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What are Russians shocked by Germany with? Childless families of

Cannot be told that Germans aspire to having many children. They often and one - that cannot bring the child. It is very difficult to Russian person to understand it since at us it is considered norm to give birth to one - two peanuts not to miss in the long winter evenings.

However Germans consider that to them - that is no time to miss. There are so much entertainments around. The standard of living in Europe is rather high. The family consisting of two people both from which work, is able to afford to save money, to travel, make large purchases and just to live happily. It would seem, financially secure people should think of a reproduction. But Germans with pleasure spend the money for themselves, without thinking at all of the one who will live in their beautiful cities after them.

In Germany people rather often come across to me, with foam at a mouth convincing me that it is not necessary to give birth to children - it is such problems! It is possible that they are just too responsible and got used to think over everything beforehand, years so on twenty. Usually I do not argue, not to change such people. After some supervision I understood that it is possible to call several reasons for which Germans do not want to bring children.

1. They want to get on feet. Education in Germany is given very important role. It is necessary to be learned and gain the diploma even if on it will leave years 10. I do not exaggerate, many really study so long since they constantly take breaks and the academic holiday to be engaged in something in another, for example, to go to Africa. After the termination of one educational institution, it is necessary to find good work and to work long enough to become stronger in firm and to promote if not in a position, then in a salary. On all these actions leaves years 20, as a result people begin to claim that they are already too old to bring children.

2. They want to live happily. Well all want it. However Germans want it a little hypertrophied. Usually people from this category most actively convince people around that children are the evil. One of my acquaintances shared with me news once about our general girlfriend who at that time could not solve a problem of the son in any way: “You represent, she so worries. And I told it: “Of what you thought 20 years ago when you became pregnant? It was possible to make abortion“. And at the same time his eyes shone such conviction in own correctness that I hardly kept from with all the heart not to come around to it a bag on the head.

3. They are afraid that they will not cope. This category of the population is rather numerous. Here people it seems and not against to have children, but are afraid. And suddenly that happens, and suddenly it. Most often they wind themselves and take very much to heart each reporting that teenagers somewhere something did. On the one hand, they can be understood: so many years you raise the child, and he shows then a base ingratitude and delivers to parents one troubles. On the other hand, these people practically do not notice positive examples. In Germany there are also a lot of remarkable and talented children and teenagers who practise music and painting, win at the sports Olympic Games and learn several foreign languages. However reportings on these children do not touch representatives of the third category seriously and for a long time.

4. They have no spare cash. In spite of the fact that in Germany rather high salaries, and also the system of rendering the social help is well developed, nevertheless the birth of the child plunges a family into heavy expenses. Considering as fast-children grow and how many various things they should buy, it is no wonder that on children the lion`s share of the budget of a family leaves. Most of Germans do not want to refuse an excess glass of beer on Fridays or to save on gasoline. They just did not get used to it.

It is necessary to tell that the above-mentioned reasons are actual not only for Germans. Residents of any country want to get for a start on feet, to live happily, are afraid of the problems connected with children or are not ready financially to the child`s birth. However most of people everything are manage to give birth to children, unlike Germans who still think and weigh all pros and cons.

Statistically on average the German family has 1,3 children, and this tendency continues to decrease. Unfortunately, it is impossible to be sure that in several centuries the German nation will remain in former quantity. But nevertheless it would be desirable to hope for the best, of course...

Be continued.