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Man and woman. Who are they? The Man the getter, the hunter - it often remember today

, and nobody challenges it, and the fact that the woman has to store and support fire in a cave, under the different reasons is slowly but surely given to oblivion. Namely it, dear sirs, also contains an essence of the woman and her mission.

To understand so serious question, let`s address prototypes.

God created Earth and all live on it. He transferred to Mother Earth care of the Creations. It told it huge to energy of Love that she cared for Life and increased it.

God created the man on the similarity. The woman was created twice and in both cases this was not about Bogu`s similarity.

From similarity of the man Bogu and not similarity of the woman Bogu, their manifestation in a material world absolutely different. And, when these missions try to trade places, the chaos, the broken destinies, loss of begins.

The man is God, the Creator, Fire Dukhovny.

The woman is the keeper Zhizni, a vessel with Water of life. Water stores all information on the Universe.

What is Fire Dukhovny? Fire Dukhovny is the highest component of elements of Fire on vibrations. This fire fills Soul and each cell of a body with spiritual power. Annually for Easter, at the Lord`s Coffin, Fire Dukhovny descends. It does not burn skin the first hours, it clears a body and Soul.

The woman, to execute the mission of the keeper Zhizni, has to support in the man Ogon Dukhovny and first of all in the husband.

Preservation and Dukhovny Ognya`s maintenance in the house, beauty and harmonies - the main task of the woman. The main thing weather in the house. In the house and in a family the true hostess - the woman, the man only the guest who, as any decent guest, has to submit to rules established by the hostess. She knows better and feels Harmony. But also the woman should not philosophize and dispose outside the house is not her territory, it is the territory of men.

Our force is so big that harmonizing space of the house and a family and increasing spiritual vibrations of a family, we can influence the big territory. The nature of our force - a wave.

The man - the Sun, the Creator, the woman - the Moon. The moon only reflects light, it is not a light source, it is not a Creator. Agree, all great people and the best masters generally men. It is not necessary to try to do for what you were not created. From a tiger the lion will not turn out though they and from one cat family.

To women the Lord gave us unique gift - ability to Feel and Love thinly. The man has no this gift, he does not understand it up to the end. He guesses, of course, what is it, all - on an image of God is created. It initially reaches for this state because understands what is what is not enough for it for internal comfort, internal harmony. To Create and Create it needs Pure Vibrations and he can receive them only from the woman.

Only the woman can fill the man with Lyubov.

And the second Gift of the Lord is a motherhood. In all religions of the world the image of Mother, not woman in general, and Mothers is esteemed. In Christianity divine Mother Maria, the rescuer of the East in the east executed compassions - Guan Yin. And for all uniform, all of us loving - our planet, our Mother Earth. Only through motherhood the woman learns to own Gifts of God. Refusal of motherhood in any kinds and forms, under any signs is a refusal of God`s Blessing.

God gives Life and God gives conditions for its existence and development. The woman, caring for Zhizni expands Zhizni`s space, she tries to fill each particle of space with Lyubov, Water of life, Wisdom of the Universe.

The woman a vessel in which life develops and after the birth the woman helps the been born Spirit to get stronger. Abd - Ru - Shin tells each woman owing to richness of the feelings almost individually can cause a spiritual orientation of the posterity! Therefore it - first of all - is responsible for all the descendants

the Woman cares for strengthening of Fire of Dukhovny in sons, and daughters learns to keep Water of life. Our female nature Water - the lake, the Moon, reflection. We can teach our daughters only own example. The girl catches vibrations from mother and is adjusted on them, she remembers these vibrations and lives in them. Also will generate eventually these vibrations to the World. Not without reason in the people speak if you want to learn what will be your wife, look at future mother-in-law.

The man and the woman - a single whole, two complementary Creations of God. Pure Vibrations of the woman, are a gate through which the man rises in vibrations, showing Pure Feelings in relation to the woman and tender feelings of a step to her Feminity, he increases Purity of Vibrations of the woman. On Purer Vibrations of the woman there is their further eminence. But, unfortunately, takes place and the return process according to the same scheme, only with a minus sign.

A waltz - magic dance. Life rhythm, Trinity rhythm, trinity rhythm, rhythm of the Uniform Complete World. Dance waltzes with the darlings. Fill space with harmony.

Mothers, dance waltzes with the sons, they have to feel Purity, Feminity and fullness of the woman Lyubov and Life. Fathers, dance waltzes with daughters, they have to feel strength of the Creator and the Creator, mature, responsible for the Creations.