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How we are deceived in the grocery markets?

are cheaper, safer and more pleasant to Buy foodstuff in the market, than in shop. To contain the whole staff cheaper because the market dealer does not have need, and sometimes and to pay taxes, except “mestovy“. It is safer because the goods generally do not lie too long. And it is more pleasant because as - real-life communication and it is possible to bargain in any way if who loves this business. But besides, in the market you the easiest “to cheat“, “pin“ or “part“.

Divorce No. 1 “A habit is given from above to us“

of Sellers in the market much, but you see some daily from year to year. Their persons become for you such habitual that you necessarily begin to consider them as the acquaintances. And acquaintances, of course, inspire more trust. And after a while you catch yourself that at once you approach them instead of being run on the market and to compare the prices. “Dealers“ - people who buy up cheaper use it, sell more expensively. Thanks to specifics of a profession they have an opportunity to sit in the market all day: at them goods and always mass of acquaintances with which it is possible to gossip for a while or swear, and often practically do not come to an end and to drink. As a result, they become simply soon - an integral part of a landscape. More than once happened that the buyer approached the dealer, took low-quality goods and left happy, though on the right, and at the left literally in 20 centimeters traded in qualitative goods and at lower price.

Divorce No. 2 “To business time“

Life of the grocery market is divided by

into two “changes“: morning and evening. Business activity begins at seven in the morning when people go to work. Abates to 11 o`clock in the afternoon, then renews to hours by five in the evening when the people go from work, and almost absolutely fades with nightfall. Very much early there come to the kolkhozniki market also residents of nearby villages which sell everything for nothing to catch the bus. Dealers and right there “are driven“ at once to them, having departed literally on couple of meters, sell the same, but is already dearer.

Peasants are quickly sold, and their place is taken by dealers poosnovatelny: the summer residents and gardeners ready to sit longer to pay “mestovy“ which is collected, by the way, about ten in the morning. To eleven and these people disperse because the main cream for this day is already gathered and it makes sense to come back only to hours to five. At this time - with 11 to 17, having come to the market, you most likely will find there dealers and professional dealers who do not leave the post all day. And be sure, these will not miss the. At this time there is nothing to buy good goods cheap and to dream.

The second period favorable to sellers and dangerous to buyers, - time from six in the evening till midnight. The evening market is absolutely not that morning. On it generally same people trade. They use that the buyer has no special choice, and establish the prices 10 times more morning. Besides, the collective usually gathers small, and it is simple to agree about the prices. Discordant simply survive.

Except the price, also quality suffers. The products bought in the morning are on sale in the evening, and even next evening and at some reach such state that just to look at them precisely. But dealers too not a bast boards. Krovyanka deteriorated? Let`s rub it with a chesnochok that did not stink. Tomatoes lie week? Let`s put them in a package, in the dark and so will descend. It is not pleasant? And you walk on a market, maybe, you will find better … Divorce No. 3 “Try

, the maiden, the apple“

Cunning reception is applied by those at whom there is a lot of goods and it lies in some deep capacity, or under a counter. The buyer sees only part of a product, and this part, naturally, the best.

For example, it is even possible to choose about ten from the most green tomatoes is riper and to turn to the buyer the only red side. Focus is that then tomatoes put everything in a package and if you begin to choose, the seller kartinno “takes offence“. The same can be done with fans to taste. You want to try an apple - here, cut lies, sweet, juicy. And then what you will cut houses - a kislyatina. Divorce No. 4 “It is expensive to

to you“


A already thinner trick. It is applied usually by those who have goods cheaper, and more expensively. Most of all opportunities at sellers of cheese and sausage. There is a lot of grades, them only the producer is down on to everything. You approach a counter - eyes run up.

And here you make the first mistake - you ask an inconcrete question: “You will not advise me what curd cake to take?“ Also begins … “Try that, try this … And this... No, this for you is expensive“. And let it hundred times of the right and cheese really too expensive, but how she dares to doubt your prosperity? And to prove to it as she is mistaken, you declare: “Here is how its time I will also take“. No, she is not mistaken, its calculation is verified to trifles, your reaction is quite predictable. Divorce No. 5 “Especially for you“ to eat


simply sellers, and there are virtuosos of the business. Approaching their counter, already you anticipate as you will be served - will treat kindly, and you follow not cheese and not tomatoes any more, and after portion of positive emotions. They remember what grade you prefer how many at you children, notice if you some time do not come, smile and wink if the goods stale and do not be taken it. At such service even if you were skillfully given short weight, you will not go to complain and even, most likely, will not take offense.

What to do that you did not part?

it is better for h2 to go marketing early in the morning, but at the same time even half asleep to hold eyes and ears opened and to control the “sincere rushes“. At first it is better to walk on all market, without buying anything, to ask the prices, to compare goods. On the second calling it is already possible to consider only the pleasant options - to approach, ask, consider in all its aspects, to smell and try.

Do not hesitate to find out everything about goods. Not to explain then to the husband that bought kilogram of kislyushchy apples because it was inconvenient to ask the seller to make an incision. Be not bought on personal charm of the dealer, on beautiful advertizing, at plaintive views. It for years is rehearsed not on one generation. Do not give in on psychological manipulations. You go to the market not behind raising the status in the opinion of the seller. So, silly to be afraid to look greedy, poor, captious or in general the bore. If you are forced to feel similar fear is purposely. Just tell yourself: “Stop, manipulation“, and reception will cease to act on you.

Also be not afraid to assert the rights: to outweigh goods on control scales, to demand back money if you were shortchanged or put off low-quality goods, to be indignant if with you managed roughly. It is possible to ask for the help employees of the market - collectors mestovy or to security guards, or the director of the market. As a rule, in such cases at a weather-cloth, marriage and the wrong calculation return money, at ill-treatment the offtaker is threatened by a penalty or dismissal.

You remember: the buyer can receive qualitative goods and good service in the market, but only if he wants it.