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Comedy fighter “A green hornet“: to flit as an elephant and to sting as a sheep?

creation History of “A green hornet“ trace the roots back deep into of centuries. Well, not centuries, but the last century because for the first time these heroes appeared in an air and on pages of comics in the thirties of the twentieth century when America desperately needed positive emotions against the crisis known under the name raging in the country the Great depression. By the way, the Green hornet considerably was ahead of other, similar heroes: the captain America - for 5 years, and the Spiderman - on all twenty five.

The debut of “A green hornet“ on radio took place from an easy hand of his creators, George V. Trendl and Fren Stryker, in 1936 - m, on the same radio station where three years earlier the first call signs of “The lonely ranger“ on air sounded.

For the first time the plot was picturized in the form of series at Universal studio in 1940 in which leading role was played by Gordon Jones, and his faithful helper Kato, being original the Japanese, in the light of negative attitude to this nation from the American audience (Pearl Harbour, however, still ahead), unexpectedly became the Korean origin. A year later there was also a continuation of series - “The green hornet strikes back!“ (1941). For only both series 28 episodes were removed.

If series of the fortieth were cine, then in the sixtieth the ABC channel was honored to let out the TV show of the same name. Alas, popularity of “A green hornet“ conceded to analogs in the form of Batman`s adventure, and the series held on in an air only one season. However it became famous not for it at all, and the first exit in the New World of legendary Bruce Lee which, by itself, was lit as Kato. Li`s popularity in Hong Kong was so big that in the homeland of the actor the series even appeared under the name “Shou Katuo“.

And here, at last, there came time to update characters of “A green hornet“ in the new millennium especially as Hollywood constantly is in search of old ideas which can be modernized without special pressure. As a result, at the beginning of 2011 on screens there was Michel Gondri`s picture “A green hornet“ with participation of the famous American comedian Seth Rogen which safely failed in hire and, most likely, given fat up as a bad job history of the green avenger.

… Unexpected death of the media magnate James Read (Tom Wilkinson) from a sting of a bee took his useless sonny Britt unawares. During lifetime daddy with the son was not taken eternally by the world: the father shpynyal the offspring for the slightest offenses, considering that he only thus will be able to set him on the right path. However that grew - that grew. Over time Britt turned from the kind boy wishing to please the father in the playboy, the goof and the lady`s man.

Having remained alone with itself, Britt understands that his life turned into series of incendiary, but insignificant parties. Having charged management of the newspaper empire of Daily Sentinel (“The day guard“) to board of directors, Britt finds a common language with a certain Kato who served as the mechanic at his father and every morning made Britt magnificent coffee. It became clear that at Kato there is a lot of also other useful talents: it both bright fighter, and talented inventor.

To find sense in life, Britt unites with Kato. At first - just in search of adventures on the fifth point, then - for fight against crime in the person of the artful corrupted mayor Frank Scanlon and the local criminal cone of Benjamin Chudnovski (Christoph Waltz). Having built an armor wheelbarrow (“The black beauty“), a heroic armor and a heap of deadly gadgets, Britt and his faithful workmate go to city streets to manage justice …

can characterize Michel Gondri`s Picture two words - big disappointment. Very few people seriously waited from a tape of serious break in a genre, considering very mediocre history of screen versions of this plot throughout the last century, but many hoped. First of all, authors, in the person of Gondri and Seth Rogen; the last not only acted in a title role, but also as the coauthor of the scenario and the executive producer.

Actually, Rogen also ruined all plan, having once again proved to public that he needs strict control from some talented director, like Dzhudd Apatow (“The forty-year-old virgin“, “Knocked Up“) or Kevin Smith (“Zac and Miri remove a porn“). When Rogen tries to step on the stage solo, having crushed under himself so important component of film process as the scenario, turns out not ridiculously and boringly.

As a result, declared in a genre of the comedy fighter, “The green hornet“, in fact, is not either that, or another, representing very mournful show alternated by rare surges in activity and multiple jokes of Rogen from which drives in a dream more likely. The effective battle scenes recovering trailers to the movie were disproportionately short in comparison with chatter squall. In attempt to refresh a genre and to bring novelty in adventures of heroes, authors of the movie did not consider an operating time of the colleagues at all (“Fuck-up“, “The dark knight“ and other comics of zero), having forced the viewer to miss frankly on sessions of the creation. For which embodiment, by the way, 120 million evergreen money were spent.

From the very beginning the project caused in me personally some suspicion. In - the first, Seth Rogen who well does not match image of the superhero in any way. However, on a plot this myth is discredited by the character so in this plan Rogen did not twist soul and did not try to stick out new sides of the comedy talent. In - the second, Michele Gondri whose previous career in cinema did not correspond to his manners with “A green hornet“ at all. The director of the brilliant romantic tape “Eternal Shine of Pure Reason“ to Kerry and the magnificent music video director, Gondri is badly comparable to the screen version of the comic book. Neither scale, nor genre preferences.

It, of course, is clear, as that, and another have the right for image change (and growth of own fees). But this transition, probably, seemed to the viewer too sharp. Did not rescue a picture and participation of the last year`s winner of numerous film awards Christoph Waltz whose career sharply went uphill after cooperation with Tarantino over “Inglourious Basterds“.

In a picture, by the way, surprisingly there are a lot of star kameo. Even if not to consider as that short-term, but, as usual, brilliant appearance of Tom Wilkinson (as the media magnate and the severe father of the main character), small episodes with James Franco`s participation (a star of the trilogy “Spiderman“ and drama “127 hours“, the old friend of Rogen and the workmate according to the razzing comedy “The pineapple express: I sit, I smoke“) and Edward Ferlonga (the performer of a role of John Connor in second “Terminator“) turned out wonderfully well. And here flashing of the “tired“ face of Cameron Diaz who applied for a role of object of a sexual inclination again, having lost former charm long ago, tired and even in places strained.

Verdict: from good history made hastily boring cinema. There is an impression, as to the main characters, and authors of a picture like process, but the result is absolutely uninteresting. I believe that Seth Rogen and his friends have a good time behind shootings of a picture, however their impressions differ markedly from what was tested by us, the audience. I am again convinced that after “The police officer from Beverley - hillz“ Martin Brest in Hollywood was sharply forgot to be shot effective comedy action films with the necessary ratio of jokes and an action. In “A green hornet“, however, it is not necessary to speak about balance even because the picture on three quarters consists of the uninviting talk which is not compensated by work of specialists in special effects and actor`s game at all.