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Oral cavity candidiasis. To what diet to keep during treatment?

Candidiasis of a mouth occur not only at chest babies, it happens also at adults, bringing with itself(himself) the mass of the unpleasant moments. This disease is caused by conditionally pathogenic mushrooms of the sort Candida which in a quantity are present at an organism of each person and become pathogenic at emergence of favorable conditions for rough reproduction.

Can provoke candidiasis: the dysbacteriosis developing at long reception of antibiotics or kortikosteroidny preparations, some contraceptive tablets; diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path; violations of a carbohydrate exchange in an organism (in particular, diabetes); diseases it is warm - vascular system; lack of an organism of vitamins of group B and K; traumatizing a mucous oral cavity, especially in the presence of badly picked up artificial limbs; decrease in immunity.

The clinical picture at candidiasis happens different depending on a disease form, but the main sign - existence on mucous in a mouth of the white curdled raid located the centers or a continuous thin layer in language, gums in a drink. At the same time there are very unpleasant, and even painful feelings, an itch, burning. Candidiasis is not so harmless as it can seem at first sight. If not to treat him, then it extends further, affecting a gullet and even internals. The general course of treatment usually makes 10 - 14 days.

Success of treatment depends not only on correctly carried out diagnostics and the preparations appointed by the doctor, but also on strict observance of a special diet. Often the use of some types of products is simple to reduce recommendations do not yield desirable result: against correctly treated there is repeated recurrence, and everything should be started anew. For this reason that in the shortest possible time to get rid of candidiasis, it is necessary to keep strictly to a diet, especially at the initial stage of treatment.

Categorically is impossible!

Sugar in any form (beet, reed, dairy, fruit, brown, honey, treacle etc.; sucrose, fructose, maltose, lactose, glycogen, glucose, mannitol, sorbitol, a galactose, monoses, polysaccharides), alcohol, any vinegar and the products supporting him (sauces, for example, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard), grain (rice, wheat, rye, oats, barley), mushrooms, yeast and drozhzhesoderzhashchy products (actually all types of bread, fancy bread, pastries), fat, caffeine (it provokes a liver to emission of high doses of glucose in blood, refuse coffee and black tea), preservatives and food additives, products with a mold (cheeses like Roquefort cheese, a gorgontsol, stilton, cheeses from goat milk), dairy products (in them dairy sugar - lactose which causative agents of candidiasis will be powered), the products which passed fermentation (a pickles, marinades, sauerkraut etc.) .

Is possible and it is necessary!

Fast meat and fish, eggs, perfectly approaches buckwheat (in it few carbohydrates, are a lot of proteins, amino acids and vitamins of group B), low-carbohydrate vegetables, gradually fruit and nuts with sunflower seeds (if they do not provoke the outbreak of candidiasis).

It is the main and most successful diet for fast treatment. Now - is a little more concrete about what is possible.

Types of meat for inclusion in a diet: low-fat beef, chicken meat, turkey, mutton, venison, meat of an ostrich, pheasant. Well and fish - it is only desirable low-fat. To exclude: sausages, bacon, smoked products, etc.

of Egg - an ideal proteinaceous product. From dairy products very few oil and low-fat cottage cheese is possible unsweetened yogurt with bifidobacteria and sometimes, it is possible cheeses with the low content of lactose (a mozzarella, Swiss, etc.) .

Low-carbohydrate vegetables , suitable for this diet: the cabbage is white, color, salad, spinach, cucumbers, onions, garlic, green pepper, avocado (excellently stabilizes sugar level in blood), tomatoes (in them there are not enough carbohydrates, but there is a lot of acid therefore their reception needs just to be controlled - if provoke an aggravation, to exclude from a diet).

Potatoes, carrots, bean - it is possible in very limited quantity, but it is better to exclude since in them there are a lot of carbohydrates.

During treatment some can use fruit without consequences, and at someone the disease becomes aggravated. But as vitamins are necessary, it is necessary to choose for itself suitable fruit, being guided by their sweet. On the content of sugar they are subdivided into three groups.

With high content: oranges, bananas, grapes, dates.

With an average: apricots, melons, peaches, apples.

With low: pears, blackberry, raspberry, wild strawberry, bilberry.

If nuts do not create problems, then they can be included in a diet too, but only not in its initial phase, and in the second half. It is better not to use a peanut and pistachios; nuts of cashew contain high amount of carbohydrates; the macadamia, forest, walnut and almonds - is less.

Which - what nuances

in the course of observance of this diet can arise invincible thirst for sweet, but nevertheless it is better not to be tempted on candies and sweets, and to indulge itself with something less necessary to the causative agent of candidiasis for reproduction (for example, to afford slightly sweetened fruit juice). It is possible to prepare for itself a dessert with use of sweeteners which have some nutrition value and break up in an organism much more slowly than sugar: barley malt, maple or rice syrup, agave, stevia.

At the end of treatment, having achieved a condition of stable improvement, it is possible to expand a little a diet, gradually including in it high-carbohydrate products. But if there is an aggravation, it is necessary to return for some time for the strict principles of an initial phase of a diet again.

Originally on this diet you can feel weakened and constantly hungry, despite high content in a diet of meat and other proteins. At this time there is an adaptation of an organism to the low level of carbohydrates and artful Candida just cry out and demand sugar for the activity. Do not give in on provocations, such diet during short time will not do harm, will only allow to cope with the illness rather.

This article has only fact-finding and advisory character. Anyway at candidiasis consultation of the qualified doctor is necessary .