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Why the Russian women are rather afraid of foreign men? Hoarfrost of cold war

the Russian tourists, the majority of whom - women, now quite often meet citizens of the different states. Let`s not be is obstinate - the Russian women it is our brand, it is our brand, it - our everything! The Russian men a physiognomy and manners not very much lay claim to a country trademark, so to speak. But that is a subject other. In this article it is about the attitude of our women towards foreign citizens, and a certain fear that our women have, in relation to foreigners. Sounds ridiculously, the websites of the international acquaintances are hammered with questionnaires of the Russian women “chock-full“, but, to set the questionnaire to the Internet - only the first step, and further …

the Englishman by the name of Larry - the psychologist by profession - behind drinking abroad of a bottle of whisky in the bar tired me with the same question: “Why the Russian women so avoid - are rather afraid of foreigners?“. The man, according to him, tried more than once in the bar or on the beach to get acquainted with the Russian woman and when said that he - from England, and wants to snyukhatsya, roughly speaking, with the Russian woman, for some reason, the Russian women drove away it as an importunate fly! They too nearly began to run away from it.

I, having taken whisky, took an interest, maybe, Larry “tried to get acquainted with members of Russian women`s national team on sprint all the time?“ I admit, my English interlocutor absolutely seriously noticed that the author is a bit witty, and right there immediately again “got to the bottom“ of me all with the same question: “why the Russian women to be afraid of foreigners?“ I reasonably answered that the Russian women are afraid not only foreign men, but more tnan that - Russian. When those thoroughly “put for a collar“, for example. Therefore I gave Larry advice not to breathe the reek of alcohol from whisky on the Russian woman with whom he dreams to get acquainted. I added that that reek of alcohol what we are the Russian men suffices - we breathe periodically on native Russian beloved.

But Larry declared that he several times tried to get acquainted sober with “beauties - nested dolls“ as he calls our young ladies, and they did not make contact! And Larry on skills is the engineer of human souls. Absolutely its request that I acquainted him with the Russian woman became impudence! And that is it in despair. I immediately suggested to wave whisky because the matchmaker not to be capable of the sober head. Waved. Further agreed that tomorrow Larry will approach the pleasant Russian woman, will try to get acquainted again and if once again “to send him to wipe nested dolls“, or from him will give I tear up then already and we will understand what to do farther. I advised to chew Larry since morning more coffee grains to beat off a smell of the reek of alcohol, and to become the imposing English gentleman, but not a homeless drunk pig at whom whisky from the patch drips. The Englishman even ceased to drink that evening.

So left that that night I almost did not sleep at all, and the psychotherapist from England on the contrary slept and on the beach it was very fresh next day. From it smelled for kilometer of coffee grains, stirred up me, and just I was more similar to a mumps with narrow eyes. In process of bathing in salutary waters of the far sea my eyes extended, and the body gained the flexibility lost recently. And Larry here: we had an arrangement yesterday that I will promote its aspiration to get acquainted with the Russian woman. Everything remembers, an infection! The problem is that our women infrequently know English, and the Russian men and that are more rare! We more abusive, national. I promised Larry that if it is required to translate phrases from one language on another - I will help it.

It is necessary to recognize that, despite efforts on improvement of the image in the opinion of the Russian women it was not succeeded to zakadrit about one of them to our friend from coast of the Thames. I as could recommended it this or that person, even made some transfer, but all our ladies treated the Englishman with a certain suspicion. And as I assisted it in establishment of contacts, soon and I got under mistrust. Larry sincerely could not understand why the Russian individuals of the weaker sex avoid him. I was in the dark from this riddle too. Few times I delicately asked why young ladies so negatively perceive the Englishman, but did not receive the clear answer. Women, as it is peculiar to them, made up fog in answers. This is twice strange as, I will remind, the websites of the international acquaintances abound with questionnaires of our compatriots wishing to find the promised out of Russia.

In the evening we met Larry in the bar again, and he asked to give it the answer again that with England not so that the Russian ladies do not wish to have with it - the Englishman - business. I remembered what England still some was registered as in enemies of the USSR couple of decades ago . And then I stated to Larry the thoughtful assumption that the reason of antipathy of the Russian women to the western men lies in the genetic plane! Our fair sex somewhere suspects of depths of soul that the same Larry is the secret service agent of Her Majesty Korolevy of Great Britain! Perhaps, plows on the English intelligence. And in the USSR we were taught that any contact with the foreign citizen brands the woman of unreliability in the opinion of the state. In a bed of people relaxes, and from it it is easy to pull out different secrets. I emphasized that agents of female KGB at the time of the USSR were delightful and numerous!

Here Larry got a fright and began to murmur that he supposedly does not know how in so remarkable resort there can be female agents! Sang something about that, that cold war terminated long ago that the Russian football players - Pavlyuchenko, Arshavin, Zhirkov, Bilyaletdinov - play in the English Premieres clubs - leagues, and Irish Ayden Makgidi with might and main drives a ball in the Russian championship and away . I reasonably noticed what is for certain unknown what agents of intelligence agencies can be most different athletes. And that, excellent cover for the agent: balls are kicked here by me! And nobody will suspect anything! So, “otmaza“ about soccer does not roll …

A still I told that agentsh and are liked to be hung around resorts because there and foreign citizens have a rest. Larry began to justify himself that he - only the psychotherapist, and helps to know better better himself, the simple person. Then I told that moods of SIMPLE citizens of other state are just very interesting to intelligence agencies. I assumed that our women do not make from Larry contact as so far about it, perhaps, it is collected still a little operational information. After that we drank whisky and, at last, Larry lagged behind me with a question why the Russian women so watchfully treat foreigners. And it did not disturb our compatriots any more, and began to walk grandly with a married couple of years under fifty from England too.

For me, I will tell without being thawed, Larry`s question was entertaining. I cannot still understand why there is so alerted relation at the Russian women to the foreigner . Not otherwise, as genetics, a political component, whiffs of times of cold war play a crucial role here. However, I hope, dear readers will shed light on this riddle.