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And Fatherland smoke... to us it is sweet and pleasant? You Want

- believe, you want - no, but recently I had the most real inflow of patriotism. Whether Vina to that couple of questionnaires rejected by foreign universities, either the All-Russian Olympic Games, or the Victory Day, or active processing of all literary works of the school program - I do not know and the nobility especially I do not want.

What happened? Where my eternal cosmopolitism disappeared? Where mine “It is necessary to arrive abroad and that will do!“? The inner self in perplexity shrugs shoulders.

“MG“ is worse to admit, likely, the first thoughts it seems “And than “U of“?“ appeared during the All-Russian Olympic Games of school students when I understood that … I do not know the own country absolutely. When you meet a day ten people, and one of them of Rzhev, other of Magadan, the third of the Eagle, the fourth of Angarsk, involuntarily you understand that you have even no idea of where on the card there are these cities, without saying that you cannot visualize them. Though, the most terrible comes when you meet the person from Zeya, and you did not hear such name of the city in the life at all … The other day I was engaged in

which - what calculations and found out that I was in nine states of the USA and seven regions of the Russian Federation. And it is that at a ratio of the lived time 1 to 17! It is a shame. Oh, as it is a shame, you do not even represent.

Seven regions. And it, likely, not so hopelessly. There are people who further Moscow - St. Petersburg do not see anything and do not want (there is a favourite abroad). And is also such which, maybe, and would like to see, but cannot owing to financial problems.

Whether often you hear from acquaintances and friends “We depart to Turkey“, “We will spend holidays in Egypt“? I think, quite often. And whether you here heard sometime “We all family go in the summer to Volgograd“, or “We go to Vladivostok“?

Personally I had a huge desire to leave things in a suitcase, to take couple of friends and to go … did not, not to the Red Sea and where - nibud to Baikal, to Kaliningrad, or the Uhlan - Ude. Strange, isn`t that so?

Russia. Yes, we know that corruption that the democracy in quotes that eternal promises of bright future … “And for life the futures open broad lands for dream for us years“, is sung in one well-known composition. That`s it that “futures“, but never presents.

Nevertheless, is not present such fine that was not even more perfectly, and is not present such worthless that was not still dryanny as Fyodor Dostoyevsky told. On the other hand, the phrase which is repeatedly repeated to us on preexit orientation in front of the USA is remembered (I had chance to become the finalist of the program for an exchange of FLEX and for a year to go to America free of charge): “Not better, not worse - just different“. In my opinion, having connected these two quotes, it is possible to receive something, developing into truth. It is possible to look for long shortcomings, citing as an example both that, and it … Other countries and the states cardinally differ from our Russia, but that they it is not worse, it is not better than us. Just they are others. So there was a history, so there were circumstances and if someone is dissatisfied with something, it is not necessary to point a finger at others and to grumble, it is necessary to look for the discontent reasons first of all in himself.

One more certain parable heard by me not so long ago: the righteous person got to Heaven. Well in paradise: birdies, butterflies, florets. He started missing and went to excursion to hell, and there sex - drugs - fate - - a beater and other entertainments - it was pleasant to N. The righteous person returned to paradise and asked God to send it to hell. Went. Arrived, located. And there - that, appears, both coppers, and devils, and torments … It seems to

that somewhere “there“ it is good and remarkable, but real life “there“ not always such what seems. Tahrir is not Charm - Ale - the Sheikh though, in fact, all Egypt.

There is no paradise on Earth. So why not to look for paradise in most? Not to try to create it? Because, that “As it, I am one?“, “Yes I not will change nothing!“, “Yes I - that?“ sound too often, nothing occurs. And it is a pity.