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Than the homophobia is terrible?

more than once wrote About it, but I think that it is worth writing about similar things again and again. Because if after each such article at least one person will reflect and will become though is a little more tolerant - it is worth it. I Will begin

with the fact that the homophobia can be open and hidden.

There are fanatics who consider that homosexuals should be destroyed, and do not hesitate to declare it. Like this thought, it is serious: to destroy. To kill. Only for the fact that the person loves the person of the floor. In Russia such, according to poll Levada - the center in 2010, 4%. That is approximately as much, how many homosexuals. And some of them not only speak, but also act. But about it a bit later.

Except absolutely frank fanatics there are many people, not ready to go to beat to someone a muzzle, but nevertheless considering homosexuality as an illness, a harmful deviation, an infection, a whim... It and the parents speaking to the daughter - the lesbian that her eight-year relations with the partner - nonsense and is frivolous and when already she sees reason and will marry. It and the companies of teenagers deriding the boys staring at other boys or even just tastefully dressing. It and the inhabitants who are contemptuously sniffing and considering that homosexuals have to be more silent than water and is lower than a grass, and should not let someone know what they are orientations at all.

Whether you know what is created in the world efforts of homophobes? I will list some facts from among those that terrify personally me.

School students kill with themselves from - for sneers of peers.

this year in the USA the wave of suicides among school students reached such scales that in reply to it on the Internet there passed the wave of video messages of “It gets better“ from people as known, and not really, all skin colors, age, sex and orientations.

of the Man - homophobes force open lesbians “to correct“ their orientation.

From recent widely sensational rapes - rape 13 - the summer girl in the Republic of South Africa. Terrifies not only the fact that someone in general managed to guess it. Terrifies also that it is not an isolated case.

with of Murder because of hatred - alas, “to kill all gays“ for some not mere words.

People die alone because those with whom they lived, maybe, all life in love and a consent are not let to them in hospital - according to the law, their relations are not called in any way and are not relatives.

the Children born in same-sex couples become orphans and get to the state shelters when the biological parent - according to the law, the second parent for the child - nobody dies.

the Teenagers who admitted to parents the orientation sometimes are literally on street , in the power of loneliness, drugs and criminal gangs - conservative parents are convinced that homosexuality - a shame and a perversion.

In the countries where homosexuality still is considered a crime, those of 4% of society live all life in fear and misfortune, forced to hide and suppress important part of . all this

I it is still possible and widespread because the most part of society closes eyes to these phenomena. And it too homophobia.

The separate grief is caused that the Christian church which it seems as has to preach and distribute Jesus`s doctrine about love actively extends and maintains hatred and lack of tolerance - and very few people see in it a contradiction. As well as very few people do distinction between lust and love, for some reason a priori carrying all attitudes of same-sex partners towards the first category. And taking into account a context lust is condemned that in Shabby that in New Precepts. Lust, not love.

Sometimes defenders of LGBT - communities adduce such argument in conversation with the homophobe: “Present that your friend was a gay / lesbian. Really you will begin to hate it only from - for it how you hate abstract homosexuals?“. And usually the homophobe answers something in the spirit of: “It cannot be. Among my friends such is not present and if suddenly it appears, then why it in general is necessary?“. To think just right of what such people understand as friendship.

Homosexuality is not an illness (see the international classifications of mental diseases) and does not assume violence. Children raised in same-sex couples are homosexuals not more often than children raised in heterosexual couples. The LGBT - community does not demand for itself any exclusive political rights, any odds, any special privileges.

So from where in general the homophobia undertakes? Reflect, and it is possible, to you it will become terrible too.