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What are spring mushrooms dangerous by?

Spring mushrooms happen different. The first category - conditionally spring, is the mushrooms prepared during last autumn season. The second category - spring mushrooms, such mushroom “snowdrops“, morels and lines. And that, and other category are inclined to worsen statistics of the Ministry of Health - there are first “swallows“ who got poisoned with mushrooms in the spring.

Everything has a talk with mushrooms of autumn preparation quite simply. Generally a problem in the wrong storage, a raskonservirovaniye, incorrect conditions of conservation. For example, in a locker the jar of marinated mushrooms is found in the spring, and the lid a little leaky adjoins. Well most a little. The elastic band sticks out. Or the cover was slightly blown up. Almost even it is imperceptible. And mushrooms well just magnificently smell, and salivation right there does not become worse, than at Pavlov`s doggies, and the imagination already palms off a magnificent picture of these mushrooms with onions and masliyets and under a short glass of the cooled vodka. And then it is necessary to call an ambulance. Which pumps out an unlucky gourmet. If is in time.

With mushroom “snowdrops“ it is a little more difficult. Any conservation, mushrooms absolutely fresh, prepare usually right after collecting (well, just on home to take time), and are poisoned with them much more actively, than all tinned mushrooms combined.

Everything begins with confusion: a strochok which of the wrinkled mushrooms, and which - a morel? The matter is that, from the point of view of the Ministry of Health, morels - mushrooms conditionally - edible which can be eaten after preliminary (and very careful) processings, and here lines - opposite, mushrooms poisonous and no processing will help them (contains in these mushrooms giromitin - toxic agent which does not collapse at thermal treatment and does not pass into broth).

One say that the morel is the mushroom which is looking like brains in crackers fried on a thick short leg, and a strochok - the same fried brains, but already on a high white leg. Also it is called to lines just because such stroynenky, nice, just like an equal line, and a morel therefore also the morel that wrinkled, and even is at first sight not similar to a mushroom.

Others claim that all on the contrary: wrinkled and short-legged - a strochok, and it is poisonous, and on a high leg - a morel, and it is conditional - is edible. And everyone has sources to which it is possible to refer, up to opinions of the famous writers who once plaid about forest walks, gathering spring mushrooms. So it is better to be guided nevertheless not by the name, and by appearance of a mushroom. There is a high leg - conditionally - edible, is not present - unambiguously poisonous.

But even if the confusion did not occur and those mushrooms which are conditionally - edible are gathered, that is - with the wrinkled hat on a high white leg, all the same there is a set of nuances. The first of them - it is impossible to gather old mushrooms . They gather in themselves too much dirt which by any efforts not to wash up. Well and, of course, they where as are more poisonous. Respectively, such “it is conditional - edible“ the mushroom becomes just poisonous if it is old.

The second moment - preliminary processing. Someone considers that it is necessary to boil previously one or two hours, someone is sure that there is enough 10 - 15 minutes of boiling, but anyway it is necessary to boil such mushrooms several times, and to wash out and wring out every time after boiling. And only after all procedures are finished, mushrooms can be fried, cooked in soup etc. Boiling cleans from them gelvelovy acid - dangerous poison, from - for whom you should not even try broth, it is possible to get poisoned.

Frankly speaking, after such processing mushrooms remind well boiled thoroughly rubber. And remains very little - from a bucket literally of steam of handfuls. The game is not worth the candle.

Recently the Ministry of Health started talking about that, as these, on a high leg, it is impossible to consider conditionally - edible, and it is necessary to refer to category of poisonous. Those who protect the health will listen to this opinion. Eventually, to risk life to eat a little rubber-like weight, at least unreasonably.