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In what force of green?

Polar night... Who never met it and is not familiar personally, to that not to understand as far as it is the mean old geezer, in fairly worn, but clean and carefully ironed out, long dress of a black velvet with a turn-down snow-white satin collar and the same cuffs on sleeves.

All such correct of To a disgrace it is simple! If it is necessary to go on months-long watch in November, so this month and - one day later. Well, and to resign earlier measured, even do not ask. It is useless!

The happy private owner of a solid crocodile farm, each of which beasts to the ezheutreena and is eager to swallow our general property - let and not especially hot, but light and tender polar sun.

However, how many to a night string not to curl As a rule, to everything including to insatiable alligatorsky appetite, sooner or later, there comes quite predictable end.

At the beginning of March the long-awaited heavenly body to scarlet hunks looks out from - for the horizon and, having driven away where impenetrable and as already it seemed, immemorial darkness in the invincibility, on some little bit of time remains on a visit at rare inhabitants of white boundless open spaces of Bolshezemelskaya Tundra... Being afraid to seem persuasive, at first slightly - slightly, for a minute what. Sparrow short step small. Then on a hare poskok. Well, and then and on fast, prompt cervine run, when behind, from sledge who a round wooden ball of a long trochee, not painfully, but it is persistent - up to grain:

- Chorus - chorus Chorus - chorus

Though from violation of supremacy of polar night before its full and final breakdown still oh, how far. For now - only various shades white and black before eyes. A white horizontal of the snow-covered tundra the yes of black mine waste heaps aspiring to a vertical.

And the fatigue which collected during the winter heavy freight of melancholy and a depression is lower and lower - to the earth. To dump it, to be straightened to the utmost to the spring which is meeting halfway from the South But how? The spring is not only a sleet and streams, but also greens of the first foliage

* * *

Perhaps therefore already by the end of March all pioneers and Komsomol members of the Polar region, regardless of the place of residence, progress and age, amicably cut through in any piece of cardboard which was available at hand an opening under diameter it is slightly less than bulb. That that densely sat in this design, but did not fail.

After check of compliance of diameters and density of fastening, in a usual thick glass tumbler water from - under the crane was poured, and on it the piece of cardboard with the onions clamped in it was put so that backs of a bulb were shipped in reviver.

And already all this pyramid was set up on a window sill. As a rule, kitchen. Or on what the early-spring sun more often and more willingly looked on a visit.

In a week - other of a bulb green arrows began to look out. In the apartment it became bright, green at once and it is beautiful. Also began to smell That is joint stock company tasty began to smell in the spring!

* * *

And as leaves on trees are dismissed, I saw only at institute.

For vacation Vorkuta left at the end of May, the beginning of June. In the city there was many snow. In the country it was to an eshchyobolsha. There to them did not load Zilovsky dump trucks and did not take away in the unknown direction from streets and squares. So as carefully do not peer into the landscape rushing behind a car window, it from an hour an hour all same...

A solid wall of high, trellised wooden boards of snow retention in small removal from railroad tracks. Pulled hard on them which settled but which still were finally not given on favor of the warm winner leaving somewhere it is far - far to the tundra snowdrifts. Small black bald spots of the vytayavshy earth with firmly the dwarfish willows and birches which caught it with even naked, wet branches. Painted it is yellow - brown paint of a last year`s grass islands of bogs.

Boards, snow, the earth, bogs

Grey, it is dirty - white, black, is yellow - brown

Boards, snow

Hour, another

First that, besides the bright sun, rushed to open eyes in the morning, on several honeycombs of kilometers is closer to Kotlas - greens. Bright greens of a grass on railway slopes. Fresh greens of foliage on quickly running away back, to Vorkuta, not dwarfish trees. And not the tundra - a taiga

All In total around - green!