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How sport changes an inner world?

When a little more than a year ago I began to be engaged in run on long distances, I also could not present as far as mentalen this at first sight absolutely uncommon sport. Run was considered by me as means of keeping fit no more. However several weeks later after the beginning of trainings, I am a prosekla the main counter: if you want to run 10 minutes, it is necessary to adjust itself at least on 20, you want to run half an hour - you adjust yourself at least for 40 minutes etc. And when through certain time you begin to feel fatigue, it is necessary to think of anything, but only not of it, it is necessary to convince mentally himself that you were not tired at all, and it is vigorous and full of strength (in spite of the fact that sometimes it happens absolutely not so). And this here the fight between me tired and me vigorous became for me a certain symbol of fight with herself, a certain internal constant resistance. In the beginning I could not run without stopping and five minutes, I hated run and several times wanted to finish trainings, but the more I was engaged in this sport, the more I understood as far as it begins to discipline me, learns to fight with BY ITSELF. I ran in - 5 and +35, one and with team, during a rain and during snow because it was NECESSARY to RUN. In half a year I could run for 70 - 80 minutes without stopping. And nearly a half of each of such jogs was continuous fight with by itself.

When today I am asked about my achievements, I can quietly put the fact that I learned to run, without stopping, in one row with FLEX - ohm and the Olympic Games and other things, obvious to the concept “achievements“. I did not achieve any progress in run, but when after a while I faced in life with if not similar, at least, with feelings, very similar to that resistance, I understood, this fight with itself is how terrible.

It is not terrible to be offended and humiliated.

is not terrible to be mocked and slandered.

is not terrible to be beaten, morally or physically.

is terrible to admit to itself something undesirable. it is terrible to

not to meet own expectations.

is terrible to make out the true essence. it is terrible to

to lose to ITSELF.