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Health of a backbone. What can be simpler?

Ancient thinkers noticed that ingenious - is simple. In this respect and the Russian proverb exists: “The more simply - the better“.

The law of Simplicity in the sphere of equipment, art and design is applied long ago and widely. We will try to apply the Law of simplicity to health of a backbone. How to apply its rules for finding and an assessment of the physical health? Let`s begin one after another.

1. The rule of evidence

Simplicity in evidence which consists in faultless logic: the reason - a consequence - a conclusion - the decision - result. We can understand and accept that it is obvious to us. If we cannot find the true reason and understand prichinno - investigative communications, then it is impossible to draw a right conclusion and to make the correct decision. The incorrect decision can prevent to realize plans and will take away from the purpose. The correct decision if it is clear and nothing prevents to apply it, conducts us to a goal.

In other words, simplicity is a common sense. In development of the body this rule also works.

2. The rule of application of knowledge

of Knowledge facilitate our life. However not all knowledge is useful. If knowledge of improvement of health, change of a way of life, collecting, is not put into practice - they litter the head, and the body suffers from it. It is possible to be the doctor of traditional medicine and the Encyclopaedist in the field of nonconventional methods of improvement, but at the same time to suffer from a bunch of diseases (sometimes interconnected among themselves by one reason of emergence). Why such knowledge is necessary? It is speculative it is impossible to solve “mine - not mine“. Only having applied, it is possible to estimate - we need this new knowledge whether it is true or it it is better to forget. This rule helps with decision-making.

3. The rule of result

Applying the previous rules, we move to the purpose step by step with understanding that at once and all it is impossible to receive. Our organism - a wildlife element, inertial in the habits. Revolutionary changes are impossible here even if they entirely positive. If to the unexercised person to suggest to train according to the program of the Master of Sports, it is easy to be traumatized - both physical, and emotional. Only step by step from simple to difficult, with the first to the last step counting forces and loading, we move to the purpose not to withdraw ahead of time.

For certain you know why there is scoliosis, osteochondrosis, arthrosis, osteoporosis, radiculitis! Why neck pains, headaches and dizzinesses... chronic fatigue and a hypertension with stenocardia (and they are related to our subject).

Our purpose - to warn, stop or win against diseases oporno - the motive device and it is warm - vascular system.

Let`s apply rules of the Law of simplicity here and now!

We find out the reason diseases, and it turns out that in life we carry out the volume of movements insufficient for human nature. At the same time we seek to make them with the minimum muscular expenses. If still somehow we move a trunk, then with a neck the situation is absolutely poorly. Let`s tell for this “thanks“ to the computer and the car! As a result the bearing, gait, health suffers, pains develop. If someone tries to object that it does not affect confidence, appeal and many other important things - throw into me a stone …

Has to open a small, but unpleasant secret that illusions did not spoil a real picture: telodvizheniyv and at work we do the majority to life incorrectly! It is connected with weakness of one groups of muscles and intensity in others. Undeveloped muscles do not allow to execute a certain movement, and strained - interfere with it. And the movements adapt to a condition of muscles. “Unnecessary“ muscles weaken even more and will atrophy, and together with them and joints. Not at once, with age. Besides, badly owning muscles, we are not able to relax them. And the backbone should adapt, be bent - the bearing is broken, scoliosis, and then osteochondrosis develops. The further scenario is defined by the individual`s nature.

the Consequence

Can care differently about health, but if to forget about active types of leisure and entertainments regularly - sport, dances, swimming, mountaineering, skis... (sex is not counted - it is natural need of a reproduction), that body will remain infantile at the level of school lessons physical - ry which both boys, and little girls try to pass under any pretext. And in adulthood, in every possible way avoiding physical activity, we seek to facilitate any work by means of various technical innovations. It is not always justified from the point of view of common sense and health of a backbone.

You should not go for months on clinics in search of the truth and to spend terribly earned on medical services and drugs. The medicine is capable to survey and treat very long, but is not too effective. And as a result, except us, nobody is interested. There process of treatment is more important, insurance companies transfer money for it to medical institutions. For treatment, but not for result. Pharmaceutical industry is glad to offer drugs for every taste and a purse in vast scales. You not aspire to it?

In due time tried to order to muscles to hold a bearing, it is correct to lift weights, to bend down and rise. Absolutely useless occupation... In - the first, the order works while the head is free from thoughts and cares, in - the second, infantile muscles are incapable even with the participation of a clever brain to hold the correct system.

the Conclusion

Only after on itself experienced effect of occupations by improving aerobics and yoga, understood Truth which to impossibility is banal.

The healthy back is good! And as it is fine such to have! The strong muscles, joints and vessels accustomed to loadings are capable to save from injuries and to protect at the peak stressful moment. And for young women, future mothers, the strong backbone is a basic vital necessity on which not only the result of childbirth and birth of the healthy baby, but also wellbeing of a family in general can depend.

Here we also came to the decision on need to develop and strengthen muscles of a backbone, dressing it in an active muscular corset. To warn, stop and even to cure diseases of a backbone, muscles, joints perhaps thanks to occupations by dances, sport or physical culture on a regular basis - and only! Thereby the bearing, health, sexuality and other necessary qualities will appear as result the made efforts.

You do not trust? Check! Begin to be engaged in physical exercises, applying rules of the Law of simplicity! Select those which suit you for the mood, a state or feelings. Be it aerobics, dances, yoga, occupations martial arts, exercise machines, the pool - not to list everything. Try everything that you consider interesting and necessary.

It can be a combination of sports and leisure which will give synergetic effect in physical development. For example, aerobics and swimming: aerobics gives trains heart, muscles, and swimming well weakens. Fencing develops balance and promotes concentration, and volleyball speeds up breath, work warmly - vascular system, trains an ankle, develops a spring ability and command qualities. Yoga and acrobatics, yoga and dances, karate and dances...

The movement is life and the best rest from study, from mental and monotonous work. Physical exercises promote not only to development of a body, but also the improved food of a brain. Long ago it is known that harmoniously developed people are bright and active. Besides, they healthier also are more balanced than those who are engaged in nothing because during occupations and trainings with then there are toxins and excess hormones.

Begin and be engaged! It is obligatory and regular! What it is simpler?