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How to save up for dream?

of Dream happen different. Fortunately for us, some of them can be bought. As a rule, except buy option, there are also other options (we will tell, the world can be seen, having got a job the volunteer in the international charitable organization), but about them - another time. Time dream remains dream, but not a pleasant memories, so there are no necessary funds for its purchase. And with it it is necessary to do something.

On this subject the set of books, however not all readers of these, undoubtedly is written, useful materials improve the financial position. Perhaps, a problem here that there is a wish for everything and at once, and the majority of councils are counted on long-term implementation of certain rules. Perhaps, a problem in not adaptedness of the western editions to the Russian realities. Anyway, I read decent amount of similar materials for the last year, created a certain motley crew and forced - it to work. Perhaps, my experience is useful to someone else.

So, it is possible to increase quantity of money in two ways:

1) to earn more;

2) to spend less.

I will begin with the second point as the simplest. And however, no, nearly forgot the most important... Transformation of dream into the purpose! It is absolutely senseless to refuse to itself something today, without having a clear aim. If you decided to save up any quantity of money, you first of all should decide on why you do it and what sum you want to reach. The answer to a question “why“ in the presence of dream it is simple to formulate. The sum is important for this purpose that you could estimate the progress and to see how next unnecessary expenditure alienates you from the desirable. Eventually the purposes and the sum can change, but it is important to imagine accurately them in any randomly the taken timepoint.

When you decide on the purpose, visualize it. Imagine that you reached it - as your life changed? Dare to present all that pleasure in trifles that you receive from achievement of this purpose. It`s a go? Now, when you have a vector and positive motivation, it is possible to turn to questions of economy .

1. Make the budget for month.

Write out all the estimated income and expenditure in advance. Surely allocate yourself the reasonable sum for those types of entertainments to which got used. If you sharply in them limit yourself, then will feel lowering of the level of life and will almost inevitably break.

2. Write down all the expenditure.

Now the set of programs for maintaining home accounts department exists. Choose what will be pleasant to you, and write down all the expenditure, even cheap, in different categories. At the end of the month you will be able to look where your money and, in - the first leaves, to correct the budget for the next month, and in - the second, to understand what it is possible to save on.

3. Make the plan of accumulation. Define

(having compared the income and expenses from the made budget) how many you will be able to postpone in a month - a minimum and a maximum. It is possible to take 10% of the income for the minimum assessment - it is considered that it is that sum which can be postponed without serious consequences. Write out for several months ahead how many at you it will be postponed money at the minimum and maximum level of replenishment (still just summarize). It will allow to see when it is possible to count on achievement of your purpose. Also it will stimulate to aspire to the best option.

4. The saved money has to be inviolable.

Never spend what is already postponed. On a case of unforeseen circumstances it is better to get a credit card (one!) at a pay completely to repay debt. If you begin to climb in fund of accumulation, it will be difficult to stop.

5. Remember more often why all of you do it.

Dream before going to bed, draw, get an album with photos of places which you want to visit... Anything if only know that the economy is not eternal and that it - not mockery at itself, and touched on quite concrete and real future.

6. Before buying something expensive, let yourself time think.

If purchase is not necessary (that, we will honestly tell, happens seldom), properly think before to make it. Let`s tell, for each one thousand rubles add day on to think. It will allow to eliminate sudden rushes of a shopogolizm.

7. Do not disdain sales, but also you do not fall their victim. with

Before buying something expensive, look - and whether is not present in the next shop (or in the Internet - shop) at discounts for these goods. However, having incidentally got on sale, you remember: two useless things in the half-prices - it is infinite more expensively, than zero useless things.

8. Do not wait for fast results. you made

the plan of accumulation, the truth? Every time when seems to you that all this is useless and does not work, spy in it and define how far you already passed.

Economy - it is good. The economy allows without special changes of a way of life and with little effort to save up the necessary sum. However, if you want to achieve the objectives quicker, it is worth paying attention to other way to receive more money: to earn more . It can be made, besides, in several simple ways:

1. Investments.

putting money in an envelope, enclose them. The easiest and not profitable way - the deposit in bank. It is the best of all to choose recharged with the rigid term and capitalization of percent. By means of the deposit it is possible to block inflation, but usually - no more than that.

A little more profitable and a little more risky way to invest money are bonds. Noticeably more profitable and noticeably more risky - actions. The potential profit is higher, the risk is, as a rule, higher. Something similar to golden mean in an arsenal of financial instruments are mutual funds. They allow to diversify an investment portfolio - to be enclosed in different actions and bonds minimizing risks. Additional plus of mutual funds is that the professionals who are drawing interest from profit operate money and therefore is blood in this profit interested.

However keep in mind: the notable profit at game on stocks and bonds can be received only at long-term investments (somewhere of a year). At the same time in the short term it is quite possible even to lose a little on money. If you are frightened by thought of risk, do not fray to yourself nerves better and use the deposit. And anyway do not forget to update the plan of accumulation taking into account estimated profit.

2. Side job.

It is possible, your hobby can bring in you the income? Or loading at work is small and it is possible to take additional projects in native firm or on the party?

3. To promote / change the place of work. If you the current place of work, perhaps does not arrange

, it is worth thinking of searches new - whether it be a new position or other company. Anyway, will not prevent to make the list of the fact that it is necessary to make to reach the desirable. To master the new tool, to descend on advanced training courses, to learn English, to successfully finish several projects, to write the summary... When the purposes are formulated and steps are defined, it becomes easier to move forward.

4. To arrange “garage sale“. the Garage for this purpose is not necessary to

at all. It is necessary: to sort the saved-up property and to honestly admit to itself that the part it in any way is not used by you. Something can be sold, to present something, - to give something on charity. As a result you receive the cleared-away updated space for life and the small, but pleasant single income.

There is still a set of the trifles helping to achieve the. Everyone builds the system, goes the way to success. The main thing - to begin. Begin today - and it is possible, in several months you will look back and be surprised to how your life changed. I here am surprised somewhere since February. Did not bother yet.