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What it, a stress for the modern child?

About a stress of the modern child.

children have Presently diseases of nervous system more and more, and nobody thinks that, all these diseases are caused by a stress. Let`s try to understand.

First reason. Computer.

Many children likes to play games on the computer. The purpose of each game to carry out a certain task if the child does not cope with an objective, then he begins to be nervous. Then the child tries again and again and if, he does not have enough any skills for passing roofing felt or other task, the child becomes hysterical, is nervous. It is expressed in powerful splashes of emotions. Some children shout, cry, break things, all this is not normal. After half of year of such splashes, visit to the doctor is simply ordered.

Second reason. A stress at school.

Children at elementary school, especially first graders worry every minute, it is normal, one step higher, children already begin to worry less and less. Well, already since high school, children in general feel at school comfortably. But not all. You should not forget that, in any school there will be 5 - 10 people who will take a dislike to the child. They will scoff in every possible way at it, to pin up, joke and give the mass of an inconvenience. It, of course, irritates the child, all these jokes can strongly enrage him. It is one. There are also calls to a board, independent works, examinations, various tests, SFE and USE. If the child foreknows that he is not ready to this or that examination, then it, certainly, concerns him. And when the child learns about the mark, he can become nervous and it will strongly strike his mentality.

Third reason. Irritation.

of Many irritates when someone drills a wall as water drips as hours tick. At the child, all this causes the increased irritation. Let`s present that the child has a parrot, we will allow a nerazluchnik. At these parrots not the most pleasant chirping and if to remain in private with this bird, then it begins to irritate the child very strongly. After a while, surges in aggression begin, the child wants that the bird became silent, and he does for this purpose all. Some banish a bird to other room and enjoy silence, and some will run behind it with a towel to otkolotit. It, of course, not normally, and it too very strong violation of mentality.

U of many is the younger brother or the sister. Kids, if something not at their will, begin to cry loudly, and sometimes and to shout. If long to listen to these sounds it is possible just to go crazy, I already also do not speak about violation of mentality.

Fourth, the last, reason. Noise.

In huge megalopolises and in country towns is always a lot of noise. Having gone outside, we constantly hear noise of the engine of the car, tram, noise of the subway, passersby. It too direct violation of nervous system.

Of course, it is not possible to fence off from all these problems of the child simply. Try, once again not to shout at the child, it is possible to walk with him in a quiet place, well or just not big time to sit in silence, also many children want communication with the parents, but are afraid to tell about it to them, reflect.