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If to think, effective sorcery and magic are a way of a presentation of knowledge to “pupil“, without disclosure of a way of its receiving, i.e. on trust. The belief in a possibility of supernatural forces the Person to ask for the help expert people, and such existed at all times, doing possible management, as they say, by crowd. Well it? Of course, well! In the natural Universe, however, as well as in artificial Organic systems, such as the Civilization, any quantity always turns something into the corresponding quality. For this reason, having directed actions of human masses in one direction, provident politicians expect the solution of a specific problem, i.e. quality change. One drop of water only slightly will wet blades of the turbine of hydroelectric power station, and one billion drops are capable to rotate them, giving to the Person electric energy. The problem of receiving by the person, desirable result from the actions is a problem of psychological influence on consciousness of a certain number of people.

Knowing psychology of human acts, - people always were, in this plan, are limited, in fact, are not free - it is possible to define conditions of fertile existence of a certain society of people and, of course, the individual, by means of reproduction of certain conditions.

Public nature of development of the Civilization imposes restrictions for desires and actions of people - it is indisputable. To derive from this any benefit, very extensive qualitative analysis of situations in space of dwelling of a human Civilization is necessary. Only system, Organic, approach to the solution of so labor-consuming task will be able to solve a problem since. possible situations such quantity that statistical ways of their analysis will take time, comparable in size of existence of the Universe over time that is absolutely inadmissible.

The person tries to dismember, differentiate mentally the Universe, the functional unity, for the subsequent use of these differentials is more right than it at satisfaction of the desires in the right place and in due time whereas the nature naturally opposes to it.

, from the point of view of duplication of natural functions it is possible to explain actions of Mankind during creation of devices, cars and mechanisms. The principles of their construction, everything, without exception, are borrowed the nature - any mechanism, the device or the unit, any, especially difficult self-regulating system, functions cyclically, and the corrected reproduction of its function happens by means of, so-called feedback to the beginning of process, i.e. as a result of correction of entry conditions. In the nature any live organism reproduces certain functions cyclically, every time correcting processes including by means of change of own genome playing a role of feedback, communication of the past with the future - the nature is primary, the person is secondary, and products of his activity are tertiary.

It turns out - during creation of any mechanism, the unit or the device the same laws which are the reason of existence of real matter, including live organisms are used. Yes, in a different way our Universe cannot “allow“ the components to move - its laws are uniform, both for the Person, and for cars. Therefore everything that is created by the Person, all artificial has the, sometimes obvious, sometimes not, analogs in the nature. Only the knowledge and following to laws of the nature will allow Mankind to exist safely.

The ways of knowledge acquisition by statistical methods prevailing in modern science are good for studying of local restrictions, small volumes of space of dwelling. They are capable to assume only what already repeatedly repeated, but Organic life of the Universe only therefore it can be learned only in functional dynamics as something intermediate between the birth of the Universe and its death.

Functionality of space of the Universe takes place - it is unambiguous compliance of amount of objects with their quality. It is possible to increase sharply the sizes of the mastered, i.e. operated space. In this case, the return takes place to the law of transition of quantity to quality function, it is function of management. Something similar occurs and in our life - any science tries to find and register the same law of the movement of the Universe (scandalous wastefulness!) which is shown differently for Organic systems of different level of integration of energiya. These, also study the derivatives of the Law of the Uniform Universe as if archived, implicitly, all, without exception, science that people could, transforming the nature, to create its similarity in the form of artificial systems, devices, cars and mechanisms.

The knowledge of derivatives of the Law of the Uniform Universe allows to present it in the form of system, the organism having function of reproduction similar. Solving problems of the Universe at restriction of various arguments (the Person can be this argument also), it is possible to obtain with a certain degree of reliability only information interesting us and available to human reason consecutive, digestible human consciousness in “portions“, but not all at once.

Belief in the end result of the movement of the Organic Universe - a necessary component of prosperity of Mankind at its movement, development, it will compensate to people a lack of knowledge. It is possible to build long and persistently plausible and interesting hypotheses concerning creation of the relations of the Person and the Universe, but the economy of energiya consists in use of the most probable.

