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Mercury infection - at your place?

to mercury belonged Until recently as to usual harmless substance, applying it in all spheres of activity of the person. It had huge, and sometimes and irreplaceable value in industrial and household appliances, such as manometers, thermometers and so on. And mercury contents in lighting products, such as lamps of day lighting, a lamp of DRL and energy saving lamps has huge distribution in the world to this day. And nobody brings up a question: and where then after operation these products get. In the bulk they get on garbage dumps, poisoning environment. Mercury gets to the soil, from it to plants, then to meat of animals, and eventually on your table in food.

Lack of household appliances of mercury control of products does not allow to conduct quickly measurements on the level of mercury infection both in premises, and in food. Exit only so far - to secure the house from mercury - the containing devices, such as mercury medical thermometers, energy saving lamps and so on. Replace them with similar safe devices.

the Mercury environment pollution is on the first place on the level of danger to the person. On the second, for example, radiaktivny infection. But in difference from radiaktivny has no size of natural decrease as mercury a stable element of periodic system and does not break up. How many mercury gets and download in devices - so much it will be in environment over time, poisoning with itself everyone and everything.

the Only exit - a categorical ban on production and its application as in the industry, and life.

mercury In itself in the form of metal balls is less dangerous. Dangerously the fact that it evaporates and with air gets to our organism and poisons him at the cellular level, collecting in it. It also conducts to various diseases, especially at children. Mercury is practically not removed from an organism!

Recently big distribution was gained by so-called energy saving lamps. Aggressive promotion on their introduction in life of the person is from everywhere conducted. Speak even from high stands about their improbable energy efficiency, and hold back right there danger of mercury poisoning which they themselves bear to the simple person if it incidentally breaks. There is nothing new and supernatural in energy saving lamps as it is the same lamps of day lighting, but designed under an electric cartridge.

the Cost of an energy saving lamp is 10 times higher, than glow lamps.

Ya would not buy it, I still want to live.

As addition. We did not tell about Pascal and Curie who, conducting researches with mercury, got poisoned fatally. So the nazyvayememy column of a mercury column (atmosphere pressure) did not appear unexpectedly. Scientists gave the lives.