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How to benefit from cardiotrainings?

of Kardiotrenirovki often underestimate, despite their real importance. Many guys wishing to get muscles with neglect treat any exercise bikes, stationary bicycles and racetracks, including them a prerogative of the female contingent of gyms. Like, I will shake the “banks“ got by such hard work under a bar. And the situation is a little differently.

The word “kardio“ in itself assumes a certain communication with a cardiac muscle who, as well as any other, needs to be trained. Besides, by means of any aerobic loadings endurance perfectly develops! And it, you see, what even not to do the most brawny guy without. Certainly, this is not about marathon runnings or “Tour de France“ on the exercise bike. But run was always considered and it is considered the best example of cardiotraining.

For running trainings (warm-ups) you will not need the expensive equipment. If you are engaged in fitness - club, then this good (I mean racetracks) there more than enough. Training in the fresh air, you can carry out the jogs anywhere! No, of course, it is not necessary to run near brisk roads with a large number of motor transport and, respectively, exhaust gases. Any school stadium, the wood, park, the avenue can become your gym in the fresh air!

Those who are seriously concerned about a problem of excess weight can be glad - run burns a huge number of calories. The main thing not to be overzealous: even in such, apparently, simple type of training there is a number of rules, conforming to which it is possible to achieve the maximum result.

In - the first, footwear. You need couple good, running, a sneaker. Then - clothes. Do not forget to look at a thermometer before the running once again. Your training suit has to be such in which you both will not freeze, and do not “cook“ in own sweat.

Before the most running training it is necessary to be warmed properly: 5 minutes of walking and 10 minutes of jogging are that it is necessary. training can have a number of variations, namely:

Jogging - often joins in the program of trainings and serves as a warming up including on a cross-country terrain.

Run on an average distance - some kind of preparation to 5 - 10 - to kilometer runnings.

Run on a long distance - covers 5, 10 kilometers, a semi-marathon and a marathon distance. It is ideal for people whose age belongs to an interval of 27 - 37 years.

Cross-country run - a version which assumes runnings on a grass surface, in the wood, sometimes even on dirt or shoal (up to ankles depth).

Sprint - from 100 meters to 1 - 2 kilometers. This version, by itself, demands high speed. Quadriceps, gastrocnemius muscles, buttock, sgibatel of a hip, bicepses of hips are loaded.

As it is correct to li to prepare for

himself for jog ? Get acquainted with the following councils:

Warming up . Warm up those muscles which will be involved in work. Warm-up “will grease“ joints and will warm muscles that will save you from possible injuries. Execute a series of squats and jumps with high raising of knees.

Extension . Experts recommend 5 - 10 - a minute extension for restoration or increase in muscular flexibility. Execute a complex of inclinations with the straightened legs, and also “rollings“ from one direct leg on another in a sitting position.

Adhere to of the easy program within the first week . Then gradually increase loading, namely - the speed and a distance.

Hitch . Finishing jog, pass to jogging or walking.

Generally, all ingenious is simple! Run not only will help you to say goodbye to excess calories, but also if you very much protect the muscle bulk, will help you to add considerably in endurance. And your lungs and heart will tell you “thanks“!