Insufficiency of true knowledge - the Civilization scourge therefore are so important, let less concrete, but the most probable assumptions. For example, still remains unclear how it is possible to obtain information on location of the person and a state of his health on the photo or from words? Why, still reliability of similar predictions is not checked? Not therefore whether what there are no indisputable methodologies of the validity and charlatanism? It is possible to notice, in any of cases, and even at contact by phone, there is an intermediary between the required answer to a question and the psychic. Psychics will accompany Mankind on all a way of its development - the more people will feel space in which live, i.e. will be psychics, the life of all people will be better, safer and happier.

“Magician“ famous in due time Wolf Messing for search of the gone person with the important document contacted to the room where this person was, - it obviously needed contact with that place where once there was a required object. What is it? Really any person or a subject leaves, as if a trace in space of the stay? But a trace in what?.

For though some explanation of similar phenomena is necessary other vision of a problem - the space of the Universe should be considered how colloidal solution of energiya of variables in time of density. Let`s remind - real matter is constructed by one principle, namely: permanently central education, a kernel, and peripheral sites is had. Energy of such systems potentially, and stability of their existence in time is defined by a certain optimum arrangement of elements of each of systems separately and all in general.

Near planets and stars, it is possible to speak about the high density of energiya - the main mass of matter is concentrated there. It is not without reason noticed that light extending as is considered by scientists - physicists, rectilinearly, near big power density bends the trajectory that indicates interaction of energiya. The knowledge of the nature of interrelations of various energiya, their influences on the Person, most of all interests modern science and makes an essence of all acts of man. By consideration of a power trace of the person in space of the Universe, Earth, room as contrast of density of energiya, there is a power sparseness of space. The vacuum is a special form of space, and its properties are concrete.

If to speak about the person, but not about interstellar energiya, then it is possible to consider his essence as the same ball of fire. The contribution of each of people in the general energy potential of Earth and the Universe is quite certain, it is not infinitesimal size. If to learn to operate with a relative arrangement of people, then, by analogy with the nature, it is possible to receive new qualities in what we calls society. Knowledge allows people to operate the Universe, processes in it, - than quality of knowledge, subjects effective management is higher.

Nevertheless, properties of the energiya making the Universe are practically not studied. We know only a few kinds of the energiya moving and obviously interacting in space of our dwelling by means of, so-called fields. People without the aid of sciences noticed generality of terrestrial events and try to meet independently lacks in science. The science as opposed, was forced to study at least unilateral influence (but it, for certain, mutual), for example, flashes on the Sun on health of people and in general, on events in Civilization life. And it is not only and, maybe, not absolutely successful example of existence of the unrecognized energiya influencing behavior of Mankind, reactions of certain people.

In fact, concept of the Noosphere of Earth, as the conceiving cover surrounding Earth, and actually an organism at the beginning of the 20th century for the first time the applied E. Lerua, - no other than a germ new, affiliated, the Universe, a nutrient medium for the consciousness improving knowledge for the purpose of transition of Mankind to new quality of management of the Universe. From the point of view of the Organic Universe existence of such purely information field of Earth does not make sense. Most likely, the Noosphere - an essence of an intermediate level of integration of energy of the Universe, as its derivative power essence.

Government and any association of people, is similar to action of the nature - the slightest changes central, meaning, areas of Organic space lead to big changes on the periphery. The understanding of it is a serious step to the faultless choice of the direction of the actions aimed on giving, in particular, to the state organism of progressive functions.

Detailed consideration of function of the Universe is possible only as uniform system, to be exact the organism which is carrying out a certain function. If to consider all events in the limited planes of human interests, then it is possible to remain forever in ignorance of rather main knowledge, knowledge of function of the Universe.

Cannot consider all events, occurring only in unique, in obvious, real, the planes of contact of people with external environment, by means of the sensual device given to the person. Any person exists, i.e. works and thinks, at least, in two spheres of life - both as real and as a spiritual body. It is let know unity of spheres of human life not to everyone, but the vast majority of earthlings feels obvious influence of the spiritual ego on a real body. In other words, any person lives two lives, i.e. as it is fashionable to speak, lives in two measurements of space of the dwelling - in real where he makes various actions, and in unreal in which the essence of real is captured and the ideas transforming real space of the future are born.

Thus if the person manages to combine these two areas of the existence, the resonance of his personality is capable to tower over a normal level of masses, such person can be a genius in the field of execution of the desires. It is easy to present what will happen to Mankind or the certain state when its components manage to combine the real and unreal making lives - such organic systems will receive for the account of intellectual resonances, practically, from nothing huge advantages before external conditions and will be able to develop, having an opportunity to indulge the majority of the desires.

