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Where to have a rest together with the child? “Days off in space“ of

In the last month of spring and in the summer at adults becomes on one, but vital issue more. As well as where to have a rest together with the child?

The center of training of astronauts gives to children now the chance to spend “Days off in space“.

To get to the Center of training of astronauts which is in the Star city it is necessary, previously having agreed with organizers, to reach a platform Tsiolkovskaya.

I will write how we spent time in the Star city.

The town and very green. Huge fir-trees, bosks of birches, lake, clean air. It seemed, we got to sanatorium. Yes, probably, so big professional loadings which lay down on shoulders of astronauts demand restoration of forces. And harmonious environment is for this purpose necessary.

We were convinced of it at once, having got to the dispensary constructed in a year of preparation sovetsko - the American space flight of “Apollo“ - “Union“. In it astronauts spend several days before flight, here them deliver right after a landing for gradual restoration of forces under strict vigilant supervision of doctors.

In the conditions of zero gravity all processes in a human body work differently. The director of a dispensary told us about features of recovery of health of astronauts. For example, at take off and landing gravity such is that the weight of the astronaut increases by 5 times, such pressure for an organism is critical.

And in the conditions of zero gravity there are other problems - for example, blood badly circulates in the lower extremities of a body of the person, and in the top part - as much as possible. Therefore the first days after flight the astronaut cannot independently move, from the lander it is taken out, and all next days it very slowly, gradually, observing a high security, it is restored.

Health, endurance is an indispensable condition for professional work in space. If you want to become an astronaut, then in the presence of obligatory the highest engineering, flight or the physician - biological education you should undergo the most strict testing of your health - only when doctors pass the decision, and you have chance to start other examinations.

Not less than 10 years prepare for flight. Present: years of trainings, big work - and suddenly the person gets sick with flu, with complications on heart... The decision the most rigid - an exception of group of astronauts.

Visited laboratories with exercise machines - stations, hydrolaboratory where we were lucky to see work under water of divers (actions in an outer space are fulfilled there) - and we were struck with the scale of necessary abilities, knowledge which Astronauts have to possess. They study every day, all life!

In just open kosmotsentr the latest media technologies allowed us to make flight on our Solar system, to visit the Moon and to approach Venus, Mars and even the Sun. And to learn a lot of things about them. News that the Sun through several billion years will turn into the white dwarf, of course, afflicted us. But, maybe, by this time our civilization will master other star systems?

We spent only two days in the Center of training of astronauts.

The meeting with the courageous and betrayed the profession people set thinking on the calling. Each person has to have height!

To reach it, it is necessary to form the character, necessary a lot of things to be able also the nobility.