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Political frantizm of the power or whether It is possible to escape before elections?

there Came the calm period before a storm. Political parties, public organizations in amazement estimate the next initiative of our Prime minister of - on Putin. Again Kremlin games? Political frantizm? One go everywhere and cheerfully play, others for some reason cry or are very dissatisfied with those who go and play “the“ games.

The power is so sure that it goes the “correct“ course that does not even pay attention that write about it to mass media that in society the discontent increased. She is sure that at the developed such political system in Russia it is just impossible to change something without her permission, without its consent. And further to continue the same course, it is necessary to play a little. “Misters! But whether not to pomanipulirovat to us before elections by public opinion? The majority will not understand also we in chocolate again! “

But this deceptive opinion. The people began to see clearly, and soon elections. Give - we will reflect on a situation in Russia and on a new initiative of - on Putin together.

G - N Putin suggested to create “Popular front“ to unite all and all. For what? To save Russia? And from whom? He that is precisely knows who should be rescued! But whether not to arrange us political review? Who wants to support our course, in one rank become!

And besides, all who will support this initiative will be not in the first rank, and about “ER“, the main political link of future “Popular front“ which has to receive a majority of votes on elections again in December of this year, and also represent the biggest fraction in the State Duma. Having secured with support of the “Popular front“ which is allegedly expressing interests of all political and non-political forces of our distressful people, having created such powerful platform in his face, and then also having connected a powerful state administrative resource, it is possible to step safely to the next presidency.

As our society needs stability, according to mister Putin, the political top ten can be enriched as early as years quietly, knowing that already nothing will change.

Political technology just remarkable! Now for good reason. It is necessary to realize it urgently.

But there are questions. And to whom it is favorable? Whose interests are represented and protected by mister Putin? The answer is obvious - an upper bourgeoisie further to be enriched. That the small small group of “ghouls“ (by definition of - on Zyuganov) was enriched, and the bulk of the population became even poorer.

The idea of creation of “Popular front“ says that the economic relations which developed in two last decades slow down development of society. There were huge contradictions between work and the capital. For all years of the board the power could not raise a standard of living of most of the citizens. More likely, did not want and now does not want to resolve this issue.

The course offered g - the number Putin, is the deadlock for our society. Most of political scientists in the performances call the simple people “wage labor“ which does not represent any force in society where the capital governs everything.

What situation developed in life of our society? Whether it is possible to call it revolutionary?

Proceeding from the Lenin theory of a social revolution, the revolutionary situation in this or that country is characterized by three signs:

1. “Tops cannot“. Cannot operate the country and carry out necessary transformations for the benefit of most of the people.

2. “Bottoms do not want“. In the country an extreme impoverishment of most of the population against aggravated all socially - economic contradictions in society. Bottoms do not want to live so more!

3. “Existence of revolutionary political party“ which could take the power in hand and carry out in the country necessary transformations for the benefit of all sectors of society.

The first two signs are just suitable for a situation which developed in our society. The third sign - existence of revolutionary political party which could transform Russia is not enough.

What we have? At the seeming multi-party system at us one “ruling“ party, party of “majority“. It is “ER“. And what percent of the population which goes to elections and votes, from the lump of the population? Somebody counted? And the majority of this mass of the population is for some reason sure that their voice solves nothing because results of elections will be all the same garbled.

People do not go to polling precincts. It is proved also by those numerous violations when individuals try to throw into ballot boxes some “left“ bulletins in support of candidates of “ER“. Therefore elections, thanks to remarkable lawmaking of “ER“, are always considered taken place irrespective of how many people came to vote. And after that, the main thing, it is possible to shout that “ER“ was supported by all Russia that it is political party which is supported by most of the population. Therefore we also have such results of political board.

And whether so it actually? And whose interests are protected by this party? And whether she bears responsibility for that socially - an economic situation which developed in the country so far? Responsibility for a liberalization course, for reforms which did not improve situation in society of most of the population?

Of course, she has to be responsible for everything that is not made. Stop lying!

The Communist Party and idea of socialism are completely discredited by a ruling clique, and those parties which function carry out an accurate task - to delay on themselves part of electorate at elections to ensure besides a victory of the present power that they with success also do. Also protects “ER“, first of all, interests of the bourgeoisie.

As for a revolutionary situation in the country, according to the Lenin theory of a social revolution, the third sign, new political party, idea of creation of “Popular front“ which purpose in association of political and public forces of the nation for the solution of the problems which collected in the country, is very tempting is not enough.

It is necessary to tell “thanks“ to old school of our education which gave us methodology estimates of these or those public events. It is possible to shout, accuse, be indignant and to say that it is “communism“ again. But it, misters, science. To find the answer and to give treatment to any public event, roots need to be looked for in production of goods. And even more precisely, in nature of production of goods. Under capitalism we have public nature of production and a private-capitalist form of assignment.

Therefore it was possible to ask once again mister Putin. And to whom it is favorable? Whose interests are protected by g - N Putin and to what class it is favorable? To wage labor? Of course, no! To the large capital? Yes! And once again “Yes“! That at least ten more years to profit, selling for “hillock“ the oil and gas which are our national property which belong to all people.

And in conclusion... All those who will get up on a platform of “Popular front“ want they it or not, will give the chance of the present power from their name again to shout before elections that “Popular front“ represents the interests of most of the people, represents the uniform union of political and public forces of modern society. As “ER“ is not “rolled“ any more as the party reflecting interests of all sectors of society, discrediting itself for all years of stay at the power by a rate and becomes on creation of an election platform of the present power which is called “Popular front“. The power also does not think of change of a present course. Manipulating public consciousness, it is very favorable to power to continue the same policy for the benefit of the large capital.

This scenario of pre-election race is most probable. But who knows what party and what leaders will be given preference on elections if all 100% of the population come to polling precincts. Time will tell!