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The cataract of the reason and symptoms of

our sight is exposed to daily considerable loadings. The enormous volumes of information, long hours spent at the computer bad ecology and many other factors negatively affect a condition of our eyes. Ophthalmologists with alarm note what the people having various ophthalmologic diseases becomes from year to year more and more.

Therefore if you had even insignificant problems with sight, it is necessary will see a doctor whenever possible quicker. And, not only deterioration in sight, but also has to cause vigilance if you sometimes see objects indistinctly, with indistinct contours and a yellowish shade. The matter is that these signs it is very characteristic of an initial stage of such serious illness as a cataract.

The essence of a cataract is that under the influence of various factors the crystalline lens begins to grow turbid, and the person loses an opportunity to see at first partially, and then and completely.

What factors to cause development of a cataract?

In many cases the cataract happens congenital, so one of 10 000 been born children has this illness. Reception by the woman at pregnancy of steroid preparations, alcohol, drugs, and also - smoking can lead to development in a cataract fruit. However, the cataract happens and acquired, and, there is a lot of causes of illness. First of all people, with sore kidneys, with violation of work of a thyroid gland, diabetes risk to get sick. In group risk those who underwent severe intoxication medicinal or toxic agents.

People with dark the eyes and dark skin color suffering from excess weight even more are considered more predisposed to emergence of a cataract the risk increases with age. The reason of cataract is covered in blood supply violation. At the same time food of a crystalline lens worsens, complex irreversible changes of its biochemical structure therefore it loses the transparency begin to happen. At the same time a crystalline lens it is similar to the darkened lens, practically does not install electrical equipment. This pathology is characterized by slow, painless and almost asymptomatic development. At the same time, visual acuity, though extremely slowly, but surely decreases, and in the absence of adequate treatment can lead to a total blindness.

Most often the cataract happens bilateral though in certain cases from the moment of damage of one eye before emergence of the first signs of turbidity in another there passes any year.

To you is what worries about if:

- surrounding objects unexpectedly begin to appear doubled, and their contour seems as indistinct;

- before the opened and closed eyes “front sights“ - black points and t appear. ;

- all objects surrounding you get a yellowish shade;

- it becomes difficult to you to read, contrast of letters and a background of the page seems just intolerable.

- visual acuity at the same time decreases slowly.

Duration of an initial stage of a disease about 2 - 3 years though in certain cases considerable deterioration can come both in several months and in 8 - 10 years. However anyway, the disease will progress. It is shown in sharp decrease in visual acuity which which in the way it is not connected with loads of eyes, at the patient appears feeling that everything dims fog around, at the same time light sensitivity increases.