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What there is wedding cost of?

It is wonderful when two loving persons find each other and decide to get married. The wedding is associated at us with something, certainly, very joyful and fine. Speaking about it, we at once imagine the beauty the bride in a snow-white dress and with a bouquet in hands, elegant guests at the holiday table and the touching moment of an exchange of rings.

But in order that everything really passed as we want it, many forces and time to spend for preparation are necessary. And it is better to think of it in advance, at least several months prior to day of the wedding.

Now before deciding on a wedding, many reflect, in how many it all this magnificence will manage. Approximately to count the cost of the forthcoming holiday, it is necessary to decide on how you want that this day looked. Yes, it is possible to come to the next REGISTRY OFFICE in daily jeans and a jacket, without witnesses and without rings, to undersign and go home. But it is very difficult to call such action a wedding.

The set of different traditions and ceremonies give the chance to make the wedding absolutely unlike others. And though with preferences all different, but have tastes also such things without which any wedding does not do, even the most modest and simple.

Wedding rings

Here they precisely are present at any wedding whatever it was!

the bride`s Dress

its style, splendor and color can be absolutely different, but without it, probably, any bride at own wedding will not want to appear. The dress can be added with a veil, gloves, a fur coat, the coupling and many other. All this can be bought, and it is possible to hire for several days.

the groom`s Suit

to Someone will be enough trousers and shirts, and someone will want to add a jacket, a tie and a vest to them. In a cold season the coat and a stylish scarf or a scarf, than a usual down-padded coat and a scarf of some fan will approach a suit more.


Hardly anyone - that will venture to go to the wedding barefoot, of course, if it passes not on the beach. Therefore it would be quite logical, having decided on a dress and a suit, to pick up to them shoes, boots or flats.


, most likely, is required to

To a beautiful dress not less beautiful set of linen which the newly made husband before the first marriage night will admire. But there is more to come.

To the groom, of course, nobody will get into trousers, he can put any convenient pants which will not be appeared through light trousers. And here under a skirt of the bride can glance moreover and it is frequent with a camera. Here too not superfluous will be to take care of beauty and to pick up stockings and a garter.

of Ornament and accessories


the Bride will be perfectly decorated by earrings, a necklace and a diadem. The groom will not be prevented by cuff links and a belt. And here it is better to refuse bracelets, hours and rings.

the Hairdress

the Bride, certainly, is necessary to

the beautiful hairdress made the professional`s hands. But also to some grooms will not prevent to visit a hairdressing salon and to put the head of hear in order. It is not obligatory to do any laying, and to here have hair cut and make the head of accurater, it is possible.

the Make-up and manicure

If a make-up is required by

only to the bride to emphasize the beauty, then the manicure will not damage to both newlyweds. The exchange of rings will be imprinted on a chamber more than once, and there is enough close up, so, uneven nails can spoil this fine shot.

the Bridal bouquet

the Bouquet perfectly supplements with

a bridal outfit, gives it wedding look. And throwing of a bouquet in end of a holiday - an excellent way to amuse the gathered guests.


When appearance of young people is thought already completely over and built

, it is possible to think also of how they will reach the place of wedding. For this purpose they, undoubtedly, need transport. It is possible to use the car, and it is possible to lease the beautiful car or even horse crew.

the Photographer

the Wedding - one of the major days in life of each person. Therefore surely there has to be a photographer or even the video operator that in the future it was possible to take at any time in hand a wedding album and to look how all this passed, to povspominat the happy moments.

Shots of how the bride gathers as it is redeemed, the road to the REGISTRY OFFICE, a ceremony, preparation for it and its expectation, walk already of the husband and the wife and, of course, a holiday table and competitions can enter a photoshoot.

the Banquet room

the Place where there will pass the banquet, needs to be chosen depending on the number of the invited guests. It is possible to sit at home, in small cafe, at restaurant or by some ship.

the Table

Table layout can be engaged in

independently, and it is possible to rely on cooks of that restaurant where there will pass the banquet. The cost of snack will depend on the number of guests too.


I Doubt that someone will begin to cook wedding cake of the house. In this case it is precisely necessary to address the professional. At some restaurants cake goes as a gift at the order of a banquet for a certain number of guests.

the Leader or the host

If is present at your wedding more than 15 guests, then for their entertainment it is necessary to invite the host or the leader, otherwise the banquet risks to become a usual boring feast.


Even if a banquet room will appear

one of rooms in your apartment, it should be decorated somehow. Balls, ribbons, angels and other jewelry will make a wedding feast other than the others.

Cars of a wedding train also need ornament.

of the Invitation

Of course, it is possible to invite guests, having sent them the e-mail, having called by phone or having sent SMS. But it is possible to arrive more traditionally and to send the invitation in the form of a beautiful card. And for memory then something will remain to guests.

the Organization

Can charge with all above-mentioned efforts own shoulders and most to deal with all issues even if in them you understand nothing. And it is possible to address the organizer of weddings, to rely on his professionalism and to keep only pleasant efforts like the choice of rings, a dress and a bouquet.

the Honeymoon

At last having already become

the husband and the wife that from everything to have a rest and enjoy with each other, newlyweds arrange themselves a honeymoon and go to a honeymoon trip. Too it is better to be engaged in its organization in advance.

The wedding is not only important event in life of two loving people, but it is still a holiday, a celebration and, of course, the fairy tale. Arrange the fairy tale as you want!