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Big dog in the city apartment - big pleasure or big problems?

Probably, very many children living in the cities begin to ask parents to get some animal, at least a hamster or a popugaychik sooner or later, and the most courageous are solved on talk on a dog, it is desirable big.

At some children as at the Kid from an animated cartoon about Carlson, the dream to have a canine friend comes true, after much persuasion and even got down. In an animated cartoon everything comes to an end positively - the Kid received the dog, parents reconciled and all are happy. But real life differs from animated films a little.

Small shchenochka - they are such darlings …

Thoroughbred puppies, they such beautiful, such cheerful, fervent, from them there is so much positive and pleasure in the house! And so well train will power, speed of reaction at the new owners. And as perfectly they discipline all family members, forcing them to do the cleaning several times a day and to attentively examine space before taking a step not to appear in the center of a puddle or small group.

Small shchenochek in the house is an excellent occasion to take vacation for several months to have an opportunity in time to feed and clean after the pet. Besides, puppies should not stay at home for a long time one, it can injure their gentle mentality and lead to the fact that they should express all negative in a pogryzaniye of home decoration, and also footwear and clothes of members of household.

the Puppy - the teenager …

here to the loved pet was already executed by

I half a year, all necessary vaccination is done, and the apartment does not look as a minefield any more, the dog already learned to walk and to do everything on the street. Well, almost everything if to bring her 4 times a day.

At this stage there is a question - where to walk and with whom to walk. It is no secret that the modern domestic cities not really - that are well equipped for walks not only dogs, but also people. To walk a dog on a bed, a playground and just in the yard, reserving heaps of valuable environmentally friendly fertilizer, we will softly tell, ugly. But this problem can be solved with the help of packages in which it is necessary to put the native dog shit accurately. The, speak, do not smell … Smell of

, believe, and it is very strong. If the prospect to potter with small groups - skunks in the face of neighbors and passersby does not seem too attractive, it can be powerful argument that not to get a dog.

A question with whom to walk interesting too. If, having conceded to the child`s arrangements, it was necessary to choose a doggie of large breed, then the child one will not be able to walk with it so it is necessary to be walked by everything together. Every day. In any weather.

the Puppy - the overage and the child - the teenager

the Puppy grew and turned into a beautiful, clever, obedient, well-mannered dog. He does not break furniture any more, does not gnaw footwear and cell phones, does not spoil carpets. And the child for the sake of whom the dog was got grew up too and can quite walk the pet and look after him.

It would seem, everything is fine. But, as we know, the person at the age of seven years and it three - four years later - absolutely different persons. Not the fact that the one who it is oath earlier promised to comb out, feed and walk the dog, having matured, will not decide that it got excited. And here still new friends, new hobbies, the first manicure, the first love, occupations with tutors. And there is no time left for a dog any more therefore again parents get honor to look after an animal.

the Old age crept...

of the Dog live not for long, and such large breeds as, for example, the Newfoundland dog or a St. Bernard, in six years - old men. And they have senile whims and diseases. Digestion problems, deterioration in sight and hearing, senile peevishness and meteorizm. Already nobody praises a dog on the street for beauty and grace, and sympathize more and more. Poor, old already absolutely, both legs limp, and the hair does not shine...

Whether already adult child will want to look after such pet, it is unknown. It needs to prepare for final examinations. Perhaps, he will want to go to the university in other city. And parents got used to be walked every day with a dog as it is. In any weather.

the Most burdensome is the Dog century when, walking a native old dog, reflect and whether it will live up to the next spring (new year, the first snowfall, an autumn leaf fall). And at some moment it is necessary to make the decision whether to continue treatment of a dog, or … memoirs Will remain

, there will be a confusion why nobody runs to meet houses, scattering small furniture and to lick smelly wet language. It will be necessary to jump a reflex every morning that in any weather to leave to walk. For a minute there will be no regret that decided to get a dog, having conceded to the child`s requests.

But on the question “And Would Like to Get Other Dog of Big Breed?“ the answer will be unambiguous - no.

Perhaps French buldozhka...