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How “to cross“ pizza sandwich? Snack of the bachelor “Rus - kus“

This recipe - for a house feast of the bachelor receiving “quick“ guests. Gourmets will also be pleasantly surprised: it is possible to make tasty - and at the same time to spend some minutes, having connected habitual components. It something between a cold buffet reception and a hot feast.

Many, and I including, love fragrant newly-baked cheese, sauce and greens pizza. Here only to train her long and a reluctance. It is easier to take bread, cheese and to make sandwich. Quickly and simply, but... bothers, however. Also I decided “to cross“ pizza sandwich, having connected cold sandwich-type simplicity to a hot delikatesnost of pizza.

We take bread, it is better - Mariinsky, it is baked according to the Old Russian recipe for an imperial table. We cut on small thin pieces, as for a canape. Cheese - from firm grades, for example, Russian (we will support domestic producers!). It should be cooled and grated. From seafood - the squids ready from banks. They can be crushed in the spadefoot, having added garlic. A pickle - too we rub small. Sauce white mayonnaise - from natural ingredients. Parsley fresh - small branches.

On ten sandwiches “Rus - Kus“ it is required:

Bread - half-loaves, or 250 g

Cheese - 150 g

Squids - bank, 180 g (or cervelat sausage of 150 g).

Garlic - two segments.

the Cucumber - two pieces.

Sauce - 75 g

Parsley - a bunch.

Cheese, squids and a cucumber is mixed and we add sauce. It is possible to store such mix in the refrigerator day or two. At the right time (guests!) we smear mix on bread, from above - a parsley leaf, and we bake in a microwave one minute - the dish is ready! We give hot.

For those who do not imagine sandwich without sausage - other option. Instead of a squid we take cervelat it is boiled - smoked (Moscow, of course - we are patriots), we cool in the refrigerator that it was rubbed easily as carrot - and in its mix. If bread too soft - is better to dry a little it in a toaster, to a golden crust. Rigid it will not be as will become impregnated with fat from cervelat and will hold a form. For fans of dishes more sharply it can be rubbed with garlic.

Why “Rus“? Because author`s dish! And “êóñ“ - it is clear to all Russian-speaking gourmets. When writing article the thought came - to specify “family tree“ of my snack as it is done for thoroughbred dogs.

Remembered that in Naples I was told about the Margarita pizza called in honor of the queen of Italy Margarita Savoyskaya. She for the first time tried it in 1889. Tomatoes red, cheese of a mozzarell white, a basil green - entered that pizza that reminded the Italian three-colored flag. It was a difficult dish in preparation, and was permitted its furnace only for a royal table.

As other “primogenitor“ of mine “Rus - kus“ it is quite possible to consider one of types of sandwiches (literally in translation from German - “ìàñëîõëåá“) which author as I was assured of London, the count Sendvichevsky is. The lord was unpretentious in food and, having a bite at a card play, was content with a usual piece of bread with sausage. Since 1760 it call a sandwich.

The snack homeland “Rus - kus“ as you guess, is Russia, the city of Samara. For the first time it was tried by public in February, 2011, in an interval during house premier reading of my play “Just kind person...“ All being present women, having tried a dish, rewrote my recipe. And the daughter thought up the name: hot “Hlebushki with cheese“.

Oh, absolutely forgot - to “Rus - kus“ dry red wine is necessary. But it is possible and “on dry“, with tea. Bon appetit!