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Hobby: why to spend time for knitting without creative idea?

Many try to learn to knit to make an original thing with own hands, to show it to friends and to be praised by needlework. But there is one “but“ - if not to approach process creatively, then all efforts will be vain. Looking at result of work, you will understand that there is nothing special in a product on which spent so much time. And even usual front knitting it is possible to knit unusual things which will please your eyes and to install pride, inspiration on new undertakings.

I will tell to what I came, having connected a set of sweaters, jackets, mittens, scarfs, hats and even bathing suits. Everything began a braid with banal knitting, but strangely enough - and ended with it. I understood that even without knitting for hours of intricate patterns, it is possible to do interesting things. I will share the personal practices...

1. If to knit very thin, fluffy threads , then it turns out romantically and beautifully, but there is a shortcoming - they “bite“, and not all will suit such option. Here the patience is necessary, it is necessary to knit long enough. Though it is worth it! The cost of good fluffy threads can be quite high, but it is better not to save, it will be more pleasant to a body.

These threads are perfectly combined with laces. Having come into big shop of goods for sewing, you will find the bewitching world of ruches and laces. Surely take with yourself the chosen threads and just put the laces suitable on color. Lace often same by the form can be different width, wide can decorate a sleeve, having made its separate part lacy. It is not necessary to sew it on knitting, connect details separately. Believe, it is worth it - lace which the body is slightly appeared through, will look madly sexually.

Surely decorate a decollete if you plan a product without high neck. I will note the most seductive colors (on my discretion, of course): a combination brown with pleasant dim pink, lilac; blue and brown; white and black (looks just a bomb, especially if it is viscous white threads, and a decor - black transparent laces).

2. How to decorate large knitting? I will list that tried itself and was satisfied with result:

the Charismatic buttons not similar to option from a grandmother`s coat of “sovok“ times. Something mad, original, unusual. Start up even in shape “the yin-yan“, figures of the sitting cat or something similar. I recommend to alter also buttons on the most banal store jacket, and she will play absolutely new paints.

Fasteners, any original fasteners. Not that we see on standard things in shops, and something unusual. Believe

, there is a mass of interesnost which it is too expensive for producers even of those things that are on sale in boutiques of average price range. There you will not find anything especially original unless - for solid money. It is not favorable to it to buy expensive accessories for collections. And here shops of needlework is a well for inspiration. Just walk on several of them. I often do such campaigns, just like that, with no specific aim. But always I find some highlights there, I buy them and only then I go for searches of threads under these knickknacks. Generally, all on the contrary - at first details, and then threads under them.

3. Patterns. I Want to concern this subject separately. Often patterns which on the picture look cool somehow it is even unusual, as a result turn out the same “sovok“ design in which the above-mentioned grandmother`s coat is executed. Do not spend force if are not sure of a pattern. Believe, actual the banal braid, an elastic band parallel, but not habitual perpendicular, well and wrong side inserts on front does not stop being presently. Just show a little bit imaginations in the form of a product.

Most difficult - to count details, their sizes. For this purpose just estimate eskizik, having measured the body in the right places, and with a stock in 1,5 - 2 cm count quantity of loops. How to make it? Very simply - connect a small square 10 on 20 loops and on it be guided how many loops in 5 cm of a knitted detail.

4. We do not forget about beads, pebbles. On thin threads buttons with pebbles perfectly look, them there is a set of types, they can decorate not worse than expensive costume jewelry. But you remember - buttons with pebbles, as well as all knitted things, demand an accurate hand wash. Ribbons - it is interesting too, but only those which are not rumpled and do not fade.

It would be desirable to sum up. If you lack a muse, somehow nothing climbs in the head and in general with a creative everything is difficult - do not mourn! Just learn where in the city the best shops for sewing, and be sent there to search for details which will make a knitted thing unusual. Buttons, pebbles, fasteners, ruches, jewelry with stones etc.

Once the girlfriend asked me from where all my ideas and as I do it “wow!“, “I want - I want - I want!“. All is very simple: I notice trifles in which it is possible to inhale life together with knitting. Good luck to you and courage in ideas, dear needlewomen!