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Whom was historical Jesus?

Long time the church forbade to penetrate into details and details of mortal life of Jesus Christ. There was strictly certain set of the dogmas approved on church cathedrals which had to satisfy curiosity of clergymen and laymen. However progress did not stand still. To the middle of the XVIII century development of natural sciences shook a final authority of church and made possible critical studying of bible texts. From this point scientists began to consider the Bible not as the Divine revelation granted by heaven, and only as the literary work created by people for which the same methods of the scientific analysis, as well as are suitable for any other written source.

Whom was Jesus in the mortal life? Whether it is possible, being guided by the Gospel, to recreate history of its terrestrial life? These and other questions concern a scientific world already more than two centuries. What only reconstruction of a course of life of Jesus Christ were not offered during this time, but - alas! - any of them did not become conventional today.

There is a mythological school of Bible Studies which considers Jesus as the fictional character, like Hermes or Poseidon. Presently this school is not too popular, but about 100 - 150 years ago it took very strong positions.

Throughout the 19th century was very popular to consider Jesus a vagrant teacher of morals, some kind of moral example for all mankind. Among representatives of this direction there were very famous representatives of liberal theology. In I. Kant, G. W. Hegel, G.E. Paulyus, E. Renan, A. B. Richl, A. Harnack`s works Christ`s image is deprived of any supernatural lines. This is the ordinary teacher, the rabbi teaching the people coming to him.

Among historical Jesus`s reconstruction it is necessary to mention, and offered by Albert Schweitzer. It represented Christ the apocalyptic prophet who arrived to Jerusalem with the one and only purpose - “to force elders of the people to execute him“ then there would be a long-awaited establishment on Earth of the God`s Kingdom. This point of view confesses many modern researchers.

Of course, all “richness“ of the hypotheses which are forced to explain a terrestrial way of Jesus Christ is not settled by above-mentioned reconstruction. Whom only did not represent Jesus! The Essene “teacher of virtue“ and the extremist - the Zealot, the secret agent of Romans and the ancestor of the French royal dynasty, the forerunner of Hasidic Judaism and “devoted“ esoteric schools of India. There was even such extravagant hypothesis according to which Jesus Christ and Julius Caesar, is the same person!

At last, it is necessary to mention one very perspective option of treatment of an image of Jesus. The speech here here about what. The careful analysis of evangelical texts shows that real, historical, Jesus was not a homeless tramp as most of researchers believes, not the shy mentor of dozen “clarified“, and the head of the most real public organization - “party“ constructed on very rigid principles. Everyone who joined its ranks had to tear with the past, to leave a former profession and to concentrate completely at “party“ work which sense consisted in in every possible way to distribute Christ`s doctrine. (“Party“ the author understands the political organization of modern type, not habitual for us, as the word, and just group of the supporters united by the general idea.)

(To be continued)