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Housing for veterans. Care or public relations? The other day the central channels of television trumpeted

all over the country about new scandalous crime of heartless officials - in the Voronezh region is refused to the veteran of the Great Patriotic War provision of housing! The house - that at it is, and, seemingly, quite good. And the area meets standards. However there is neither water supply system, nor the sewerage that does accommodation in it for the person to whom the ninth decade, to put it mildly, inconvenient went. But how many the old soldier how many he addressed local authorities did not ask, nobody hurried to provide him housing. No, speak, the bases. The house meets the established standards. Here and all narration! The old man, tired of a bureaucratic arbitrariness, sent a premiere a parcel post the war decorations with written explanations of the motives which induced it to make it. The high administration charged to understand the this case. And (about a miracle!) everything twirled and started turning! Trial began! Mass media with feeling of the fulfilled duty declared that they concerning careless officials brought criminal case under the article “negligence“. Here will already get to them, bone and heartless, for the unsympathetic attitude towards the veteran! Their Atu, citizens! To a pillory! All other the science will be!

But wait to hoot. Let`s understand.

At once I want to make a reservation - I not against a reverent attitude to participants of war. Each of them, protecting our country, deserved the right for that this country was grateful to them (and in material and morally). Two of my grandfathers died at the front. Jars on me when people from turn in shop, having discontentedly writhed murlo towards the old man with war decorations on a breast, discontentedly grumble: “Veteran, pancake! Again forward climbs! And we stand!“ Yes not it has to climb, but we HAVE TO pass it forward!

What to speak about violation of the rights of veterans by the authorities … Sometimes it seems that only people without heart and conscience get to high offices. Not all, of course, but … Also they steal, and the benefits different, in circumvention of the law, receive. It is not a secret.

And now answer me and whether it is lawful (and whether morally) to provide any benefits in circumvention of the law? For example, purely properly it would be necessary to help the citizen, but there is no law proving this help. Whether the official can violate the law and give in this case help? What? Can? But then why to us laws? Let`s all issues resolve not from the point of view of the law, and from positions moral! However, morality at all different …

But we will return to our veteran. Everything is seemingly clear to

- there is a law “About Veterans“, there is a Decree of the President “About provision of housing for veterans of the Great Patriotic War of 1941 - 1945“. The same mass media with tears in a voice broadcast a year that EACH veteran will be given housing. But, alas, not everything is so simple.

the Decree Mentioned by me concerns not ALL veterans but only the living conditions NEEDING improvement!

The bases necessary for recognition of the citizen needing improvement of living conditions, are stated in article 51 of the Housing code of the Russian Federation:

1. The citizens needing premises … admit:

1) not being employers of premises under contracts of social hiring or members of the family of the employer of premises under the contract of social hiring by either owners of premises or members of the family of the owner of premises;

2) being employers of premises under contracts of social hiring or members of the family of the employer of premises under the contract of social hiring by either owners of premises or members of the family of the owner of premises and provided with the total area of premises on one member of the family of less registration norm;

3) living in the room which is not meeting the requirements established for premises;

4) being employers of premises under contracts of social hiring, members of the family of the employer of premises under the contract of social hiring or the owners of premises, members of the family of the owner of premises living in the apartment occupied by several families if as a part of a family there is a patient suffering from a severe form of a chronic disease at which cohabitation with it in one apartment is impossible and not having other premises occupied under the contract of social hiring or belonging on the property right. The list of the corresponding diseases is established by the Government of the Russian Federation.

2. In the presence the citizen and (or) members have his families of several premises occupied under contracts of social hiring and (or) belonging to them on the property right, determination of level of security with the total area of premises is carried out proceeding from the total total area of all specified premises

Interpretation of the requirements established for premises is given in the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of January 28, 2006 to No. 47 “About the adoption of the Provision on recognition of the room by premises, premises unsuitable for accommodation and an apartment house emergency and subject to demolition“, chapter 2. This head is very volume therefore I will bring only directly interesting us, in this situation, article:

“… 12. The premises have to be provided with engineering systems (an electric lighting, hozyaystvenno - drinking and hot water supply, water disposal, heating and ventilation, and in the installed gas areas as well gas supply). In settlements without the centralized engineering networks in one - and two-storeyed buildings lack of a water supply system and the canalized bathrooms is allowed …“

Attentively re-read the specified documents and you will understand that not the state grants to each veteran the right for free housing.

Leaves to the Voronezh veteran refused correctly?! From the point of view of the law - yes. But here purely properly it is a pity for him. whether

Is an exit from the situation?

One of them, in semi-hints, suggest the same mass media - to declare local officials in callousness, it is indicative them to castigate, and to provide housing to the veteran, despite of everything, only for humanity reasons. Pluses of this way are obvious - here, what we (journalists and the federal authorities) careful. To needs of each veteran we listen strictly in an individual order, sensitively, with all soul. Even the Law is ready to be violated for the sake of a justice celebration!

But where there the road is covered by good intentions? And? You remember?

Me in this situation not clear one - why to issue laws which, even if from good motives, originators have to break them? The law should or be observed always and everywhere, or not to publish in general. And that turns out: in words - one, in practice - another, and in special cases the highest forces can interfere and the third will turn out.

Here also soldiers of the Victory about a blank wall in search of justice fight. And others, housing having, just “adjust“ themselves to articles from codes and decrees - who will sell the apartment to relatives who refuses repair of housing. Motives are clear here - each old man has children, grandsons. Still nobody cancelled parental feelings.

But whether it seems to you that similar “maneuvers“ are simply humiliating for people who went forward in due time, without being bent, under bullets? What them, winners, just force to be humiliated?

There is also other way for establishment of justice and expression of gratitude to the people who bore horrors of the most bloody war in the history - to establish special requirements to living conditions for veterans. That there also obligatory existence of a water supply system, the sewerage, gas, proximity to policlinics, shops etc. was registered. Then there will be no affairs, similar to Voronezh. However, it is a long way. How many they will live until when our legislators would will be delivered of similar change of the law …

A better - simply to exclude from the presidential Decree of the word “… the living conditions needing improvement …“. And to leave simply - “veterans“. Yes, probably, not all participants of war live in the shabby houses which do not have elementary living conditions. At least, there is a wish to think so. So what. Let EACH veteran will receive the apartment. Not so them much, alas, remained. Let it, the veteran, and not especially needs her. Let he will receive it for children, grandsons. Put it how to dispose of this housing. Unless has no right of soldiers, defended happiness to live for all of us, on small, individual, happiness - to tell the close people: “This house I deserved in the war - live, the family“ …

But here, of course, expenses … And our country very much does not like to spend money, for old men especially.

Here also legislators between desire of popularity and unwillingness to pay rush about. Here also vague, unfair laws are born. And if something happens - the switchman will always be. Well, and journalists will go all out to present the country leaders in an aura of “guardians for the people“. Care of veterans - good public relations for all: both for the authorities, and for newspapers, and for TV. And even for veterans. However, in a case with them, not for all. Not everyone is capable to throw on official (in this case premier) a table sacred war decorations.

Not it is clear only whom and why we deceive …