Modern scientific and other knowledge do not settle all arsenal of impact of the nature on the person - a lot of things remain for people to unknown, secret, from - for considerations of problems only in one, real, the planes of their existence, in real measurement. And so, everything, created by the person, takes place in the nature therefore our life is similar holographic, at least, to 5 - measured (+ time of life and its spirituality) to the image on a huge data carrier what the Universe is. But we, owing to a reality of the accepted scientific approaches, cannot see all multidimensional picture of our space, but we can judge about ultraboundary to our physical capacities and feelings objects, by means of the analysis of small sites of a grandiose organism of the Universe. We can - that, we can, but whether we want?

All the existing outlook aims us at, this reflection in our consciousness only of one party of our life - others demand multidimensionality of consideration, but restriction is imposed to our feelings, and we fix reality, often, only a retina of our eye. Here also it turns out that the modern outlook is not aimed at acquisition of the knowledge corresponding to the status of the Person in the Universe organism. Not without reason, to become successful during the following to all officially teach at schools to, institutes, etc., it is impossible - it is necessary to find special ways of achievement of the objectives.

The existing frame of reference on reality and the true situation can qualitatively be estimated when comparing holographic and photographic images of the same subject - a difference in a bigger informatsionnost of holography. The person is capable to feel only the mediated events in space of the dwelling as their projections to the consciousness, and projection - is simplification of true functionality, i.e. it is function of a derivative. Differentiation whole, this natural distortion of reality, and it significantly simplifies the valid picture from - for unilateral a review foreshortening, i.e. from - for the observer`s arrangements, in this case, of the person. As a result, people have no full picture of the dwelling happening in space, are forced to live at random, to make mistakes and to suffer … Actually, reflections of essence of any studied object or the phenomenon take place at the same time in all measurements of space, and, naturally, in even unknown to people. There is nothing surprising that people still judge about own life from the point of view of a possibility of tactile knowledge of objects. It is easy for them to consider also as conveniently main entities of the objects and phenomena which are in real well familiar to them, tactile, measurement, and all the rest - reflection from reality. If it is correct to orient concerning object of research, i.e. to choose the “point of view“ corresponding to a solvable task, a foreshortening, and a reference point, it is possible to solve easily a problem with which analysts from other point of view will grapple tens hundreds and thousands of years, spending for it enormous human resources. The level of development of science and our prosperity and our descendants depends on efficiency of reduction of the expenses connected with irrationality of priority sequence of scientific actions - it is a target essence of Organic management.

Now there was opportunity from a position of the nature to explain the phenomena of our reality which are not keeping within the existing outlook. Energy, in habitual sense of this word, is an essence of any object, any subject or the phenomenon; from its version, parameters and accessory to this or that arrangement of elements, reaction of the Universe to the changes connected with its movement depends.

There was clear why, appear, nothing, namely, the vacuum, has the special characteristics. Force forcing vacuum to be vacuum i.e. organized border between two environments - there is a concentrate of contradictions, area of conflict of opposites behind which from that and other party various (opposite) conditions defining properties of space settle down. The concept “border“ is very important, both for quantum physics, and for policy, philosophy, economy and psikholoGiya - the Universe consists of concrete set of borders. So far there is a movement, and energy looks for ways of realization most low - potential situation, i.e. rest, the category or that the same, equalizings of potentials to some value characterizing our Universe will occur conflict of opposites and there will be a set of borders of this fight. A task of the head of any level to accurately understand what occurs in the field of its interests, in particular, on borders of contrasts, and also to create most and to be able to use the created situations for execution of the desires.

Predefiniteness of the events connected with Mankind life is natural and is connected with the movement of the Universe called by us life. Here and, neither sorcery, nor magic, nor others, izoterichesky, features … - the Universe exists under the laws, and if to the people calling themselves sorcerers, psychics, magicians, etc. it is possible to learn before others the future, that it is their personal merit in knowledge of space of the Universe. In principle, each person who understood an essence of the Organic structure of space of the dwelling can know the far future - it is easy, and here to know the close future - not everyone but only the one who besides Organic concepts about space of the dwelling has a lot of thematic information at the order.

Vyacheslav Trofimov, the head Koordinatsionno - analytical center of Social Technologies