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What are Russians shocked by Germany with? Love to carnivals of

Germans adore carnivals. One of the most known is the Cologne carnival . During it so gets to politicians who are parodied by means of the huge dolls which are carried by down the street. However political coloring turns pale before desire of the people just to fool about and have fun.

Germans put on bright carnival costumes, paint faces in all colors of a rainbow and for a while forget that around the world they are considered reasonable and emotionally cold. They with pleasure rush on streets, shout, sing, play various instruments and drink inconceivable amount of beer and schnapps.

However carnival processions take place not only in Cologne. Each city of Germany considers a duty adequately to note time of carnivals - fastnakht, or a fashing . Officially the beginning of a season of carnivals is considered on November 11 (11. 11), however active processions begin only in 3 months. To forget about decencies and to begin to play the fool it is possible in “dirty Thursday“ - day when all is allowed to women. This day they put on more frankly, than usually, and cut off to men ties that symbolizes their undivided power over a male. This day matriarchy therefore men have no right to refuse to women their requests reigns.

In the main afternoon of a carnival season “pink Monday“ is . This day in the cities there take place carnival processions in which thousands of people take part in bright suits and masks. The audience takes the most convenient places on balconies of houses and sidewalks in advance. It is necessary to tell that various carnival communities which in Germany there is a lot of take part in processions. Each such community accepts everyone concordant to pay membership dues to the ranks. Money goes for acquisition of suits, and suits have to be original and not repeat suits of other carnival community on style. Considering that all try to look as it is possible more interestingly and more madly, procession is represented an unforgettable show.

After the end of parade which usually lasts several hours all go to drink beer and to have fun. By old tradition the adultery this day is not considered something serious. The husband and the wife have the right to pay attention not each other, and to someone else. Whether modern Germans use this opportunity, it is necessary only to guess.

On Tuesday everything calms down, on streets pass harvesters, sweeping away confetti and empty bottles from sidewalks. Germany prepares for “ash wednesday“ . After this in the afternoon the Lent begins during which Germans should forget about holidays and libations.

In modern Germany fancifully traditions of Catholic holidays and pagan carnivals intertwined. In spite of the fact that here in each city and the village there is a Catholic church, most of Germans with pleasure will take part in a carnival or at least will take a look at a bright and noisy procession. And celebration of a carnival is dated for important Catholic dates.

As a signal that it is possible to begin preparation for carnival procession serves the Day of three Saint kings celebrated in Europe on January 6. Three kings call three magicians who came with gifts to Jesus after his birth here. The termination of a carnival is the share of the beginning of the Lent.

It is necessary only to ask a question in what way it manages to Germans to combine for itself so different holidays and important dates. But maybe, this ability to forget about important things and with all the heart allows to have fun to residents of Germany to feel happy all the year round.