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Seasonality of food

Filling a stomach - do not forget to do to people good.

of the Person has to concern quality of spiritual food more.

the King of quality of products - a season, the queen - freshness.

in the course of storage products lose the quality.

Each food product loses the quality over time and becomes useless on a miscellaneous.

every day the stored products give to the person less advantage more and more harm.

After a certain storage time of food comes the moment when from their application there is more harm, than advantage. it is better for

to use Many products seasonally - than to store.

our many fellows animals do not stock up with products.

Those animals who stock up with products use natural ways for their storage and do not use last year`s stocks.

Use of unnatural ways for storage of products - is life-threatening. For preservation of quality of products first of all it is expedient to

to use more spoiling.

to Distribution on terms of consumption of products is promoted by their sorting.

Before a new harvest when quality of products the worst it is necessary to try to eat more those products which are stored better, such as grain, dried fruits, honey, nuts …

Unnatural methods of storage, such as preservation, a freezing, smoking - is better not to apply.

Dairy products should be used more during the warm period when animals move, breathe fresh air and eat a fresh forage, and in winter to give preference to the cheeses made of the milk received during this period. it is better for

to use Meat during that season when animals, are in good conditions.

During the winter period from the imported fruit and vegetables should give preference to those a harvest which it gathers in these countries in the winter.

In the first half of the winter period is expedient to use more than natural agricultural products which till its end do not remain or remain worse.

Before a new harvest is expedient to exclude as much as possible inclusion in food of the products of an old harvest which lost significantly the quality.

the Early vegetables and other agricultural products which are grown up not under natural conditions can be harmful, and even to cause poisoning.

Application of products is a continuous experiment.

of Test, supervision, the analysis help to reveal an optimum form of application of this or that food product.

should not forget that seasonal food promotes satiation of an organism products.

Surplus of seasonal products can be the reason of diseases.

Food should not from - for a season strongly to change.

Food by seasonal products - is cheaper.

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