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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on May 14 - 15? “Brave pepper“, etc.

the Forthcoming cinema Wick - and promises to be very poor. Any loud, advertized film premieres and by quantity this week - one of the most modest. Among five debutants - the failure parody tape “Brave Pepper“, the Australian romantic tape “I Love You Too“, the South Korean erotic thriller “Servant“, the Russian melodrama “Thirty Seventh Novel“ and the Spanish drama “Everything That You Want“. And now is more detailed:

1. “Brave pepper“ (Your Highness, 2011)

It is well-known that the parody - a thin genre. One business to rivet rather stupid, but pathos historical boyevichok with Russell Crowe or Kevin Costner`s participation. And absolutely another - is a lot of over this subject to mock. Americans in general hardly perceive parody tapes, preferring humour rectilinear like an arrow. Or they lack offscreen laughter of sitcoms. Here I find it difficult to render a right verdict.

David Gordon Green - far Did not sweep Brooks, and therefore his comedy delicacy against medieval scenery in the homeland was marked by unpleasant figures following the results of monthly hire. Creators “Brave pepper“ did not manage even to pay back half the creation that was promoted much by an adult rating of jokes which half is lower than a belt, and a half - below a plinth.

Rather known for the picture “Pineapple express: I sit, I smoke“ (2008), Greene without a moment`s hesitation dragged in Danny McBride and James Franco`s new opus, having assigned them leading roles, on an equal basis with charming Natali Portman. The fantasy at Greene turned out flashing, visually rich and places really ridiculous. And the fact that the human nature forces the main character, the lazy prince (McBride) to think of female delights more often, than of the crusade purposes against the angry magician - the wizard, so it, friends, life salt. Not in body stockings to it to dream of men, the truth?

2. “I too love you“ (I Love You Too, 2010)

Thanks of the Top Film Distribution company for the fact that I found on open spaces of the evergreen continent to nobody for the known tape about love falsities. Australians not only export talents to Hollywood (Mel Gibson, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Nichole Kidman), but also sometimes shoot film. However, considering that more and more - less necessary performers already left the continent, it is necessary to work with those that stayed at home.

“I love too you“, despite the lack of familiar faces, narrates about history which is old as the world. The young man is not able to express the feelings, three years meeting the girl and having never made a declaration of love to her. By itself, the young lady bothered to ambush, and she decided to accelerate the course of events, having left the beloved with a nose and uncombed soul. Now, not without the aid of loyal friends (the same unaccomplished lady`s men, as well as he), the main character should make efforts to return the girlfriend - the fugitive. Works by the principle - “to make well, it is necessary to make badly, and then to return as was“.

3. “Servant“ (Hanyo, 2010)

Koreans - they are such inventors. At them everything is serious. It to you not Jackie Chan with his grimaces in style a shelter - faugh and not the Japanese preferring to build violence and shock to a pedestal. They have Koreans people thin, sensual natures, and cinema corresponding. Upas me God to row all on one comb, but it is difficult to challenge the fact that the Korean cinema is original and comes under very weak outside influence. What, by the way, to our domestic film figures should learn.

To them San SU removed “The empire of feelings“ with the alternative final. Perhaps, comparison of “Servant“ with a masterpiece Nagisa Osima will seem to someone farfetched, but, you see, and there, and here on the agenda the difficult and frightening relations of the servant and owner. “The shouting cruelty“ - here is how one of film critics who watched it at a last year`s Cannes Film Festival commented on the movie. And the truth is a lot of naturalism, eroticism and frankness in a tape. Cinema not for all and not for everyone, in peak to deliberately emasculated “Main instinct“ and one hundred - another of the American thrillers telling that the love is not only blossoming roses, but also sharp thorns.

4. “The thirty seventh novel“ (2010)

would advise

Ya to authors of a slogan to Grigor Gyardushyan`s movie (“This movie can be not watched. But, having looked once, it is necessary to reconsider again …“) to leave only the first offer. But authors in modesty were not noticed therefore the viewer most should find out, this statement is how right.

That to your obedient servant, viewing of a trailer to the movie vividly reminded me advertizing inserts of the Russia TV channel which is monthly cloning series from which one names turns off cheekbones. “Poor Nastya“, “Carmelite“, “Healing by love“, “Will be once love“, “She-wolf“, “Varenka“, “Efrosinya“... I do not know how you, I to the similar opuses brainwashing TV viewers of our country, treat with permanent disgust. Of course, I can be mistaken about the next creation of the author of the “sensational“ tapes “Rud and Sam“ and “Characters for Men“ (somebody contemplated these “masterpieces“?) but from a position of experience and knowledge which I have I see sophisticated torture of a brain in this tape.

5. “Everything that you want“ (Todo lo que tu quieras, 2010)

Rather worthy viewing the tape of Spaniard Achero Manyas will leave in Russia, alas, only in limited hire. Without pathos and idiotic slogans the tape will tell about the human tragedy which is really touching soul when the father of the little girl who lost mother tries to return to the baby mother in every way. Let also in a little extravagant way. The successful businessman Leo is forced evenings to change clothes in women`s clothing and to play a role that though for a short time to restore the balance which is roughly broken by forces of nature.

The future days off at cinema will pass under the sign of love, in all its manifestations, from comical to tragic. In the absence of the engaged, expected projects, the viewer should be content with small. The person interested to feel the superiority before the western public in perception of humour, I advise to visit sessions of the razzing parody “Brave Heart“. The romantic spirit will be surely lifted by the Australian passions in the melodrama “I Love You Too“. For a narrow circle of admirers of Asian cinema viewing of “Servant“ is obligatory.

As usual, the small calm in film distribution prepares the soil for two, undoubtedly, profitable projects which start in the second half of May. It is about long-awaited return to the screen of the captain Jack Sparrow (“Pirates of the Caribbean Sea: On strange coast“ - at cinema since May 18) and the fluffy expert on single combats (“A shelter - faugh the Panda 2“ - at cinema since May 26).