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How it is correct to choose porcelain?

to the Real Chinese porcelain are not one thousand years. The secret of its production was very long kept a secret for which disclosure the person could pay with life. The Chinese masters carefully protected the invention and nobody was told about composition of porcelain and ways of its production. For the Great Chinese empire porcelain was related to silk - “gold“ for which it was possible to buy all benefits of the world. Only emperors and their confidants had the right to use porcelain products, to apply them to table layout, meal or decoration of interiors of palaces.

Up to the 17th century in Europe did not know all secrets of the Chinese porcelain. There were handymen trying to make its analog. Products were beautiful, but are not ideal. However sooner or later all secret becomes obvious. The secret was open. Since then porcelain products began to be issued in large quantities both on Chinese, and at the European factories. It is necessary to tell that the European porcelain - refined and elegant - is popular around the world. But Chinese still remains at pedestal top.

Porcelain products are appreciated their refined beauty and a fine form. Besides high qualities of porcelain even at daily use allow to keep an original form of each subject.

Porcelain - a fine gift. The design of porcelain products is so various that will be to the taste to both judges of classics, and fans of all fashionable and original.

However to choose porcelain not so simply as it seems. To buy the real Chinese porcelain, conform to such rules: Listen to

Porcelain has the sound - pure and ringing. Buying any porcelain product, knock on its edge with a wooden stick, and you will hear accurate long sounding. It is a melody which is “played“ by the real porcelain. Look at

quality Porcelain has a white or biscuit (dairy) shade. It distinguishes it from porcelain of cheaper. Gray shades of porcelain products say that the producer saved on material. Remember that porcelain - the thin, translucent material. If to bring, for example, a porcelain plate to a light source and to lay a hand to it, then you will easily see the palm. At the same time porcelain is strong and steady against temperature influence. Touch

the Smooth surface - the key parameter by which determine quality of porcelain. The surface has to be the equal, deprived cracks, chips, scratches, bubbles, hillocks.

Be more attentively

the Modern market of porcelain offers us a wide choice of various products. One attract us with the original form, others - colourful drawings and ornaments. But qualitative porcelain will never be completely decorated. On any plate, a saucer, a cup, a salad bowl and even the vase executed by the famous producers there is a place which is not covered with color glaze or drawing. It becomes in order that the buyer could estimate a pure color and an ideal surface of a product. Deliver to

Getting any subject from porcelain, be convinced of correctness of its geometrical form. Put a product on a table and look - its lower surface has to adjoin completely to a table surface, without gleams.

Conforming to these rules, you without effort will choose the real porcelain which will become a fine gift to friends and relatives, or to!