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How to find the style? About where the place to “leopard“ of

to Emphasize a tochenost and seducement of legs by means of new stockings … To dress an effective dress and to skillfully draw the new person … To conjure a couple of hours in front of the mirror to represent a hairdress in “easy negligence“ style … Not to forget about a drop of the stupefying spirits and a royal bearing …

Daily millions of women are performed by similar magical rituals with own shape, trying to give it a shred of charm and a charm, changing itself and in a magic way changing surrounding space. They want to enjoy the reflection, to be pleasant to men and to cause easy envy in women …

But, unfortunately, not everyone manages all this. The era of pathos and a glamour which held on several years managed to implant strongly in the heads of many girls and women the representations about “fine“ and “ugly“. Proposing the simple solutions which are allegedly helping to find the desired brightness and originality she carried out huge crowds of girls on the road of averaging and a depersonalization. Having in passing sung of status “slippers“ with a red sole from Blahnik and zaveshchav several templates in the form of excessive suntan, abundance of spangles, pastes and “animal“ prints.

Meanwhile it is interesting to not everyone (or simply bothered) to go on well familiar and blazed tracks. Such people want to learn to select and mix carefully “ingredients“, to skillfully add “seasoning“ and to invent own exotic “recipes“. Generally, to seize those bases which will help with search and formation of such irreplaceable thing as style. And the following decisions can help with this pleasant business: Be engaged in

in shopping

you Should not grin skeptically. This time you will pass by the market, favourite shop or nice boutique and will turn in bookstore. To refresh knowledge, to liquidate in them gaps and to find, than to be inspired, you will be able by studying of the illustrated encyclopedias devoted to fashion. As an alternative it is possible to buy works of domestic or foreign fashion designers and historians of fashion. Among them you can choose the editions devoted to history of a suit, psychology of color and kinds of styles. The last is especially useful. As, besides taste development, allows to learn to predict change of tendencies on fashionable “Olympus“. you Study

at masters

Try to go to exhibitions more. Having visited classics of painting, go to the hall of the modern art or to theater. Actively joining to fine, you not only throw an excess coin in “moneybox“ of the erudite, but also learn to notice as artists try to obtain an organic combination of flowers on the cloths. And visit of performances perfectly develops esthetic perception and intuition. All this in total provides the extensive field for successful search of new ideas.

Get out to the nature

Or at the worst organize pleasant “live“ corners at home. Anyway contemplation of natural beauty allows to give rest to eyes, develops attentiveness, allows to understand what it is “color“ and “form“, opens new sides of shades, learns to perceive the world “wider“, more thoughtfully, to feel more sharply. Then gradually the understanding comes that beauty can be found even in the most ordinary things, in simplicity and naturalness, and not just in vulgar sandals under “leopard“ and in Lurex.

Violate rules effortlessly

Certainly, I do not urge you to rush in an extreme, to copy Zhanna Aguzarova`s shape or to construct on the head “star“ as at Verki Serdyuchki. To you anyway not to keep up with these icons of fashion.

Be not afraid to play with different styles, to combine colors and to look for unexpected decisions. Combine fabrics with the different invoice and you are not lazy once again to consider by means of what jewelry and accessories it is possible to finish an image. And not to be trapped, do not forget about three simple rules :

1. Observe balance. If you put emphasis on an upper body by means of accessories or color, the lower part has to be simpler and reserved.

2. Try that in a palette of your image there were no more than three primary colors.

3. you do not carry in what to you it is uncomfortable. Do not try to get into others skin and do not start instantly following the apostate`s whims - fashions. Try to find balance between your personality and fashionable tendencies, without becoming at the same time the slave to the last. It is banal, but first of all - clothes for you. But not you for clothes.

So, on finding the style, months and even years can leave. And as a result you will get unique as handwriting, and unique as fingerprints, property thanks to which you will be able adequately to declare youselves to the world.

What more you will read and study, the quicker at you superficiality of thinking will disappear, myths and incorrect ideas that there are “brightness“ and “chic“ will dissipate. With each step you will grow and notice that in the world there is a huge number of unusual and unexpected flowers, images, options … And each of them can be tried on on itself.

Gradually you learn to express yourself through clothes. But it will not eclipse you because you are a personality. You learn to see “sex“ and in shabby jeans, and in vintage things.

Simple decisions and a cliche any more not for you.

You can put “leopard“ on a regiment. You from this already grew up.