunately, men seldom understand that the way to consciousness is the highest manifestation of activity“.

Questions of mission and development in this world always were in competence of the real man. And it is quite good that it shared the knowledge with the wife and children.

“The man needs to show special gravity in questions of moral education - it is very important. The husband has to have authorities to which he trusts in self-knowledge questions then the woman will listen to it in everything (in the ancient time the husband`s father was such authority, his behavior was perfect, he was wise and esteemed)“. just now understood

Ya that in the childhood the father seriously was engaged in my moral education. How many discussions we led with it in kitchen! Mother, without maintaining our long disputes and reasonings, closed a door and left to sleep: “Everything, my forces are not present to listen to your abstruse conversations!“. And houses, both in campaigns, and on trips we discussed with it universe questions, considered various life situations, acts of people. In spite of the fact that the father is brought up by the atheist, through all life he bears in himself strong moral “core“. Very sensitively treats people around and commensurates all the acts with provisions of human morals. His father, my grandfather, early died, but I remember that for the father he was authority on many questions. And now the father speaks about the father very validly.

I think that it is very important to keep this vital chain of parents and children. If in each family to explain to boys and girls the moral principles of life in society in time, then they will keep this connection between generations. But for this purpose and the children need to be an example.

For now … Absence of understanding of moral laws leads women to continuous race behind money, attempt to direct a family, to disrespect for the husband.

The pursuit of material requirements forces to forget men about morality, leads to alcoholism and loss of meaning of life. Here to you and way to degradation of a strong half of our society.

Perhaps it is necessary to remember that truth somewhere in the middle? We were given reason and heart, let`s dispose of them correctly. And the world will become better!