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How to prepare its Majesty Omlet?

When the omelet was born, it is for certain unknown. But there is a beautiful legend that during hunting the emperor Joseph I got hungry and decided to stop in the house of the poor. Simple peasants also did not think that so the bigwig can appear at them on a visit, and prepared a dish from what appeared in the house, namely: from eggs, flour, sugar, raisin and milk. And to the greatest pleasure of the host, the dish was pleasant to the guest!

However, later court cooks improved it and it became history as an omelet. It is possible to call its prompt procession along the world triumphal as in each country there are tens of recipes of its preparation.

Today the omelet on - American is offered to your attention. It is known that the first immigrants who appeared in America lived in conditions severe and therefore the food which they cooked differed in high nutritiousness. Added both potato, and bacon to an omelet, it turned out tasty and nourishingly.

Here the mushroom option is offered to . We got used to add such products as tomatoes, meat, sausage to an omelet. And whether you had to try the stuffed omelet? If is not present, then this recipe will be to you to liking: also prepares simply and tasty it turns out!

It is required to us:

- 250 g of champignons;

- 1 big mushroom portobello;

- 2 tablespoons of butter;

- a small bulb;

- 1 teaspoon is fresher than some greens of caraway seeds and a floor - spoons of dry caraway seeds;

- 4 eggs;

- 2 tablespoons of warm water;

- 2 tablespoons of small cut green onions;

- salt and black pepper to taste;

- 60 g of sour cream.

1. We will begin with the fact that we will wash and we will clear mushrooms, having removed a thin skin from their hats. Let`s cut thin segments.

2. We cut a bulb thin half rings.

3. Let`s put a frying pan on fire and we will kindle 1 tablespoon of butter. Let`s fry the cut onions to readiness, but without drying it (approximately minutes 5 - 7). Let`s add mushrooms, caraway seeds and we will continue to fry, without forgetting to stir slowly until mushrooms become soft and excess moisture will not evaporate.

4. We will clean the fried onions and mushrooms from a frying pan and we will try to keep their warm (it is possible to pack into a foil), as a last resort, it is possible to warm up a little them in a microwave or on a frying pan a bit later.

5. And now we start preparation of the omelet. In a bowl we shake up eggs, we add warm water, green onions, salt and pepper.

6. On a frying pan we kindle 1 tablespoon of butter, we choose average temperature and we pour out an omelet. In about 3 minutes we try to move it a shovel. If the omelet begins “to approach“, we will turn it by means of a cover (from a frying pan an omelet it is possible smoothly “slide“ on a cover, and then a reverse side to turn on a frying pan) and after it we bring our miracle - a dish to readiness.

7. After the omelet will be ready, we spread crafty - a mushroom stuffing on a half of an omelet, we put with an even layer sour cream and we cover all this with a free half of an omelet.

At us the small masterpiece which to you will want to be created again and again turns out. This recipe is calculated on two portions, contains about 380 calories for the portion and as practice shows, is a full-fledged dish: tasty and very nutritious.

Of course, it is on weekdays difficult to prepare such dish for breakfast from - for a lack of time, and here in Sunday morning when all family slowly wakes up, it is possible to please the darlings tasty, nutritious and not absolutely usual omelet.

Bon appetit!