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“The ring of bells from far away“

Alexander Borisovich Kusikov ( Kusikyants ) (on September 17, 1896, Armavir - on July 20, 1977, Paris) - the Russian poet, the author of the well-known romance “ is heard a ring of bells from far away “ who was on friendly terms with Sergey Yesenin who devoted it a cycle of verses “Tavern Moscow“ is heard. Was born in Armavir in a large Armenian family. His family belonged to an ancient Armenian sort from which honourable aged men of Armavir were elected. The boy began to compose verses still in 2 - m a gymnasium class, and the first collection let out in 1918. The biographic information about him is extremely incomplete, and from this the little that he reported about himself in the press, not all is reliable, - the poet diligently romaticized the image, creating himself image of the wild mountaineer: composed to himself the Circassian origin and carefully emphasized it in verses and letters, in clothes (the Circassian and a military service jacket, trousers - riding breeches and high boots, on shoulders a felt cloak, in hands are accurate) and a behavior manner. Ended a gymnasium in the city of Batalpashinsk of area of Army of Donskoy and at once entered the university where studied half a year, and in 1915 it was called up for military service. Served in the Seversk dragoon regiment. It was wounded. During February revolution it was appointed the military commissioner of Anapa. At the beginning of October revolution went to Moscow. In 1919, he reports, “... I with the colonel Ts. I form the first Soviet regiment in Petrovsky park and I am appointed the commander of a separate cavalry division. Since the beginning 21 - go, once and for all I leave military service“. In Moscow he joins in literary life at once, visits “Cafe of poets“, meets V. Bryusov, V. Mayakovsky, V. Kamensky, K. Balmont. In 1918 publishes the first collection “Allah`s Mirror“ which included verses of 1914 - 1918. Will organize Sneezes - Pikhi publishing house where in 1919 together with Balmont under the influence of whom during this period was publishes the collection “Pearl Rug“ and in the same place own book of verses “Twilight“. Kusikov approached V. Shershenevich and S. Yesenin and spring of 1919 entered “An award of imagists“, having become one of its most active participants. For two with small years (1920 - the head of 1922 - go) published five books. According to friends, Kusikov “was a good publisher“, showing a big ingenuity in bringing imazhinistsky collections to the press. Together with Shershenevich it opened bookstore “A bench of poets“. It was elected the vice-chairman of the All-Russian union of poets (Bryusov was the chairman at that time). In January, 1922 Kusikov and B. Pilnyak received foreign business trip with assistance of Lunacharsky and left to Berlin. On the way of about a month carried out in Estonia, giving the party in Revel (Tallinn) and Derpta (Tartu). Abroad Kusikov takes sharply anti-emigrant position at once, constantly declares the devotion of revolution, arousing these indignation in the emigrant press. With pride he tells Bryusov that he received the nickname “security officer“ in emigrant circles. In Berlin there are its collections “Al - Barraque“ (1922), “An anonymous bird“ (1922), and “Ryabka“ (1923). Verses translate it into the German and French languages, and also into Yiddish. Kusikov often acts at literary soirees with Yesenin, A. Tolstoy, M. Tsvetaeva, V. Mayakovsky, Igor Severyanin. Repeatedly happening in Paris, reads verses together with Balmont. Gives also own parties in Berlin, and then, in 1923, in Paris where next year moves finally. Since 1924 A. Kusikov lives in Paris, conducts big literaturno - organizational work, creates society “Friends of Russia“. With its assistance the literary group “Cherez“ was created. It is consumed by melancholy for the left native land, he admits that out of Russia he does not want to be printed in Russian and it is not interesting, but does not decide to return. In Paris there is only one collection of its verses - “Hourglasses“. Perhaps, this remoteness was the reason for that that since the beginning 30 - x years A. Kusikov completely departed from literature. Its verses are known to us in a main type of romances - more than 20 of them were set to music by composers S. N. Vasilenko, A. R. and V. R. Bakaleynikov. In Kusikov`s creativity these years there are big changes. Everything increases at it a dissatisfaction with an imazhinistsky method, claims to companions on group, in particular to Yesenin accrue. Kusikov`s verses lose many former qualities, characteristic of them: contrast leaves, east color runs low, figurative brightness fades. While in the West Kusikov`s verses are widely published and translated, in the homeland of his name flashes in the press more and more seldom. In letters home he repeatedly reports about the fast return and that it “to nausea was bothered by the abroad“. By the beginning of 1930 - x years Kusikov tore with literature. Died in Paris on July 20, 1977.


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