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“Kirlian`s effect“ of

Semyon Davidovich Kirlian (on February 20, 1898 - on April 4, 1978) - the genius of domestic science, the developer of technology and the creator of the first device for shootings electro - the magnetic radiation of live and lifeless objects, the Honored inventor of the USSR.

Semyon Davidovich Kirlian was born in Ekaterinodare (Krasnodar) in a large Armenian family. From a school bench of Semyon interested everything that is connected with electricity, his dream was to be learned on the electrician. But in time, heavy for the country, it at youthful age, without having got educations, it was forced to work to help the father to support a large family.

In 1923 S. D. Kirlian marries the young journalist Valentina Hrisantovna Lototskaya who began to participate in realization of all subsequent ideas of the husband, inspiring him on new opening.

S. D`s works are known. Kirlian on receiving artificial diamonds from usual sugar in the conditions of a high pressure in a sealed container, the works devoted to development and designing of the typographical electric furnace for production of fonts, the magnetic device on purification of grain, the device for heat treatment of the preserved products etc.

But the most sign for spouses becomes 1939 when the case rushed into their biography its majesty ““. During this period S. D. Kirlian works as the engineer on adjustment of medical electric equipment. Once owing to working malfunctions there was a short circuit, and he suddenly saw that his hands glow in the dark in the electromagnetic field. Inquisitive mind of the scientist could not pass by a new interesting phenomenon, and it begins together with the spouse a series of scientific experiments on receiving such luminescence, using various objects. Along with it, possessing the highest working capacity, S. D. Kirlian aims to design the device for shooting of a luminescence. The ordinary coin at which placement to the electromagnetic field of high frequency, the print of the sliding category was recorded was the first photographed object.

Once absolutely unexpectedly for herself during such shootings S. D. Kirlian finds out that the crown of a luminescence of a wood leaf from a sick plant significantly differs from a leaf luminescence from a plant healthy. Besides, fingers of hands of sick and healthy people shine differently too! And, time it so, therefore, it is possible to carry out early diagnosis of different diseases, to reveal signs of a psychological overload, to obtain data on properties of various industrial materials. These opening are considered to be as the beginning of a new era kirlionik now.

Then these phenomena caused a big stir in the press and, the scientific and shoroky community, but authors of opening did not gain due recognition during lifetime. Despite it, spouses Kirlian continue the scientific researches in the field of an elektrografiya, trying to finish the begun researches.

In the last years of life it was entrusted to S. D. Kirlian to head the Krasnodar NPK “Saturn“, and in 1974, it receives a rank of the Honored inventor of the republic. The phenomenon to which studying spouses devoted all the life is known to this day as effect Kirlian. Today effect Kirlian finds application in medicine, cosmetology, psychology, different industries, criminalistics, agriculture and in many other fields of knowledge and activity that does him by the irreplaceable partner of modern mankind.


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