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Whether really to earn from partner programs? The wizard Abdurrahman has

all frankly and without deception!

“Aga, shchaz - z - z, we know these wizards!“ Approximately so we react when someone wants to draw our attention. The third law of Newton works smoothly - any action is equal to counteraction. And the stronger we will be invited, the stronger in us the feeling will grow that before us the next scam.

The nature of this phenomenon lies in our life experience. Because any of us at least once in the life fell a victim of advertizing slogans and appeals which are formed so that to influence our weaknesses and emotions. Here they, and to finish these words and phrases which are urged to convince us, but often render opposite effect. “Free of charge“ - well, here everything is clear. “Discounts“ - are associated with expired products and to nobody unnecessary goods. “We will return you money“ - details of terms of return are written by such small print that not to do without magnifying glass. “Bonuses and gifts“ - same “discounts“, only in a profile.

What to do and how then to sell?

It is necessary to explain honestly the reason of such unknown generosity, trying to conceal nothing at the same time. Why the majority of partner programs so badly works? Any idea brings in the maximum income only at the very beginning of the birth. Then learn more and more about it, process of copying and replication begins, respectively, value is lost. Approximately, as the new movie - the main money at a premiere, then sale of DVD and further it is free on a torrent - a tracker.

The biggest plus of partner programs (for the author) that to all who decided to earn from a partnerka with it it becomes unprofitable that the goods got to open access. Why all urge to become absolutely free partners, promising at the same time nearly a half of the profit? Because the more to the people, the probability of emergence of a product in free access is less. Not therefore whether now where spit - you will get to the partner?

You remember MMM and Lenya Golubkov: “There is no brother, I am not a cheapskate, I am a partner!“ From here and association: the partner - the cheapskate. And who at us loves cheapskates? “Hrenushki to it, see, that udumat, wanted to profit on me“, - reaction of the majority to attempt to anyway bring us to pressing of the referalny reference.

One more counter of a partnerka is that one of indispensable conditions is that you cannot buy goods according to the reference that automatically would mean that having become the partner, you acquired the right to buy goods at a discount. Then others will be able to make the same and why then in general the partner program is necessary? There are legal ways to buy goods cheaper, but they are not too convenient - a pooling of funds. It is possible to receive also a discount and cost to divide into all. But it needs to be found still the same sufferers, and at the same time that all participants were conscientious and decent.

I reflected over all this, and I gave rise one more idea which I also submit for general discussion... This idea is not new, but in partner programs of infobusiness I did not meet it yet.

Via the website or the blog it is advertized in what will be returned to the one who will buy goods on an affiliate link into the account of 50% of the sum of partner remuneration (the size of percent depends on a measure of your greed). It is idea. All the rest - technical details. The main thing - the choice only the reliable and checked sellers valuing the reputation.

How you think whether it is real?