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Choice of profession: “reason“ or “feelings“?

the Graduation class - a hard time for each pupil. “Where to arrive? Whom to be? What examinations to take? And in general, what my mission in this life?“ - for certain these questions occur to each entrant.

Being a schoolgirl of the 11th class, I pressed in these hard reflections more than once. As it usually also happens, parents advised me one way, by all means perspective and profitable (in their opinion), friends and relatives had other manuals, and here the soul wanted something the third. Though - what to hide - long time and she could not define the desires and stubborn was silent.

What specialty to choose: that what it is perspective also for certain will bring in the income upon termination of higher education institution, or that which, perhaps, does not promise the moon, but is interesting and brings you pleasure? It is good when these two wishes are compatible in one profession, but agree, there will be talented, for example, mathematicians and biochemists not so much, and the concept “prospects“ is always given to exact sciences, progress does not stand still, especially in our twenty first century. Lawyers, doctors and teachers are necessary always, economists too not in offense, and here is how to be everything the rest?

I decided to conduct small survey among the schoolmates and familiar entrants. It was extremely simple: it was necessary to give preference to occupation by something perspective and profitable or to occupation by what is pleasant to you and well it turns out. Respectively, “occupation“ meant both the choice of specialty, and receipt in a certain higher education institution in general.

It is interesting that all interrogated almost unanimously made a choice for occupation which is pleasant and well turns out. However when I began to talk to my age-mates on this subject, it became clear that many arrive on a certain faculty, “because parents so want“, “because the brother / sister studies there“, or do not know at all where to them to arrive as do not consider themselves capable to pass certain examinations. It is remarkable that medical and technical specialties were the main parental recommendations.

We will return to poll. I did similar actions with the adults who for a long time graduated and found out that all persistently recommended to be engaged in what is perspective and it is profitable. Stories about the developing science, heavy time for economy of our country and own bitter experience were put to use. It to admit, upset me a little.

Results of this small “research“ set me thinking. Why my many age-mates are so not sure of the forces and abilities? Why they consider that it is necessary to do favorite thing, but arrive nevertheless in a different way? Why adults are so skeptical to possible desires of the children? Why the concepts “economy“ and “labour market“ have to dictate to us the terms, solve for us where it is worth arriving and where is not present?

Yes, it is unconditional, today the salary of the doctor in our country is less than oil industry worker, and the teacher much lags behind according to the income from the businessman, but there are such things as “talent“, “aspiration“, “desire“ and as it would be healthy if they were not depreciated by “economy“ and “labour market“! Eventually never late to arrive to study anew or to get second higher education …

If the desire to be engaged in something certain if there is an aspiration to improvement of the skills if from the nature there are abilities to this occupation if, as they say, the soul lies, then why not to go counter to prospects and profit is? The success comes then when you are engaged in business with love and interest.

Perhaps, it is my youthful maximalism, perhaps, extreme optimism, but this my sincere opinion and for this reason I decided to follow the desires, more precisely - to become the journalist.

Absolutely other problem - to find that profession which is interesting which will not bring disappointment, and entirely to realize it … at the age of 16-17 years when life experience leaves much to be desired.

Here any ekonomichesko - statistical data will not help, and everything depends only on you!