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What to present to guests at the wedding? One wise person somehow told

: “People seldom think equally, except those cases when they choose wedding gifts“. Really, why it is so seldom possible to see original gifts at a wedding? I suggest to break down stereotypes and to try to find interesting solutions for gifts to the guests.

Order for each guest a small chocolate with your image on a wrapper . It is possible to decorate the picture with date of a wedding and your names. If you want to cause a stir in the sense of humour, take some amusing templates for a photoshop and hold up the heads there. For example, if a wedding thematic in style of a western - insert newlyweds in the form of cowboys, in fantastic style - insert the prince and the princess.

Hearts - magnetics will please your guests too. Let on them the groom and the bride will be drawn and such inscription flaunts: “I was at them at a wedding! “ or “Reminder: to congratulate on June 1 on anniversary Masha and Sasha!“.

If the wedding is executed in traditional style, then wedding canned food will become a good gift for guests . Order in flower shop small glass flasks with the preserved flower. Such composition will be pleasing to the eye throughout all banquet and then will begin to decorate an interior of the house of your guests.

The nominal glass will become an interesting souvenir for memory . Get glasses and make on them an engraving or a list on glass. Let on everyone the name of the guest will be entered. During a feast guests will notice that they drink from unusual glasses, it by all means will cause only delight!

If you want that your wedding was remembered to guests as the most original and cheerful, then you can invite to a celebration of the artist - a sharzhist . Let this creator will make amusing pictures on each guest.

It is also possible to order or lease the stand for photos . On the poster there will be an image in style of a wedding (a beach party, the Middle Ages, elves, etc.) and your guests will only need to be photographed, having pushed the head in this image. And here at you on a visit gnomes, supermen, kings already visited … Generally, who on a plot is necessary to you? It is possible to print out, by the way, instantly these photos that guests could take away the gifts at once.

It is possible to present as a gift of guessing on cards. Of course, it! Order own wedding design of cards in polygraphy. Instead of jacks, ladies and kings will flaunt your photos or guests. On each card write a prediction or wishes! The main condition that words were the most positive and kind.

It is possible to present to guests at a wedding and usual standard souvenirs, only in this case it is necessary to think up an original way of their delivery:

1. Put souvenirs in balloons, having inflated them with helium. Attach them to chairs, and before guests put an envelope with a pin. After pronouncing a toast or at the end of a celebration let all will receive the gifts, having burst a ball for luck.

2. Souvenirs will fine look if to freeze them in multi-colored fruit jelly. It is necessary only to cut jelly on cubes and to put a gift before the guest. The same can be done also with ice. To freeze a souvenir in a cube of ice and to give in a glass with drink!

3. Order metal handles with your image. Wrap up each handle a foil and grind in candles, having agreed with firm on production of candles. On a banquet table near each guest put gifts and suggest to set fire to them. Let during the evening guests guess that newlyweds prepared for them as a gift.

4. Pack gifts into tight polyethylene bags. Lower them in an aquarium with water in a banquet room (of course, it is necessary to take care that there were no sea living creatures!) . Arrange fishing - let each guest will try to catch by means of the improvised rod to himself a gift.

The wedding is an important event in life of newlyweds. And pleasure of guests from gifts, their happiness and smiles are an integral part of this celebration.

Successful wedding and good mood!