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Negative - norm of life or a way of change of consciousness?

Ya specially I will not begin to write anything about bad that even the word not to remind of its existence. And so there is too much negative, it surrounded us, put the mass of barriers to contact with fine, positive, iridescent and kind.

How to learn to enjoy life under any circumstances, to solve problems of others, and not to create the at all, to be always favourite and dear, healthy and cheerful, beautiful and clever, capable or talented, lucky and successful, kind and tender, gentle and careful, pleasant in communication and perfectly looking, to have the developed sense of humour and to be cheerful, even when it is sad at heart, to trust most and that believed you and in you, to be friendly and goodhearted, sympathetic and virtuous, decent and honest, to get rid of addictions, envy and hypocrisy. How to be souchastny to a grief and trouble of others, but not to lose courage most, to be unshakable, impartial, disinterested and self-sufficient, hardworking and to have strong character, will, aspiration, independence...

Yes somehow so, approximately: not to take everything very much to heart, not to watch bad transmissions, news, not to listen to bad forecasts, bad music, not to read unnecessary and bad books, magazines, newspapers, not to be on friendly terms and not to communicate with defective, angry, harmful, envious, blood-thirsty fans of horror films, fighters. Not to have in the environment of compulsive gamblers, vlastolyubets, fools, spiritless, nothing interested and not interesting, losers and goofs-off. To avoid embittered, there are no boors, ribalds, with them sense to fight or try osech, they need isolation from your attention and reaction, then they will understand the lameness and uselessness and will try to be similar to you. But at them it will hardly turn out to make it as quickly as to you, you know what you want, and they yet - are not present.

To love and protect the nature, beautiful and beloveds, children, the family, true friends and girlfriends, to be ready to self-sacrifice for the sake of them.

Not to forget about sense of proportion in everything, not to forget good, made to you ever anyone, not to have debts, to keep only good memories and experiences in soul. To admire, enjoy, rejoice to all and to attract everything that does you though is a little happier. To fall in love, be on friendly terms, to communicate, be engaged in creativity, to dance, sing, play, draw, to listen. To smile, laugh, be surprised, to move, change more a situation, to leave, depart, run away from all negative that tries to surround you. To be uttered, satisfied, be cleared spiritually and physically.

If all - at you is bad mood or trouble, or perhaps even a grief, not to go in cycles in it, to switch the consciousness to the events preceding it with a positive sign, to remember or think about good that it was connected with this person or with you. Do not lower hands, the hopelessness does not exist, except as in your consciousness which got confused and upset with negative circumstances place correctly accents, sending your thoughts and thoughts to the necessary positive course.

You look in a mirror only when you are pleasant to yourself, you will feel it, smile to it, and it to you will answer the same, as well as people you people around. Bear pleasure and good mood, kind words, affairs and acts to the world. Be loaded with energy of space, nature, belief, love. Never lose hopes. The end something is always the beginning of the following stage. Perfection does not have a limit if to avoid significant obstacles in its way. Try not to be mistaken in chosen, and to you it will be rendered on your merits.

Try to make happy as much as possible people throughout your life. People are often helpless in the solution of difficult questions because they to it were not taught. However, from the majority there is no demand also.