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Whether there will be enough strength and patience to change a current of time?

of Councils and recommendations on the subject of how to kill time or as to save it, are enough. But why and to whom all this is necessary? Killing time, we neosmyslenno reduce the life, and saving it, we subject ourselves to numerous stresses and not only.

By and large, we just are not able to use it. We look periodically at the watch or a calendar, we place accents, whether it be an alarm clock, a stop watch or dates of festivals, events or actions. We script or we live on strangers. Meaning of life, way of life or search of that and another. On what we spend time more - for comprehension and planning of the process or we practice comprehended or planned?

Someone all life studies, increases everyday the skill or professional skills, someone moves absolutely inertially, on a current, only choosing a current - or the mountain river, with falls and thresholds, bends and obstacles, or slow, up to a boggy reservoir, having got stuck in its hopeless and senseless bog.

Someone can learn to swim, being thrown on depth, without hope for someone`s help and intervention, and instinctively begins to move hands and legs, having correctly designated sequence of movements, being guided subconscious or unconscious instinctive, someone all life is held by hands and by legs, helping with all movements on a course of life. There is a lot of ways, decisions too. Any problem can be solved by a set of ways both easy and short, and difficult and often unclear to the profane person.

Thousand-year experience of the different civilizations inhabiting the planet is not capable to change radically our idea of time, whether it be scientific approach or the point of view of the believer. The meaning of life is treated too differently, and afterlife is represented something eternal, not connected for some reason eventually if not to take the principle of reincarnation.

The person has to live so much how many he wants it, but to live not for the sake of life per se, and to follow a goal, solving objectives. At most of people of the purpose not too far, and tasks often quite solvable, in that piece which the person establishes himself.

Time as the appendix and addition to the known system of coordinates, is considered as a certain constant, but actually, is capable to change, passing into new. If it is possible to slow down artificially rates of development or a metabolism then, it is possible, without touching processes, to change a current of time. Question: how to make it?

1. To cease to kill time, i.e. to be engaged in its useless use.

2. Not to try to manage to make everything in this life, and to plan a heap of affairs for later that was what to be engaged in its continuation in other form.

3. Not to break the life into pieces, intervals, the moments, to forget about the age, at least when there is opportunity it to make.

4. To move a boundary of transition to other life form, considerably having increased the standard statistical.

5. To treat the organism, as the spaceship which is carrying out flight in infinite space, not suffering application in relation to it any harmful substances, using all sense organs prompting these substances.

6. To protect the nervous system and mentality since it can change a current of time not only in your organism, but also in universal scale.

7. Learn to love. The love can not only stop time, but is very strong affect its course, and not acceleration or delay, and a certain qualitative component which is more significant, than speed.

8. Harking back in the memoirs, as well as making plans, dreaming of the future, you thereby play with time in the imagination. Each game has the rules. The one who not only knows them wins, but is able to use them, and the most important, knows what needs to be done to win. For this purpose it is necessary to use all points listed earlier and to estimate the dignity of the subsequent.

9. You stake several years of the life, having put counters on events, significant for you. You scroll a wheel of time and you wait for result. After a stop of a wheel you assess a situation. If counters laid down correctly, then the prize is provided to you. Casual (as though) coincidence of the planned purposes to their right choice is also luck. How not to be mistaken in this game? You do not aspire to a prize as to that, he will find you, your task - to make a right choice. And for this purpose there are still rules. Only the one who does not play at all does not lose. Not you play with time, and it is with you. So far you will not understand what is it and do not learn to advance its course, to win or win back at it at least a couple of minutes, it is impossible. Time stock minus its absence will lead you to a reference point, to judgment of the process of its shortage.

10. All of us sleep differently. People creative and purposeful, that is scientists, in a dream lead not less active lifestyle that shows to the world of their creation and the invention in reality. For others for some reason the dream is a necessary state for restoration of forces and processing of information obtained in a day. You agree with such treatment? I - am not present. In a dream we easily move in space, in time and in measurements. I will not begin to prove, accept as an axiom, but then a lot of things clear up. When we die as can seem, it is simple - we fall asleep, moving the spirit to unknown space in which time passes absolutely in a different way.

11. A deja vu - a state which tests most of people, but not all are to the same extent capable to connect or explain it with something. One consider what once dreamed is projected in real life, accumulating at each other, events seem already seen and endured. Others connect with recurrence of life or in advance registered scenario. The third... Yes, how many people, are so much also opinions! I consider that it is game of time that the person used the hint of the nature for her explanation. Time can run forward or be removed and even to stop, i.e. it is changeable, and still, perhaps, it - live also can behave as will want.

12. We got used to learn what time is it now on the dial, watching the shooters rotating clockwise, but time - volume if not multidimensional. In mirror display once, and in a set of times? And in the real world. We too simplified its true appointment, seeking to get only as if to the past or to appear in the future. And to be near, and in another, parallel or otherworldly?. Where there is a space, there has to be also time? Perhaps yes, perhaps is also not present. But if yes, that modified space has to be connected with the same modified time.

As to understand it or to put into practice - I do not know, but, perhaps, and we will learn it, thanks to an osvaivaniye of computers and increase in their opportunities.