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Registration of the website in Yandex. The catalog and DMOZ

Registration of the website in Yandex. The catalog and DMOZ

In a recent post on TITs raising, there was a comment on need for advance of the website its addition in catalogs of Yandex and and DMOZ

That cool! Let`s sort what catalogs and how to be included in them are. Business this oh not simple!

Yandex. The catalog and DMOZ - the most known directories in all territory of the domestic Internet, and therefore successful passing of moderation to them will become for you excellent start for the perspective and high growth of authoritativeness of the project.

And you receive the best results not only concerning attendance and “puzomerok“ - TITs and PR, but also in respect of monetization. Resources from these catalogs are considered as the most trust, therefore, to them special attention is shown.

Registration of the website in Yandex. The catalog and DMOZ initially demands good skill from the owner. The first and almost only criterion of success consists in worthy internal providing the project that he managed to please any user. If to group all requirements in one list, then it would include the following parameters:

1. “Unbeaten“ references. Do not forget to hold regularly testing of the project, and also to analyze recently added pages and to check that each reference opened that page which is described in an anchor. And do not assume at all that the user got on a mistake 404 (the nonexistent address).

2. Subject, interesting to people. As registration of the website in Yandex. The catalog and DMOZ provides first of all interests of users, for them you should try to be pleasant to moderators of directories. The subject has to be not outdated, actual, aimed at broad masses.

3. Intuitively clear and extensive navigation. Regardless of what level of an enclosure the structure of yours supports a web - the project, on each page there has to be such navigation which will help the user to find quickly further ways for movement.

4. Pleasant registration. It is not necessary to exercise the wit in the special imagination, you can make unpretentious and simple design which will not prevent studying of the main filling.

5. Fast speed of opening of pages. It is necessary to adapt a resource so that easily and for a short time users with any type and speed of connection managed to open it.

6. Exclusively author`s content. This very important condition of registration of the website in Yandex. Catalog and DMOZ. All your content has to be originality so about rewriting there cannot be also a speech if you want to receive positive result from the conceived enterprise.

7. Frequent updates. In this parameter checking watch as far as you are personally interested in development of the project and what efforts you make for its expansion. The resources updated at least several times a week are especially encouraged.

Registration of the website in Yandex. The catalog and DMOZ has long time frames. In case of free application you can wait uncertain term - of a week to half a year. And the directory of DMOZ does not offer other opportunities though in Yandex. The catalog can be passed also on a paid basis, especially, if you have a commercial project. In case of payment your website will be checked in three days, but it does not mean that you will be accepted if you do not take the internal conditions described above into account. So all, besides, rests against quality!

Proceeding from everything told earlier, I decided to work a little over the blog, just really I see what is over what will go to submit the application.

You if consider that you are ready then forward.

For Yandex. The catalog we go

here I Wish all good luck in advance of your resources!

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