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Steam tray for the person. What for the beauty in the zekral?.

Desire to have beautiful, healthy skin are inherent in each woman.

Practically all know that it is necessary to look after skin. But as, why and when, not everyone knows. Bought a cream jar - such, as in advertizing of wons from that model which at most that years twenty, - and think: here it, happiness. We will be smeared - and we will be same.

At some women care of face skin is still reduced only to washing and putting cream. Well, of course, if this procedure daily. But also it is not enough. There is a wish for something bigger - that also wrinkles did not appear and if appear, then much later, than at others and that annoying black points were not and in general that skin was as a peach.

Fashionable magazines literally shout of eternal youth thanks to Botox, to braces, liftings. But frightening somehow and it is too expensive for the majority. And what to do to us, not millionaires, but ardently wishing to be beautiful? Answer one. Let`s look after face skin. Because the majority of saloon procedures can quite be transferred to house conditions. Cheaper and more reliably, ingredients - that will be house, checked.

So, we begin. It is necessary not only to wash skin every day special means, but also to clear deeply. The steam tray will help with it.

What is necessary for its preparation? Wide saucepan or similar fire-resistant cup. Water and various grasses - a train, a camomile, a nettle, chistotet. Everything that will be pleasant to you. It is possible even to add a droplet of aromatic oil. Will not do harm precisely. And you not only will steam out skin, but also and enjoy magic aroma.

We put a saucepan on fire and we wait. Began to boil? It`s cool. We remove from fire. Also we forget about it for several minutes.

At this time we take a terry towel, we smear eyelids and skin around lips with cream. We take away all hair from a face and we sit down over a cup, having closed by a towel.

Why it is impossible to sit down over a saucepan about the ferry at once? Steam at this moment very hot is also dangerous to skin. And in one or one and a half minutes it will be not only not dangerous, and even on the contrary, useful.

How many it is necessary to sit over a saucepan? If skin fat - 10 minutes, skin dry - 5 minutes, no more. During this time skin will manage to steam out, a time will open, it will only be necessary to us to clear them.

For this purpose we will need a srub. The massage movements we put a srub on a face, avoiding area of eyes and lips. Massaged? It`s cool! Now we wash water. We are wiped.

The following stage - drawing a nutritious mask. At fat skin it is better to use the mask narrowing pores at dry and normal - just nutritious mask.

After a mask we wash again and we apply cream.

That`s all. However, it is simple? And the result will not keep itself waiting long. You do a steam tray for the night - in the morning just you do not recognize yourself. For achievement of beauty it will be required to time not so much. The main thing - a regularity!

By the way, about a regularity. How it is often possible to do a steam tray? For fat problem skin - every two weeks, for dry and normal skin - once a month. But there is one big BUT: a steam tray - a thing good, useful and prevention of catarrhal diseases get prettier is, however for very porous skin it is contraindicated. It is also not necessary to be fond of a steam tray if your capillaries are located very close to a skin surface.

And one more moment. How to do a steam tray - secretly or publicly? It is very important for women. It is not obligatory for husband to see our sorcery over the appearance. Only present yourself the man`s eyes - his wife who is wrapped up in a towel with the head over something sits, sat - sat and rushed in a bathroom to wash. And then also a mask put on a face and - la “I - an alien being“. A little somewhat oddly. My husband, when saw, than I am engaged, asked: “You did not get sick? At you everything is all right?“

These questions could read out as manifestation of attention from it, husband`s, the parties if only they were said not in venomously - a derisive form. Well, why to it excess experiences …

you Take a bath? Perfectly, here also turn all these procedures in a bathroom. And the husband does not see, and to you is quiet. Waved the handle, and ra - az - it is better than any model.

Give, lovely women, we will be for the men magicians. Directly today. Right now.