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and what modern school students know about war?

on May 9. Sacred holiday. Perhaps, most important to year. This day we revere memory of those who battled for the Homeland. Those who died, protecting the native earth from enemies. The you become more senior, the more clearly you understand as far as this day is important in the history of our country. Whether but truth it? Whether really ALL understand as far as this holiday is sacred?

Ya representative of new generation of 21 centuries. And I always look forward the Victory Day. This day the country is especially covered by feeling of devotion to Fatherland. People feel patriotism enthusiasm, congratulate each other, eulogize veterans... But, unfortunately, not everything is as iridescent as it seems. Many teenagers from 15 - 20 years not just do not understand value of this great Victory, but also condemn veterans for the fact that once they banished fascists from our earth. To hear it from the peers it is awful, and I do not represent what it is blow for veterans! The case when teenagers attacked the veteran of war is known, beat him with shouts “For what you won against Germans? If not you, we would drink the Bavarian beer now!“. After that the veteran came home and hung itself...

What for cattle, forgive for roughness, bring up at us in the country? From where at children such blasphemous thoughts undertake? Many school students do not know what is the Kursk arch, the Battle of Stalingrad, speeding up of Dnieper. And the school is guilty of it only partly. The main fault lies on parents who cannot impart to children feeling of patriotism and teach them to the importance of the Victory of 1945.

War concerned each family. At all grandfathers and great-grandfathers were at war. So why it is impossible, visiting the grandmother or the grandfather, to ask them to tell about how it is war? It no more, than family conversation behind a cup of tea, but it will incur for itself a deep moral lesson to younger generation. there is no

But. War is forgotten. Veterans becomes less. And school students are interested in computer “war games“, than the real tragedy which concerned our country more than 60 years ago more and more.

In one telecast devoted to war showed an open lesson at one of the St. Petersburg schools. It was talked of the Siege of Leningrad. Pupils are weakened and engaged in a class with the affairs. Blockade interests nobody. After a lesson interviewed school students. One girl declared:“ You will think not fir-trees. I do not eat too. I hold a figure“. Other pupil: “Are guilty that starved. It was necessary to be given - and all“. After these words tears gathered in my eyes. I was shocked in unpleasant sense of this word. Right there after children showed the real blockade survivors. One unfortunate old woman with pain exclaimed: “I was invited in school to a class hour. And one geek got up and asked: “And why you defended? Why were not given to fascists? Then, how many people escaped and nobody would starve“. “. I burst into tears again. Poor woman. What to it was to hear it from that for the sake of which peaceful life she once fought? What heretic was not ashamed to rise and tell it to the war hero, endured the scariest tragedy of those years?

More than once to me had to hear similar heresy. What generation of young people we raise? Where to slide ours once the strong and strong country? I am 17 years old, but it is a shame to me before veterans with those my peers who do not understand value of war. People! Think again! It is necessary to eradicate the evil on its sources, did not become too late yet. If in the country there are people who will consider that our forefathers battled in vain, then - it is not worth a pin for such victory. Really we will allow the former veterans to think that years of persistent fight were to anything? Veterans have to attain quietly the age, knowing that young people know about that feat which old men made in the years of war, appreciate it and sacredly revere memory of a great Victory Day.