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What secrets were used by Alexander of Macedon?

Most of people of the world are known by a name of Alexander of Macedon. Sometimes he is called Alexander the Great. He was, perhaps, the greatest commander and the politician of the ancient world. To Alexander of Macedon so extensive territories were never integrated under the power of one person. Since age from 20 to 32 years, Alexander the Great waged continuous wars and did not suffer any defeat though battled, as a rule, against superior forces of the opponent. From the small state of Macedonia which was partially in the north of modern Greece, and partially in the territory of the modern Republic of Macedonia he in only 8 years created the huge empire which stretched in Europe, Asia and Africa. But as soon as Alexander died, his power broke up to slightly states warring among themselves. Any of his colleagues among whom was many talented military leaders and politicians could not master the huge empire. In what there was a uniqueness of this person who proclaimed himself god still during lifetime?

Alexander since the childhood was brought up as future commander. He early learned to own the weapon and mastered riding. Refined viands were forbidden it. The philosopher Aristotle trained Alexander in art of policy. From 16 years the son replaced the father Philip II on a throne when that went to campaigns.

It is considered that Alexander is a descendant of the well-known Akhill which caused a stir during Trojan war. This relationship goes on the maternal line. And in general, the Macedonian tsars conducted the family tree from Heracles, the son god Zeus, and the ordinary mortal woman Alkmena - at least it were approved by all tsars of Macedonia.

Great Aristotle was Alexander of Macedon`s teacher. To Alexander`s father, the king Philip II, such teacher managed nedeshy. During one of zavoyevatelsky campaigns, the city of Stagira from where there was a sort Aristotle was destroyed. As a tuition fee of the son, Philip II restored to Stagir, and returned the inhabitants captured in slavery, and also running from there.

Perhaps, thanking training at Aristotle, Alexander released descendants of the poet Pindar during occupation of the Greek city of Thebes. Other inhabitants were sold in slavery.

Prophetical dreams helped Alexander to try to obtain success. During the Shooting gallery siege in 332 B.C. dreamed it satires, dancing on a board. The wise man told that it means inevitable capture of the city. But the siege proceeded 7 months until the second dream dreamed the commander - Heracles called Alexander from Shooting gallery walls. Next day the city fell.

Many facts from Alexander of Macedon`s life became a legend. So, for example, his horse Bucephalus is known to all. And how Alexander the Great solved a problem with the Gordian knot, even school students know.

One of riddles of government of Alexander occurred when he decided to conquer Africa and for this campaign doubled the number of the vessels. What happened to the fleet consisting of two thousand ships remains secret still. Modern researchers found images of people of the European view with beards in Mexico. Perhaps, it is also Alexander of Macedon`s soldiers who lost a way home and reached America?