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How in traffic police extort a bribe by means of a photoshop and what needs to be done in such situation?

Near the road are established the camera fixing the passing cars. The photo from this chamber is transferred to the closest post of traffic police. On this post “the employee who is very advanced“ processes a car photo in a photoshop, adding that in strict legal language departure on the strip intended for oncoming traffic“, and in language of simple motorists “crossing double continuous is called ““. Or not double, but from it is not easier at all if you did not make it at all.

But the proof - here it, the photo of your car. Traffic regulations are roughly violated. Punishment is severe. For “crossing double continuous“ part 4 of article 12. 15 The Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offences provides “deprivation of the right of control of vehicles for a period of four about six months, and in case of fixing of an administrative offense the special technical means working in the automatic mode having functions photo and filmings, videos or means photo and filmings, videos - imposing of an administrative penalty of five thousand rubles.“. And the veiled proposal of the inspector who stopped the car “to disperse in an amicable way …“

Most often makes such “the advanced feint“ in the summer in resort areas. Stop private traders with registration plates of other regions. Money at hurrying for rest is, time, on the contrary, just barely enough, here and drivers the world prefer “to divorce“ the dishonest traffic inspector.

And how to be protected from it? The most effective means from such falsification - the video recorder. If it is, it is safely possible to speak: “At me the video recorder is installed in the machine. I am sure that I did not make such violation. We can watch video from a start of motion before you stopped our car“. By the way, if you have uncommon actor`s abilities, it is possible to take the inspector “on a show off“ even if the car is not equipped with the video recorder, having told that the route was fixed and having threatened to complain of the inspector “where follows“. Office forgery (namely such violation is made by the inspector of traffic police in the case under consideration) - quite heavy violation, and hardly the inspector will risk the lucrative job if he sees rested, ready to prove the case of the driver.

One more nuance. Naturally, “add“ to your car at all not that site of the road where there is a chamber. Therefore, some autotravellers, having seen a chamber, press the atlas of highways opened on the corresponding site of the road to a windshield. Then it is directly told about it to the inspector. Other means to prove forgery very much and very difficult.

Well and universal council. Follow traffic regulations. The confidence in the correctness is extremely important in such here situations. Show that you are ready to defend the correctness up to the end. In case of illegal actions of staff of traffic police (before drawing up the protocol), it is possible to address to divisions of own safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of subjects of the Russian Federation, or control - preventive divisions of traffic police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and after drawing up the protocol it is possible to appeal against its legitimacy in prosecutor`s office.