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“Akhtung, Akhtung! Ying Liuft Pokryshkying!“ About what the father - the veteran told me?

my father two years pre-war years, four years front and after it, to the middle 80 - x, in total 45 years? drove big trucks, and at the front drove Soviet “ZISOM“. And only somewhere in 44 - m entrusted it powerful English “Betford“, with the right wheel. On the Soviet buildings of South Ural, after war, my father carried teams of peace builders on heavy, not adapted for long journeys and our Ural frosts, “ZIL - 151“ (the worsened American Studebekker`s copy) and “ZIL - 157“. And I in the early childhood played with its fighting medals, for the lack of other toys, in the small town of Titovka, under the nice city of Babruysk. And nice because bits were under it serially at first Napoleon who lost on Berezina even the wagon train. Then the Red Army suited the Babruysk copper to Hitlerite “conquerors“. The father had awards a little, but all fighting: medals “For Defense of Moscow“, “For Liberation of Warsaw“, “For Capture of Berlin“ and “For the Victory over Germany in Patriotic War“. “Patriotic war 2 - oh degrees“ gave an award to it then, to Victory anniversary, in 1975 - m

All war he fought in BAS (battalion of airfield service), in air army of the Belarusian front, under command of the best Soviet expert - the general A. I. Pokryshkin. The father saw it in airfield more than once, the truth they to the plane of the commander of air army were not admitted.

Pokryshkying flew on the American fighters “Mustang“ and “Airkobra“ - very maneuverable, reliable and very comfortable. They were sent from the States even with a clothes set, but beautiful leather coats with a fur podstyozhka were taken away at once by the administration and the highest ranks of People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs. Pokryshkying`s “mustang“ was special - brightly - red color.

The father carried on airfield in a body of the truck of shift officers - the pilots directing from the earth of our experts and heard their negotiations with the pilots battling in the sky against the opponent at steering wheels of krasnozvyozdny “yastrebk“. Germans, according to the father, were the knowing pilots too, the shot-down German planes were appreciated above, and at their A. I. Pokryshkin 59 pieces were brought down in group fights and personally!!! They listened on the airfield field and talk of Germans among themselves. And the father who grew up in the Jewish family speaking Yiddish language not bad understood German. In these languages if to be able to eat much in common. In writing they differ as day and night.

The Russian experts conducted negotiations among themselves one interjections and shouts, unclear to Germans. To tell simply, our pilots communicated a juicy Russian mat! In general the father told that handheld transceivers on the Soviet planes appeared only at the end of war.

And Germans, having only seen on approach red “ÿñòðåáîê“, began to cry out the: “Akhtung, akhtung! Ying Pokryshkying`s side play! Akhtung!“. Means, praised pilots should have run away home in a black form.

How many I knew the father, that never, even in rare trips home, or twice for all life, in sanatorium, flew to Belarus by plane. As long was, went only by train. And did not want to explain for some reason to us. But mother, too a frontovichka - the nurse, told me once that during war when the fatherly airfield which for war was transferred more than once, all BAO by force was transported, by order, on unadapted fighters instead of plane units of fire.

Thrust two technicians into a cold fuselage, except the pilot. For refusal it was possible to please in shtrafbat, did not talk in those severe times much, judged on the place, by the war law. And in the winter, in flight at height, the frost was minus 50 degrees! Well, besides, also not all krasnozvyozdny samolyotik reached the destination, fascists did not doze. Planes were not efficient without shells to answer fascist experts. Here my father had such then resistant hostility to air. Only once he had to sit down in salon, at first TU - 154, to Budapest, and then also to reach the Ben Gurion airport in Tel - to Avivah.

It when in 1990 - m, all relatives, in several arrivals, we moved to live on the “historical“ Homeland, to Israel.

Once, still in 42 - m, on their airfield which was based then in the Bryansk region flew “Yunkersa“. Bombs fell without any sirens, they in airfield were not. The father slept in a plywood cabin “ZIS - 5“. Sprosonok it began to look for the crank handle (starters were not found in those cars) that and rescued it. Hardly it jumped out of a cabin, plywood top at it as the razor, cut off a large splinter of the German land mine. And the father stood and looked, how captivated, at the clockwork handle (it drivers - a curve starter called), which was clamped to death in his big driver`s palm. That time the father was strongly contused, for several weeks at him the hearing was gone. It is advisable to go to a medical unit, but it as all at the front, it was inexpressibly happy that in general survived. In years this contusion has an effect, having much more accelerated his death.

But if not this Case with the handle in the winter 43 - go, would not be written by me I for you here and now.

Such there was a war of her simple toiler - the driver Borya Ze`ev.